Tuesday, 30 December 2014

letter I sent out,

something for those who know,

if you guys are been married up to some hookers or harlots listen,

Daniel 11:37, no desire of women, for those in the know to mask the tools, you got married up to a hooker or the holy ghost,

no desire of women, something like the Lord having no desire of women at least three times possibly more,

yes, to mask the fools, talk to those who know & don't know the way Joshua spoke to those who either know or don't know, people will get by who they are, no desire of Joshua for at least those three temptations, I doubt Joshua was a fag, but then those who thought Joshua was a fag for three times having no desire of women, maybe he was a puff,

I doubt the Lord was a puff, but if for those three times or more that he had no desire of women,

yes, talk to those who know, talk to those who don't

Daniel 11:37, the Lord a puff cuz at least three times he had no desire of women huh, wow,

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