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the sweat blood scripture is code, when christ they say sweat blood
the aka is that Christ died in the scourging not the crucifying of him,

when Christ was tempted people think the devil just showed up in
the horns & tail but not so,

when Peter tried to correct Jesus for saying he was to die on the cross
& Jesus said get thou behind me Stan, this is exactly how Christ was
tempted those three times, Stan speaking through people like Satan
speaking through Peter that time,

if you are so gifted to know the demonic speaking through people you'd
understand how Christ was tempted, possibly working on the temple
precipice & maybe one of his work mates up there said if he were
such a holy roller jump off & God will save you etc,

it is possible to understand when demonic spirits speak through
people if you have such gift, you know when the demonic is talking,

so like Satan speaking through Peter that time the same would
 have been how Stan tempted Christ those three times, i doubt 
Satan showed in the horns & tail etc,

they say baptized in water & fire, the first earthly baptism was the
flood & 2 Peter 3 talks about the earth on fire, baptized in water &
the fire of the holy ghost, the second global equivalent is the whole
earth on fire,

 the breaking half way through the 7 years
peace treaty was when Christ hung on the

Nimrod it was said was a mighty hunter
before the Lord, this is why Esau became
a hunter, but the problem is that Nimrod
was not a hunter of animals but men,

God hated Esau cuz Esau tried to line
himself as a Nimrod a very wicked man,
Esau thought it was killing animals that
Nimrod was doing,

like now & the loss of understanding of
the scriptures we have a world full of Esaus trying
to be a Nimrod, or like so interpreting the
scriptures wrongly as wrong as Esau was
thinking hunting as Nimrod did was about animals,

like so Esau was in error as to Nimrod's
actions as people today lost understanding
of the true meaning of scripture, you might as well
have all these pastors & talkers think Nimrod was
hunting with bows & arrows,

like so the true meaning of scripture has
been lost & people who talk talk out of error
no different than Esau was in error over

Nimrod was a politician & ruler & very great
to create an empire as he did, he wasn't chasing
mule dear in order to build his empire, a politician
& very good at swaying the masses,

the half built building in Brussels of the tower of Nimrod,
fools built it, for them to have left it unfinished is like
pronouncing in the spirit world that they can't complete it,

like 911 & the towers, you don't bomb your house thinking
that will better it, on the tower, in the spirit it
is as if they confess their failure to complete it,
if they wanted positive mojo for their plans they should
have finished it,

911 & the towers is like bombing your own home,
if that were your house & you bombed it what of
the bad mojo to follow, basically in the spirit commiting suicide

 in Dracul's days he had a way of cleaning up the poor,

he would make a banquet & barricade the poor in &
burn the barn down,

he wasn't the first to do so,

the parable of the 5 wise & 5 foolish is no different
than to Vlad's means of cleansing,

5 wise huh, if you know what a paradox is, him telling
these parables to the pharisees, imagine the furor of
the wealthy class to hear this,

5 wise, he said wise huh, paradoxical isn't it,

like i said last email i believe, the mark of the beast
isn't literal but spiritual, very much taken out of
context, being only those who are righteous give
others spiritual food & open the door to heaven
& the wicked never sharing spirit with others,

only the righteous try to open the door of the spirit
for others or offer food of the spirit,

while the wicked never share, AKA don't buy or sell
without the mark of the beast, the predilection of
those marked being taken out of context. for only
the righteous give food of the spirit to others,

if you don't understand metaphors or allegories then the
understanding of the scriptures will be far from you,

 the passages of Abraham are as so,

most likely Sarah had an STD & could not bear,

both times she ended up with the Pharoah &
Ablimech the king was her doing, it wasn't
Abraham saying it was his sister but Sarah trying
to be a social climber, she wanted more than a
herdsman as a mate,

when the pharoah entered her & then his other wives
they all got her STD, she was most likely with the
pharoah for years, there are only a few lines so it
looks like it was over night but like the plagues
in Egypt were most likely over years periods,

so the pharoah entered her & gave her STD to his
other wives,

then Ablimech had a dream & told Abraham &
Sarah they were to be for each other, yes, Sarah
trying to marry up & away from the shepard Abraham,

when Lot's wife looked back & turned into a pillar
of salt, it wasn't as so literally but that she never
left in the first place,

