Thursday, 31 July 2014

supra sapiens,

a near 20 year cocktail of psyche-meds,

humor me, my theory since summer 2012,

getting close I know to the precipitate
of those drugs this food that drink,

the precipitate of steroids from the
interaction of this that & everything

the right here & now precipitating in
my being the first of a new breed of

my being due to the experiment of
our societies doing to us as they wish,
this precipitating us as a new creation
of a new geneferic of man,

the precipitate of drug this chemical
that in my body the labratory & my
body being the place of the
precipitate of these & this, possibly
awakening anabolic this or IGF that
or HGH,

humor me, the years precipitate of
drug this & food that or chemical
that, nutri-sweet, coffee, syrup, this
& everything creating in a body the
labratory for the precipitate of a new
gene strand & a mutation to the body
of the precipitate of the cocktail of
drug this GMO that, these &
everything else,

supra sapiens,

Sunday, 27 July 2014

my theory on quote mental illness,

they use more of the brain than most
people's regular 10% & use different part
most others don't,

keeping a genie in a bottle, how many
wishes you going to get answered if
the genie chokes of suffocation

misc, biblical intrpretations,

shelob is real, in fall of 2012 I saw
her out my psyche-ward window, her size
about 10-15 stories high,

she wanted to enter me but my body is
too small to house her,

God knows all about el Diablo & could care

el Diablo is so massive that Jehovah lets
him loose to do his own thing, el Diablo
is mainly interested in games & having fun
not a life of wickedness, not that he isn't,

but his favorite pass times are things like
being in people to play card games or marbles
or other games, there is no hiding for him,

Jehovah just lets him do his own thing, he
isn't into doing bad or mean things to people
all he cares about is play type pass times,
yep games, cards, marbles,

Mathias 21:31, harlots & publicans in heaven
before the righteous, in other words, women
& human saved, in the end, not one demonic
spirit will be left in hell, only the human

people are angry at Jehovah that one or two
little sins or the inequality of Satan going to hell,

nope, only the human wicked will go to the
lake of burning fire, all demonic by the end will
be in heaven,

people are upset at God throwing people in hell for
having fun, people think Jehovah is unfair,
nope, only human unsaved will go to hell,

yes, the dirty girls or the birds or the demonic, all
going to heaven, only human wicked go to hell,

Daniel 11:37, people don't know what women are
if they think the guy is gay, who can tell me
what a woman really is, or grass, or trees,
or scorpions, or serpents,

Daniel 11:37 is a virgin, never been touched
by the demonic, Joshua, the first virgin,
Judas, at his fall he was crossing the wrong
side of the road, he met the crossroads the day
he let the devil into himself to betray Joshua,

yes, the big dipper, the North star,

only human wicked go to hell, Daniel 11:37,
Mathias 21:31, anyone still think they really
know what a woman is, till you open a bible &
all it is is a book on the golden rule, pfft,

if you really knew what a woman or grass were,
if you were to read Daniel 11:37 or Mathias 21:31,
would you really know what a woman truly is,

yes, no, how well do you really know the tales of

if people are angry at Jehovah's possible
unfair treatment, over these aeons the demonic have
paid their dues by being wed to men &
the abuse of the demonic in these liaisons,

the 1000 years reign is over, as the demonic
were loosed back into our realm, the 1000 years millennial
reign is over, & now, as I am led to believe things like
the sound barrier or the crack of atoms opened
a rift for the demonic to enter our realm,

the release of the demonic to fool the earth
one last time, at the end of the millennial
reign as in I believe the crack of atoms or
the rift breached with the breaking of the sound barrier,

the devil & his loosed to deceive men once more,
oh ya, they have paid their penance to enter the Lord's
rest, over these aeons the demonic have paid their dues
to finally enter rest finally after they are purified,

the unfairness of Jehovah, nope just fools lying to themselves,

was going to add on one more gem but I lost my train of thought,

yes, the unfairness of  Jehovah huh, dirty women & human saved while
the wicked all burn, unfair huh, satan does one sin &
that's it for her, nope, how could a loving God send people to hell,
as if no human has with the inclination of their
heart's killed or destroyed other's lives for no other reason than
perverse amusement

the two beasts of the book of the apocalypse

the two witnesses,

the big dipper the 7 heads of the 1st,

the north star the second beast or witness,

booyah, meow meow,

booyah, meow meow,

Friday, 25 July 2014

Dear Fuku etc,

try to manipulate the fequencies of radioactivity
natural to Uranium & native rads,

to manipulate the frequency of the rads to
be more homogeneous to the frequency
of the human body or that of animals or

for both flora & fauna, to augment the frequency
of rads to be key lock to both flora & fauna,

key lock for other forms of life to accentuate
the properties of life forms being brazed by
rads from Uranium or other radioactive

