Thursday, 4 June 2015


me I use one tsp twice per day the first week then
one tsp with a drink during my workout, the first 2 months
I put on 20 lbs,

been on the last month again & put on another 10 lbs,

total gain is 30 lbs,

on for 2 months off for a month now on for a month
& going off the next month,

next month go back on,

if your diet is tight you should gain 10 lb per month
but go off every couple months,

make sure you get creapure or the german creatine
as it is best,

I started at 165 & am now 195,

when you use it use it everyday as a drink as a workout

make sure you train calves though, when I wear shorts
& look at myself in windows my calves look really sway,

workout three days take a day off, if you are at a gym
switch up your exercises every few weeks as a shock to
your system,

I order from here, nice prices,



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