Saturday, 3 January 2015

the system of psychiatry, revised as of 12:47 04-01-15

basically every patient in psychiatry is on the way to the crossroads,

every patient in psychiatry is slowly or quick having their third eye becoming awake,

& it is the job of every psychiatric nurse & doctor to blind that third eye,

every patient in psychiatry is on the road to the full opening of their third eye awakening,

it is the job for all psychiatric nurse & doctors to blind that eye,

psychiatry is fraudulent if anything, what now women are a science, give me a break,

psychiatric nurses & doctors playing constant head games with the patients to stop them from blooming, cameras through out the psyche-ward & nurses & doctors responding to the patients over things the patients thought they did in private whether in their rooms or the washrooms,

psychiatry is fraudulent at best, psychiatric nurses & doctors should be jailed for the constant emotional & physical abuse of patients in head games & verbal abuse, constant head games & bullying, not to forget the fraud of psychiatry they tow to keep their jobs vacations holidays, how many patients get to go home at the end of the day, it's a 24-7 job for patients on medications,

me, I have been to the crossroads 10 or 11 or 12 times or more, three times Joshua had no desire of women as per Daneil 11:37, me I've had no desire of women 10 or 11 or 12 times or more,

you get to the first temptation at the crossroads & rebuff a woman you move to the next, if you keep rebuffing women you keep moving till you fail the tests of temptations or you complete & rebuff each crossroad of newer women & newer temptations, I have completed those crossroads & temptations as of summer 2011, I haven't had another bout of the crossroads since summer 2011, & yes I was at those crossroads & those women & those temptations 10 to 12 times or more & rebuffed women each time & never fell for those women or even one of those temptations, basically allegorically I have no desire of women, me a fag, no way but unless you know what a woman & an allegory is you'll never understand the true interpretation of Daniel 11:37,

people, they think they know so much but if you thought Daniel 11:37 was talking about a fag, you don't know quite as much as you thought you did huh, a fag huh, a guy cracks a bible & all of a sudden fools can't discern what a woman or allegory is, everyone knows what grass is till a fool cracks a bible reads the word grass & thinks it's talking about grass, don't know what a woman or allegory is after all do you, fools the lot of them,

allegory, woman, what, huh, I don't know I guess he's a fag then,

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