Friday, 22 August 2014

the first beast, & the mark,

feet of bear, the feet of the righteous, the two she
bears of Elisha, how beautiful on the mountains are
the feet of him who brings good news,

the body of the leopard, somewhere in the prophets
God says he will be like a leopard in the grass watching
people go by,

the mouth of the lion, Jesus the lion of judah,

the 7 heads, the 7 spirits of God, 7 means perfect,

ten horns, horns are stregnth or power, 10 meaning
complete, the crowns being the stages of ascent for

the wounded head being joshua who died &
rose again, the demonic saw & marveled at the beast,

the second beast the lamb with the mouth of
the dragon, the dragon being the mouth of Jehovah that
makes all worship the first beast who is the entirety of
Jehovah & his being,

the mark of the beast being the seal of God, if you
haven't the seal of Jehovah you can neither buy nor
sell food, but what is food but that which Jehovah
gives his own people,

only those righteous can buy or sell food cuz basically
only the righteous share the spirit, near not one
wicked opens the door of the spirit to others, usually
it's only the holy that share the spirit with others,
the wicked near never open the door to the crosroads
for others, the wicked are too tight fisted to
give out wives, usually it is only the righteous who
try to give out wives,

the wicked never share their spiritual food they are
too tight fisted, unless you are a believer you most
likely won't be getting food from Jehovah or sharing
that food with others,

what is food & commerce but getting people saved
& teaching which is food, not literal marks or chips
or literal commerce but a spiritual meaning,

unless you are a student of the spirit you know nothing,

wars & rumors of wars isn't literal wars but the rise
of Christendom vs the powers of wickedness, the 2nd horse
is the rise of Christendom vs wickedness,

the second horse is the final sealing of the just & the
wicked, the wheat & barley for a penny out of Joshua's
parable of the workers in the field for a penny, the
righteous are the oil & wine,

the great falling away is juxdapose, it really means the falling
away from wickedness for the rise of Christendom,
no one can understand a paradox I can see,

people know how to talk to each other in public but no
one can understand the scriptures & it's very juxdapose
& paradoxical way of explaining things, God doesn't
know how to talk then huh, only men are smart enough
to tell a riddle for what they want, God would never do
so & speak in veiled reference huh, Jehovah would
never speak in riddles or veiled references huh, wow,
who's the fool now,

first & second beasts being the two witnesses,

the big dipper & the north star being the two witnesses & the
two beasts, also from Job the Mazzaroth  &Artucus,
from Isaiah 11, the suckling child & the weaned child,
the corner stone & the key stone,

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