Friday, 27 June 2014

partition of realities,

it is my prerogative that if you force
yourself to have many sleepless night
the Diablo may appear before you,

I am led to believe that lack of
enough sleep may encourage Diablo to
appear before you one night,

stay up all night many days & nights,

the partitions of the spirit may be
made for you to see the ole girl,

Monday, 23 June 2014


don't know if Nukes are readied with
Algorithms but if they are loaded to
have structured algorithms adjusted,

use algorithms in nukes to act as
neutron bombs,

nukes regulated with algorithms to
be selective on their front of

Sunday, 22 June 2014

the property of gold,

much knowledge from before Christ & also
at his times have been lost to the control of
the catholic church,

I am lead to believe gold has more properties
than just wealth,

I have no idea what they could be, possibly
a re-rejuvenation, I don't know, I am lead
to believe gold has much more properties
than just wealth,

possibly in those days gold wasn't even
used for wealth but other esoteric uses
like witchcraft & for personal health,

I am lead to believe gold was much more
than wealth but has other properties that
are in know;ledge lost to the reign of the
catholic church,

much knowledge of many things including
the scriptures has been lost due to the reign
of the Catholics,

possibly gold had uses in hygiene or personal
health not just wealth,

much knowledge on near all things has
been stifled due to the reign of the
Catholic church & the massive control
they have had, much knowledge has
been lost on many things due to the reign
of the Catholic church, meaning in both
scriptures & also many other holistic
resources such as uses for tea in certain
 tree leaf or important properties of
metals or foods of which the truth of has
 been extinguished due to the control of
the Catholic church,

true shamanism has been lost to the control
of the catholic church,

Saturday, 21 June 2014


bunker busters to garwear
saudi arabia,

bunker busters to yellow
stone park,

hurricanes seeded in china
to remove smog so it can't
be used as an aid to
accelerant in ballistics,

create key locks that prevent
smog from being used as
an accelerant,

petrol coagulants with
 immunization for self vehicles,

jack in the box nukes,

emp waves from satellites,

light masses, light creating mass,
have projections over cities as a
soft shell,

light becomes mass, speed of
light projectiles,

surface tension gel shells over

algorithms in nukes, adjust algorithms
in all nukes for play on this or that,
your needs or disband,

rubics cube nukes, the wick burried
in a cube of mini ballistics,

ballistics in water zones for soft kills,

ballistics to major damns,

satellite emps vaping regions to stave
off ballistics,

metal or concrete corrosives, nano
corrosives, leech lime, like a rusty penny
on a stainless steel top, the zone is never
the same, it will never be clean of rust ever
again, accelerated rust from nanos
leeching on steel or iron,

plastic corrosives, crude oil particilate to
nano eat plastic say off wires, the plastic
corrodes to bear wires,

salt coiling, weather with vectored salts,
not necessarily NaCl but things that like
re-upped  hail the salt glues to small
working parts say on the fins of jets,
salt gelling on small moving parts to
bulk bodies,

use weather & seeding for hurricanes
or tornadoes by way of satellites,

shock waves of internet ACDC pulses
to rupture power lines & internet lines,
same with fiber optics, shock wave mass
power to rock soft connections,

blind lights, change the frequencies of
the light going through fiber optics,

canvas & clothing nano bites, ballistics
that wave out & eat cotton materials,
cotton corrosives, self always immunizations,

flash backing, flash wave other regions
of the ACDC infrastructure to change the
hertz or amps to destablize regions with
specific hertz & amps, say flash backing
the west with the flash waves of hertz
found in the EU, flash waving the west with
that used in the EU, souring the milk,

sour milk by disrupts in air for jets or
the ACDC for power lines, sour the milk,

Thursday, 19 June 2014

in joshua's day the left & right,

in Joshua's day when he commented
on losing your right eye foot or hand
was taken from the present
establishments take on salvation,

in Joshua's day those in the religious
establishment herald the loss of these
rights as a rite to salvation,

if the present day is to lose the left
they are not in contrast to Joshua's
 teachings of the loss of the right
but Joshua's interjection of the loss
of the right as in the establishment
of religious authorities was to lose
 the right,

if today people herald the loss of
the left they are not in contradiction
of Christ's teaching but his
interjection of the lessons of the
establishment's teachings, those in
authority heralded the loss of the
right, Joshua wasn't saying that
 persey as being saved but using
the very lessons of the authorities
of the religious establishment,