Abraham about offering his son up wasn't literally
Jehovah but Hagar playing head games with Abraham to
make him believe it was of God to offer up Isaac, but all
it was is that Hagar got in his mind with head games
to make him believe it was Jehovah,

Matthew 24:40,41 are as so,

Jesus in the field & killed & taken, the other is the second witness,

the other is Samson at the grind taken & the again second witness left,

both terms Jesus & Samso dieing & upping to
 heaven while the second witness remains,

Matthew 24:37,38 these two verses are of those at the crossroads,
getting married & being given in marriage like in the days of Noah,
basically talking about those getting a wife at the crossroads,

basically the entire book is about women, that is if you have been
initiated to the crossroads, other wise that will be over your head,

good day sir,


here are some interpretation of scriptures,

first of all you have to have been initiated to the crossroads
in part to begin to believe though in most part the fleshly
interpreting stays there in the flesh,

if you've followed the verse Daniel 11:37 & were under
 the belief it was talking about a homosexual male you
could not be more wrong, there is an occultic & esoteric
 teaching in the scriptures that women are demonic
 spirits, it is a teaching one picks up at the crossroads
if you know what that is, Daniel 11:37 is talking about
a virgin, Jesus after defeating those three temptations
became a virgin, rebuffing temptations at the crossroads
turns one into a virgin, it is about the spirit not the flesh,
 if you know what the crossroads experience is about
you would have had to experience it cuz no one talks
about it as exposing it is taboo for those who love women
or the demonic in marriage, another term for it is marriage,
spiritually bonding & being possessed, only those who
 have been there know this as those with wives never
 expose it, but yes, a virgin like Christ for rebuffing

the beasts in the book of revelations are all righteous beings
not demonic, the bible is written in code, unless you are intitiated
you'll get interpretations wrong every time,

the 1st beast is the wholeness of Jehovah, the wounded head is that of Christ,

those who marveled at him were the realm of the demonic, parts of scripture are
related to flesh or the spirit, those who said who can make war
with the beast are the spirit in the demonic,

the feet being bear are the body of believers as per the 2 she bar that Elisha
sent to kill those 50 kids,

the body of the jaguar is lucifer as per scriptures of her in wait on the path
I saiah I think, the verse of a house that can not stand if it is divided,
this means the demonic & angelic will once again be united,

in mattew I think, the harlots & publican entering heaven, aka the demonic being
harlots & the human saved being the publicans, only unsaved humans will be going to hell,

the two beasts, the two witnesses, the two candle sticks, the two children in Isaiah 11
the big dipper the 1st beast, the north star the second beast,

if you know whjat a woman is, those locusts with woman's hair, these
are believers which have much the same power as men with a woman,
the mouth of lions or the voice & powr of Jesus, the scorpion tail
meaning that they have the highest powers of the most powerful who have a woman,

powers are like this for the righeous & the wicked,

bread, fish, egg,

the wicked

Stone, serpent & scorpion,

so the believers in being the locust have the highest ascent powers of
scorpions, the highest power of the unsaved,

interpret in the spirit not the flesh,

the mark of the beast, once again not the flesh but the spirit,
it is not to be interpreted literally,

below these two verses are one, buying & selling isn't literal
it is talking about giving spiritual food, only those saved give spiritual food
because only those saved open the door for others to enter the gates of heaven,
those wicked unsaved never open the way to anyone because they hide their candle under
the bushel,

Luk_11:52  Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken
away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves,
and them that were entering in ye hindered.

Rev_13:17  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

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