Wednesday, 18 February 2015

50 more

another day another face, another story to break the pace, if I knew myself better than I used to, that in another life it wasn't meant to be me & you, as the sun rotates, the mouse the cheese & if I could I'd bate you, not for the master I am now or the game you could play I wouldn't break a stride that if I were riding to town on an ass, the close of your heart i've felt in a time that if the days & nights were to be I wouldn't have to, then one summer the sun set high & the horizon so low, the more I could the less we can, holding back horses has never been so impossible but any moment my mission to like a diamond break the ice, if it were any harder it wouldn't be so difficult, that you, that I, the winks the blinks the the moon in the sky, if like an angel you broke the heavens & fell down to mine arms the burn in my soul that the devil I know, if selling a piece of myself were to engender your sweet, the honey, the cream, the sugar in my coffee that more times than less & you had better believe if the twilight between us that the heat on my skin the array at the beach match the color of your heart, how is it my dear a tan on me & you by the watch of the less of hours that the depth of the darkness endure your glimmer & my knight on a white horse, if by the advent of morning or the decline of light I kiss you on the hips of a sunset or a moon eclipsing the hours of toil, if my skin were so to be lit, my heart the shade of your way, if a way my need that day & night be alone as you & I in the sky forevermore

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