Monday, 28 December 2015

self determining intelligence,

my program theory for what I call self determining intelligence,

instead for using binary & only 0 & 1 that more digits be used,

in human interaction there are so many levels to communicate,

if they used even the English alphabet as the digits for programming,

1 & 0 are basically a 1 dimension, & motion is 4D I hear on top of other ways communicating without words,

if a full alphabet were used & room for innuendo or metaphors & entendres,

use the entire alphabet & program it as a real language that is actually script,

I imagine there are dozens of ways to communicate & these all being dimensions as with a language that has more ways to express it's self than by a 1D as possibly binary is a 1 dimension,

program multi levels instead of 1D with binary,

hope that makes sense,

if an alphabet were used it would magnify the dimensions in the programming, more than the 1 Dimension in Binary, use more digits than 1 & 0 to increase the dimensions like as I say even motion is 4D, so what if we multiplied the dimensions to give AI more room to grow than binary like stick men drawn on a piece of paper,

this is my creation from Spring 2011 while locked up in the psyche-ward,

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