letter to Israel,

17, Isaiah 4:1
Orion, 7_1
the sisters & her rod,
the 7 churches,
beautiful isn't it,
on top of the first beast of the book of the Apocalypse, the first beast being the big dipper & the second beast the North star, the 7 heads,
the first beast, 7 heads being perfection, 10 horns being complete, the body of a leopard from the prophets, the leopard in the brush watching people go by, the Leopard is a sign of Lucifer, the scout to see who fails at the cross roads to take an unkempt or virtuous wife,

the feet of the bear being the saints, how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news,

the mouth of a lion, the spirit of Joshua the lion of Judah,

the wounded head being that of Joshua's death & resurrection,

the second beast or second witness, a lamb, in aeons previous a lambs had horns I have heard till the horns were breed out, the mouth of the dragon or the mouth of the father Jehovah, the second beast makes all worship the 1st beast,

the two witnesses,

& there was no room in heaven for the dragon so Michael threw him down to earth, he is with wrath for he knows his time is short, AKA that of jehovah in his son joshua, the dragon being Jehovah,

most know not what a paradox or parable truly is,


a parable, paradox,

in our waking hours we know what women or the grass on the gren back, but you open a bible & you think Daniel 11:37 is taking about a homosexual instead of a spiritual virgin, a virgin, as Joshua is, rebuffing the temptations of women,

Matthias 21:31, harlots or publicans, AKA, women, dirty ladies & human saved, entering heaven before the righteous, yes, Sirs, only human wicked go to hell & the lake of fire,

no one has the right to call Jehovah unfair if he has let the unkempt women in pennance to be recieved to heaven in the end of days, only human wicked go to heaven,

I know & understand more of scripture than any since the days of St, Paul,

I believe it is in Corinthians, Paul says the sinner has been recieved by Jehovah & that the sinner has paid his dues to the Father, this is the telling of the demonic being accepted by the Father,

I know more than you can concieve,

Apocalypse chapter 17, the woman on the beast, 7-1 orion, the congruity is massive,

booyah, meow meow,

atop a Muslim minaret, the planets to the moon,

Monday, 21 July 2014

I used to have a gift for giving off the Holy Ghost,

at one time I could give it off on command, at timesall 
it took was 5 minutes of talking or give a guy
10 cents or a coffee barrista a 50 cent tip,

I was treated very poorly by the Canadian government
though & lost this gift,

I gave it out to between 50 or 100 people, even to some
who said they hated God,

in Canada I say they tried to kill me, if I had of lived in
America I'd be dead, in Russia they wouldn't care,

my being treated like human garbage by cops, nurses,
doctors, pharmacists, lab techs, being treated like
human garbage by the medical establishment &
the RCMP,

I totally lost my gift for giving off the Holy Ghost now,

I was treated so poorly that I lost that gift for the genesis
seed for those who received to make it to the crossroads &
make their eternal decision whether to take a demonic
wife or that of the Holy Ghost,

yes, I used to have the gift to give out seeds for those
who received to face the cross roads & make their
mind on God or the devil,

I was treated too poorly by my government to keep
the gift of giving off the seed for facing the cross

Thursday, 17 July 2014

basically the only reason for the bible,

basically the entire bible is nothing more than a
scavenger hunt to become God,

the first & second witnesses is the reasons for all

the two witnesses or the two beasts of the book of
the Apocalypse, a scavenger hunt for those two

Joshua the first beast in the Tetrahydrodon &
the second witness being the future god over
the new earth,

Joshua being the Pharoah in heaven to the
second beast being the Joseph over the new

Joshua the pharoah in heaven to the second beast's
being the Joseph on the new earth,

by now I imagine all that needs to happen from here
on in are just formalities or T's being crossed or I's
being dotted,

if you donh't know who you are by now it is a little
late in season for starting another scavenger hunt
of your own, non of these things can be giving
to others to help you, everything must be done on
one's own for an own's sake,

if you haven't already recieved then chances are
the last of your opportunity is lost to the ages of time,

the first Tomb Raider film was as close as any story
could get to the reality of this story,

becoming god not just one more body filling up heaven
or hell, the entirety of scripture would have been then
for the first wtness, possibly Paul & the second beast
or the second witness,

seats are ready & prepared for as of times ages ago,

those who will definitely will others who won't
surely won't,

I am lead to believe the main mission of masonry
was to become god, oh how the mission & the
health state of a consortium can fade,

if at one time the missions of masonry was godhood,
oh how everyone sold their souls just for a simple
job or job with esteem while the truth of the mission
is lost the the oblivion or loss of the concept that
rang in it's conception,

the Sparrow or Bathsheeba of our time, oh yes,
I know who & where she is, I am amazed that
no one has come to me for me to show her,

oh yes, my belief in Masonry is that the mission &
reason for masonry's creation, lost, the missions
& concepts of the conceptions of Masonry lost to the
ages of time,

as I have said in days past, some are putting
bricks in place while others are removing them,

the entire reason for masonry like christiany, a hall
or church just used for networking & having no
substance to the truth of the oaths at hand,

the loss to the ages of the reasons why these
 institutes were created, no more substance,
all cloud no rain, all hat no cattle,

the truth of the mission lost simply to networking
& that's all those consortiums are left with,

