Thursday, 5 November 2015

7 years,

Armageddon started in the garden of eden,

when the 7 years peace deal was broken was when Christ was
crucified, the pre 7 post Jesus time is like this, Joseph's 7 years
of plenty & the 7 years of famine, the 7 years of plenty being
pre-Christ & the 7 years of famine after Christ's death,

the parable of the pillar of sand by day & the pillar of fire by
night is as well those two 7 years spans, as spoken in Revelations,
the pillar of sand pre-Christ & the fire coming down from heaven post Christ,

when Jesus said after he died his people would fast, this is talking about
all the great miracles of God no longer taking place, that is the true fasting
after christ left,

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