Sunday, 23 August 2015

the 10th curse on Egypt,

the death of the first born as the 10th plague
with the defense being the blood of a lamb
on the door lintils,

I believe the curse or as I would say was
a contagion,

I believe the reality was that it was a
contagion that was neutralized when it came
in contact with the blood,

I believe all those curses were already well
known in Egypt, on top of that it is possible
that the duration of the curses Moses pulled
out could have been over 5 or 10 years &
not in the span of a month,

I believe even the 10th curse was known to
the Egyptians of that time,

I believe the curse of the death of the first
born was a contagion & was neutralized by
the blood on the door lintils,

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