if the same who were at Joshua's
day came today they would call
 those cutting out the left as heretical
to the belief in the loss of the right
over the loss of the left which was
the proper sign of salvation for
the holy,

the true meaning of right & left
lost to the ages of time & the
 inception of fools who know not
the ancient beliefs,

basically Joshua was speaking in
their terms of achieving righteousness,
 if the terms of righteousness
were still the same it wouldn't be
the loss of the ;left the way it is
 in media now it would still be the
loss of the right,

basically the terms of the righteous
for the wicked being the religious
establishment at the time of Joshua
was the loss of the right, if Joshua
were speaking in the terms of
 Jehovah & achieving righteousness
for the truly holy it would have
been loss of the left, but for the
wicked in the days of Joshua was
the loss of the right,

if Joshua were back he'd still be
 cutting out the right as the true
wicked were all about the loss
of the right,

the true meaning was lost over
the aeons & now people thought
Joshua was speaking of the
salvation for the righteous being
 loss of the right, nope he was
talking to the wicked establishment,

if the wicked were still teaching
what they taught in Joshua's day
it wouldn't be the loss of the left
cuz in their day it was the right,
 but the losses of the true meaning
got lost & the teachings were
wiped out during the reign of the

the truth of near all biblical teaching
was lost,

in Thesselonians it says a great
 falling away, in Paul's day they would
have understood it to be a falling away
of the wicked not the righteous, one
more loss of the truth of scriptures,

a falling away was of wickedness not
 the righteous,

also the raising of holy hands, one
more losses of the truth of the
teachings cuz no righteous person
would ever raise their hands cuz
only the wicked raised their hands,
in other words it would be a holy
kiss to the saints as a kiss was no
different than for Joshua or
La Cosa Nostra,

a kiss, death, lifting your hands
deminic & occultic,

A kiss & lifting up your hands,
neither was holy,

yep, more losses of truth in teaching,
no holy or righteous saint would ever
raise their hands, a kiss of death &
the wicked raising their hands, more
losses of true teaching,

if you go to church & feel uncomfortable
about raising your hands there may be a
 reason cuz only the wicked would raise
their hands in the days of Paul & Joshua,

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

how many you Nigglios traveled,

usually I keep it to myself but now I
feel the need to address a few things,

anyone read 1984 or seen V for Vedetta,

that's about it,

I dare you try to get a flight to NY & see
the 911 site,

unless you are privy to photoshop this
will go over your head,

Iraq, Ukraine, France, Israel,

all these & many more places only exist
on story boards or in pixels,

I have, oh ya I've traveled, went to see Jules
 a few times, northern Europe, nope,
he lives in central canada which is what
our citizens call Greater Columbia, not

we in canada are properly called Greater

most of the names of the states that are
in what most call the United States, nope

the USA is properly called the Provinces of
of Bel air,

unless you'd traveled enough you wouldn't know,

basically millionaires & the wealthy, or
government jobs are all actors, some
know others believe what they are doing,

the actors know it's not real, the others
believe the story,

the only guys who know it's not real are
the actors, everyone else believes the
roles they are playing,

 if you are a cop, doctor nurse military,

quite likely you've killed both normal
or actors while in the delusion of it
being real,


yep, you killed a guy you are one
of the guys who believes,

an actor would never touch another
person un-towards,

Saturday, 14 June 2014

the pack,

hydrogen peroxide spritz for infection,

whey protein for concentrated food,

olive oil for injuries & food,

duct tape for utility,

knife, saw, lighters,

Friday, 13 June 2014

idea for propulsion of seafaring craft,

idea for propulsion of seafaring craft,

water is made of an oxygen & hydrogen

like me & my favorite form of energy
being magnetism,

that's about all I need say,

the propulsion based on the polarization
of the water molecule,

no real form of power the way most sonars
track sounds,

create a form of propulsion based on the
molecular polarization of water, you could
possibly feasible have on propeller but only

the power from the body of the craft being
in a form of perpetual energy situation due
to the motion of the water & the scaling
of the hull creating the propulsion due to
the scaling of the vessel having a scale that
creates the motion of water that in turn
creates the vessel's motion,

have a few Iris over the body like the Iris
on Stargate, this to manage speeds &
changes in whatever,

have scales like a dragon for the water
to slip through for propulsion,