Monday, 10 November 2014

Iraq War veteran and critic Tomas Young dies at 34

 Iraq war veteran Tomas Young (Reuters / Mark Blinch)

Tomas Young enlisted in the military two days after 9/11 because he wanted to strike back at those responsible for the attack on America. Instead of being deployed to Afghanistan after joining the Army, he was deployed to Iraq. He was shot in the chest and paralyzed during an insurgent attack in Sadr City just a few days after beginning his tour of duty.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

new homes,

since summer 2011 I was under the impression my mom was
breaking in, got new dead bolts last year,
talk to some other people I knew, they said they had the
same & that it was the previous tenants,

my mom, I can see now she is honest with me, all those
last three years I thought it was my mom when it was the
last tenants,

just moved into a new place last Thursday, no more problems,
I look at my mom & see she is honest with me where as
I thought it was her breaking in, now I can see her honesty
& realize it was others not my mom breaking in,

as I just moved, I could have fenced the keys to my last
apartment but I put them in the mail slot for the building

you move into a new place get your locks re-keyed, save
yourself the same harm it did to me, ruining the close
relationship I had before with my family,
get your locks re-keyed,
in the antediluvian days, the days of Noah,
there were literal Gods of those days, gods
like Horus or Anubis or Heracles, all gods
part human & animals, the mythologies of
animal headed gods were real before the
 flood, my belief is that the Minotaur was
the top of the True Gods,

if you kill animals you are making war
versus the ancestry of those part animal
 human True Gods, you are a cattle butcher,
 I imagine you won't be high on the friend's
list for the Minotaur,