Monday, 20 October 2014

psychchiatry, my revelation,

my last doctor has ADHD,

my last nurse is on anti-depressants,

my now nurse had a bad break down,
veryy sure she's on psyche meds,

a few other nurses I know are on psyche
meds, some on Remeron,

was in an anxiety workshop with
a psyche nurse from up the valley if she is still
a psyche nurse, deffo on meds,

my first psyche doctor raped his female patients,

deffo many you may not have guessed,
psyche nurses & doctors on psyche meds,

I imagine if Britney & Lohan are seeing doctors &
nurses many or parts are deffo on psyche meds,

no doutb alot of celebrity psyche nurses & doctors
are probably imbibing, no doubt in my mind,

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