Thursday, 6 November 2014

new homes,

since summer 2011 I was under the impression my mom was
breaking in, got new dead bolts last year,
talk to some other people I knew, they said they had the
same & that it was the previous tenants,

my mom, I can see now she is honest with me, all those
last three years I thought it was my mom when it was the
last tenants,

just moved into a new place last Thursday, no more problems,
I look at my mom & see she is honest with me where as
I thought it was her breaking in, now I can see her honesty
& realize it was others not my mom breaking in,

as I just moved, I could have fenced the keys to my last
apartment but I put them in the mail slot for the building

you move into a new place get your locks re-keyed, save
yourself the same harm it did to me, ruining the close
relationship I had before with my family,
get your locks re-keyed,

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