Friday, 20 March 2015


sir let me entertain you for a moment, Ezekiel 3:9 in the Bible,

as an adamant harder than flint, I believe this is where the comic book element adamantium came from,

just imagine if smelting flint gave a new element adamantium,

I've sent this to numerous governments & military industry complex businesses,

imagine if a new element popped up & turned the periodic table up side down,

yes that scripture, a new element,

the bible is a historical artifact, the advent of wheels in Ezekiel 1 I believe was due to wheels being discovered in just that day, imagine the pyramids being created without wheels, the bible a historical book speaking to things in that day, basically the bible is like a newspaper talking of things in that date,

in Genesis & Jacob bringing eye make up to the Pharaoh, my guess this was the advent of eye make up being used in Egypt & the introduction of the eye,

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