Tuesday, 17 February 2015

terra forming

do drilling in the Antarctic,

I believe the earth is much
older than at the inception
of Adam & Eve,

do drilling for the oldest
ages & find the atmospheric
conditions, create terra forming
engines to replicate the
atmospheric condition of
ages long past, if they lived
to 800 or 900 years of age,
create terra forming engines
to replicate that atmospheric,
chemtrails designed to help
the atmospheric change,

possibly life expectancy
can change, for those at
elder ages there may possibly
be a retrospect of age reversal
to the congruency of the
expectant ages of death, say
if you are 50 & the possible
life expectant is 900 you may
retrograde to 450 years, possibly,

terra forming engines, possibly
you can site inject for regions
as per exposure to designated
locales of exposures,

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