Tuesday, 29 September 2015

the fraud of psychiatry,

psychiatry isn't even a science,

basically it is people's third eye awakening,
for some the awakening is a little bump, but
for others it is a train wreck,

if you are accustomed to the teaching of women
or marriage in the esoteric, or the crossroads
that is all it is,

but for some it's not as easy as it is for others,

both psyche nurses  & doctors know this, they
know there is no science, they know the truth of
how it all stems from the crossroads,

while they know the truth & it isn't a science
they parade it as sickness for pay & holidays etc,

doctors & nurses take it upon themselves to
blind that third eye of the patients,

they know it is the crossroads,

this is easily one of the world most massive

I'm thinking of a word to call it but I can't think of
the word,

a total falcification,

got it, the word is


easily one of our times greatest frauds, & that
is exactly what it is,


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