Sunday, 22 November 2015


my concept at a multi-verse, in math grade 12 
we learned a wave, using cos sine & cosin there
 is a constant for an equation, the equation 
creates a wave, now imagine finding a parent 
& familial wavelengths that are unite, like 
colors they are differential & familial, magnetics 
are familial & reverse differential,

find the familial from the properties of plus & 

if you find the familial from this & that you may 
find our parental wave of or familial & differential,
 if you find the crown wave of which the familial 
waves originate from we may find our personal
 universe & if we find the parental wave length 
for our universe we can possibly find other 
wave lengths for others if there are a multi-verse,

hope that makes sense,

 if for universe a parental were found, to possibly 
travel to another of the multi-verse, create 
containment & shift our parental to another
 parental of another universe & encapsulate
 it possibly like a fish in a plastic bag in your 
hand, create a capsule with the parental 
wave-length of the other of the universes that
 it may be like the teleport of Star Trek, hope 
that makes sense,

 imagine if it were as easy as the correct
 parental wave-length being beamed like a 
headlight & the portal opens & go in,

if our parential wave-length were to be found
it would be the key to discovering how to find
other universe parental wave-lengths, 

possibly run algorithms on elements to find
a parental wave-length, run an algoritm to piece
a parental, looking for consistences & similarities,

run scans to see the consitances as a means to 
dissect  a frame of references to possibly puzzle
a parental, use like wave-lengths though light in 
other dimensions may be different, but possibly
a pattern may be found in the periodic table of
elements as a standard for our dimension,

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