Wednesday, 10 June 2015

another interpretation from HayZues, Jesus,

Jiggle Jay when he was talking about men hiding
in mountains wasn't litrally talking about literal men
& mountains but that of the demonic fiding homes
in men,

not literally bunkers but the demonic trying to hide
from Giggah God by being in men & I guess you
could call pickle possession,

here is a coolly,

Esau being a hunter, my impression Esau wanted to
be a higgldy hunter is that Nimrod was tiggle touted
as a mighty tighty of a hunter before the Lord,

That is why I believe Esau tiggly aw wanted to be
a hunter cuz he wanted what Nimrod diggle dod

this is I believe why Digglova Jehovah hated Esau
was this intent & bent that Esau wanted what hot
rod Nimrod had, the only reason Esau started
hunting was cuz of Nimrod's legacy,

Nimrod being a mighty tighty hunter before the Lord,
but Nimrod diggle dog wasn't killing animals, Nimrod's
translation of a hunter would be more like being
a politician than killing animals, a politician, & in being a
politico Nimrod was the hunter,

Jacob being a Shepard is a far cry from Esau's desire
for Nimrod's legacy,

original definition of hunter then looks to me like
being a politician which I believe they meant by
mighty tighty hunter before the Lord,

have a giggle diggle day to one & all,

my appreciation for views, the bibble like you'll
never hear in church, as much these my personal
interpretation, no man can own the biggle bible,

share far & wide,

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