Tuesday, 17 February 2015

mechano refitting, of bone & soft tissues,

if you can find the proper chelates with a
form of organic metals or chelates of
compounds as per NaCl or sodium chloride,
that as the body ups certain compounds
to integrate into the body, that the
compounds be constructed for the body
to integrate metals into the bone &
carbon or graphites into the muscles
or even carbons or graphites into the

find vehicles or transferring components
to transfer the compuonds to the bone
or muscle or connective tissues,

look for the proper transferring vehicles
that will do the job of the transferring
of the compounds to the bone & soft

if it is possible for psychiatric drugs to
be channeled to the brain I imagine a
transferring vehicle can be found to
send the compounds to the desired
destinations, create affinites that are
drawn to such destinations, re-nature
certain calcium compounds, or create
for second generational applications
for the destination,

re-naturing of supplements or straight
compounds, or use external applications
like a body flushed with an IV solution
& electrodes to activate the affinitive
of the solution to be drawn at the behest
of the channeling of the current of
those electrodes whether for bone or

for an IV bag & electrodes drawing
to bone or soft tissue destinations, use
an affinitive frequency common to
those selects of the body, triangulate
the frequency of each destination use
a push & a follow & draw the compounds
from the IV bag into the destinations,
use the current as the push for the
compounds to follow the push of the
current to the desired destinations,
use affinate & repellants to create a
loop for the current to go in & an
oppose like my conductive theory
on engines that the push & follow
never be even but at a decline for
the follow to follow the push,

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