Thursday, 23 October 2014


could you imagine everytime 
a person or persons said
something mean to you or 
about you that those things 
happened to them or their 
family & friends,

Monday, 20 October 2014

psychchiatry, my revelation,

my last doctor has ADHD,

my last nurse is on anti-depressants,

my now nurse had a bad break down,
veryy sure she's on psyche meds,

a few other nurses I know are on psyche
meds, some on Remeron,

was in an anxiety workshop with
a psyche nurse from up the valley if she is still
a psyche nurse, deffo on meds,

my first psyche doctor raped his female patients,

deffo many you may not have guessed,
psyche nurses & doctors on psyche meds,

I imagine if Britney & Lohan are seeing doctors &
nurses many or parts are deffo on psyche meds,

no doutb alot of celebrity psyche nurses & doctors
are probably imbibing, no doubt in my mind,

Sunday, 12 October 2014

a letter & my concept on illness at large,

Sir I don't mean to berate you or your life but give me ear a moment,

there is no such thing as illness, all illness if you believe in devils or demons, that all illness is from the demonic in people speaking over others to curse them to ill health,

you, I would say through certain most or all depending on the predilection of those people, that a spirit or many spirits are speaking over you & unbeknownst to your cerebreality that your mind has been bent to believe what those spirits are saying over you,

no different than a woman speaking sly to bed you that in time you will give her your body, unbeknownst to you & your awareness or consciousness that these spirits have flown under your radar to curse you to the condition you are in,

if you knew the voice that spoke your condition over yourself would you believe, but unbeknownst to you that spirit has spoken over you under your conscious awareness,

under the radar of your conscious awareness this or these sproitits have bent your being to the condition you are in, if you were in war then the sabotage of your enemy has made a coup on your government unbeknownst to your conscious awareness,

if a person told you to jump off a bridge you'd rebuff & not listen, but they have basically told you to jump off the bridge & your consciousness has obeyed them due to the sabotage happening beneath the radar of your conscious awareness,

basically you have jumped off the bridge into the condition you are in due to the sabotage of these spirits speaking to you under the radar of your conscious awareness, there are no illnesses, all who are ill are dealing with the same sabotage you are dealing with,

yes, there is no such thing as illness only what we believe, sir what do you believe,

Friday, 3 October 2014

my theory on limb growth from an amputee,

my concept on limb growth,

you are familiar with those braces on legs to extend the length of the legs as the brace is widened to drive the bones to keep growing to meet as the braces are widened more,

my concept & theory, put a few small bones on the end of the amputated limb to give the amputated limb to drive to grow to meet those bones at the end of the limb, a possible seed to regrow the limbs,

possibly teeth too if teeth are missing & have a bone in the mouth like gum,

booyah, meow meow,

it sounds reasonable, is anything worth a try,