Thursday, 14 August 2014

the sham of psychiatry,

these last four years, in Canada they tried to kill me, in America cops would have killed me early in these four years, in Russia they wouldn't care,

being in psychiatry is a joke, if you know about the birds & bees you'll know psychiatry is a joke, you can't even call it a science, all it is are nurses & doctors playing head games with the patients to stop their EYE from opening,

9it's not even a pseudo science, what women are a mental illness, pfft, since when did getting a wife mean you were ill, what trying to make steers out of people is a science now, wow,

I remember the head games of nurses & doctors to try to stop my eye from opening, what trying to wrangle strong women is an illness huh, you can't call a science people trying to come to terms with dirty bitches or chaste women,

what it's a science to be trying to wrangle strong women, since when did women in red or chaste wives be a science, if you know what women are you get me, basically those with strong women are in the wilderness like Joshua & his forty days in the wilderness, what the wilderness is an illness,

bulls steers & oxen are a mental illness, wow, all Hollywood should be on medications then too,
garbage, all psychiatry should be canned,

edited 14-08-2014 4:32 am pst,

the nurses & doctors all know it's a joke a lie & a sham, they know it's a lie, they keep playing head games on the patients to keep them in line so they have the money for vacations while the patients are all on welfare or disability pensions,

big time, they all know, pharmacists, lab techs, they all cover the lie to have easy jobs off of a joke & a lie & a sham, it's not even a science, oh ya they know, they keep playing head games with the patients to keep their jobs that are based on lies & deception,

playing head games to stop people from their EYE to be opened, trying to make steers out of bulls & oxen,

me, I am an Oxen,

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