Thursday, 5 November 2015

the map of the bible & becoming a god,

on the surface the bible is about morality but if you like Jesus treat your life as such then the bible is a map on how to become a god,

Jesus did his derty by refusing the three temptations & used the Old Testament as a blue print of how to become god, & like wise with the advent of the New Testament there is a brand new opportunity for another to become a god,

like the first blade & the blood god or the first Lara Croft & the triangle the bible is a scavenger hunt to become a god, Jesus talked about two parables, the pearl & the buried treasure, these are congruant to the bible not just being about superficial moral laws but a way to become a god,

as jesus no doubt used the bible as a template & in being a man achieved
his goal so too another to use the bible as a plan to become god, like i said, on the surface it looks like a bunch of superficial moral laws but it is much more than that if you dig deeper,

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