Friday, 16 October 2015

God's curse on animals

Genesis 6:1-13

Genesis 9:2

Genesis 9:2 is where God put a curse on animals,

pre-flood it must have been a brutal time to be alive,
the animals & part animal part angelic & part human
gods eating men for meat, a time of great violence &

the true gods & animals having eaten so much
human flesh that after the flood God would curse
animals the way he did,

& ever since then animals have been meat for men,
I bet pre-flood humans were in cages like animals
are in cages in china, would have been a bad time
to be alive for men, being eaten like animals are now,

the animals & true gods must have eaten much
human flesh for God to have cursed animals the
way animals have been treated ever since,

the torture of animals in slaughter houses etc,
presently how animals are tortured wholesale
by butchers & those who own live stock,

the curse God put on animals,

seriously if you are more partial to the demonic would
you continue with God's curse on animals or would
you respect them contrary to God's curse on them,

basically if you kill or eat animal you are doing what
God told you you to do,

me I'm partial to animals but if you want to respect God or
the demonic which way are you,

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