Monday, 14 July 2014

the 144,000 singers & the marraige of the great city,

the gift of life,

basically the bible has been miss understood,

coming to the crossroads is the meaning of
the entire bible,

if you are like me a virgin one day we will
be in pitched combat for the prize,

Daniel 11:37 is the meaning of all scriptures,

if you rebuff every time you meet the crossroads
to become a virgin you are a singer but there is
only one with the top name of a singer,

there are 144,000 singers & the one who has the
title of the 144,000 who will one day wed the city
of Jerusalem in the book of revelations, the
one top singer to wed the purified Lucifer,

that one top singer will become god for all
eternity on the new earth,

Jesus at the right hand of God & him ruling heaven,
mean while the one to rule earth as god for
all eternity is the one after, the second witness,

the first witness is Joshua the second witness will
for all eternity to rule the new earth, this is the
meaning & reason for all scripture for those who
will have to learn their trade & figure out how to
to get to the places they need to be to receive
what is theirs,

the gift of scriptures & the crossroads is whether
you can pass through the gauntlet or not to
become as Joshua God below the Father or god
on earth as the Joseph to Jesus Pharaoh in heaven,

I've tried to openly take of this since December 2010 but
every time these years I would get slapped in the face
by the Canadian government every time I would
open my mouth,

either be Paul at Joshua's side or be the second witness
to be the Joseph on earth to Joshua's Pharaoh in heaven,

this is why God wrote scripture for those people who were
to become those they were to become, the gauntlet of
the cross roads & learning from scripture to wade the rapids
& become the prize that Jehovah created the heavens &
earth for, either to serve or to rule in the new heavens
 & new & eternal earth,

the entire reason for scriptures, for those to become & those
who would lose out to lose out,

Saturday, 12 July 2014

if you make God bleed, tell me who made God bleed,

if you make God bleed, then people will cease to believe in him,

here, look the face of those who tried to be God,

Saturday, 5 July 2014

days of future past,

basically all the prophecies in the old, my observation
on the old testament is this,

Jehovah gave both blessings & curses,

the more people sided with one or the other paths of life
deliniated the path & the out comes of the future for both
Israel & earth,

if those of the prophecy didn't deliniate with the requirments
for promise they ended up with curses,

the entirety of the old testament giving both blessings or

if those involved with those prophecies were delineated to
curses, then that is what fell on them,

if they had of sided with the blessings in the actions they did,
then blessings would have happened,

basically two pathes & those who chose, chose the path
whether to receive blessings or curses,

if people chose the lifestyle to recieve the curses,

booyah, meow meow,

Friday, 4 July 2014

when a new day starts,

watch certain parts of the arms of
medicine be closed for good,

I won't be surprised if psychiatry
or plastic surgery being wiped out,
on top of that skin art like tattoos
& piercing will be put to an end,

if you fell into the trap of plastic
surgery or peircings, watch this go
down, put to an end,

people leaving behind druggs, the
booze & cheeb,

all put to an end,


people coming clean on the drugs
they've been using,

Revival, of ages,

get ready for a massive move of Jehovah,

when this revival goes down, lots of stuff
is going to change, organized crime, porn,
boozing, a lot of things going to get cleaned
out of the pipes when this goes down,

you thought that your day was here cuz
the legalizing of a little cheeb,

cheeb, porn booze drugs in general going
to get pushed out the end,

lot of people going to change their ways,

if your grandparents or their parents were
told that the Americas were the land of
milk & honey or that the streets were made
of gold out here,

you have never seen an economy the way
it will be when Jehovah shows up in people's

you thought certain decades had Bull, boy,
watch the economy boom like a moojah nah
tiki wah,

when this new boom for the economy blows
up, you'll be thankful that there were a God
to make it happen,

you thought certain decades had Bull, wait till
Jehovah shows up & really puts gold on the
streets, you've never seen an economy like this,

non of any of our families have seen an economy
like this for a thousand ages, when this new
economy shows up due to the explosion of
the coming revival,

goodness gracious,

won't be any prohibition, but people's lives will
just be so changes that the dirt under your nails
will be wiped out by our collective desire for

a lot of bad habits going to get pushed out the
other end,

when, don't know, but when it starts it will be
like a crash boom bang, you'll know,

booyah, meow meow,

if you thought other decades had a lot of Bull
in them, wait till the revival starts, gonna be
more Bull than you have need for on the bed
of roses,

if American banks are now free to close the
accounts of very famous female porn stars
over the idea of morality, be aware that
those same banks may in the future close the
very accounts of known mafia or gang accounts,

if banks are nowe closing the accounts of
female porn stars the same may in the future
be the same for known mafia of gang

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

my last name is Ukrainian, jewish eastern I believe,

guy in a bar,

guy in the bar fingering something
in his hand, he says looks like
plastic feels like rubber,

a guy sits beside the first guy &
says, " can I see that"

so the guy hands it over,

he says you're right it does look
like plastic & feel like rubber,
where did you get this,

the first guy replies, " my nose"