Sunday, 31 August 2014

Jehovah bending Time,

contemplate Jehovah bending Time,

the transfiguration of Joshua on the mountain top with Peter & John,

both Elijah & Moses were there as well,

in days of yor Moses saw God on the mountain the back of God, as well in Elijah's life he saw God in the quiet breeze,

All these things happened at the same time, all time is one, all moments of time happen at the same time, all times are in the same moment,

the sight of both Moses & Elijah seeing God was a bent in time as both Moses & Elijah saw Jesus at the same time,

bent time, all threads of time in this aether happen at the same time,

both Moses & Elijah saw the back of God at the same time, the back of God was the sight of Jesus on that mountain top in the transfiguration,

all time is one,

Jehovah bent reality to let bot Moses & Elijah see Jesus in their own time as well as the same time thread of both Jesus Pater & John,

all time is one,

hand signs,

the two hook em horns is proper,

the hang loose is proper if you
were a bow man & got your
index finger cut off,

the middle finger is the enmity
to those who cut off his index

the peace sign fingers, are those
who never got their bow index
finger cut off, truly peace,
possibly a beg to keep the
index upon capture,

in the scriptures it says not to
touch blood to blood, a holla
to the ancient Cosa Nostra,

yes they were doing cuts &
flame as entery to the mob
even in Isaiah's day,
beautiful huh,

below, the hang loose sign, this is the hook em horns for those who in battle in ancient days have lost their index finger due to most likely being an archer,

the middle finger is a reproach due to being an archer in ancient days & having had your index finger cut off to neuter the bowman ship,

the hook em horns is a holla to the two horns of the two beasts of Revelations or the two witnesses or that of Mazzaroth & Artcurus from the book of Job,

the two fingered peace sign, respect & peace, in days of yor the index of archeres was cut off when armies conquered, the middle finger if left while the index was taken the middle finger was a sign of reproach, so with both fingers intact, the middle means respect & the intact of the index is peace, or honor something like that,

if you drink whole milk, or homogenized,

the last week I've gone one step farther,

I drink into my whole milk, then when
there is enough room I pour in a 250ml
of whipping cream,

I will be doing this from now on for
every gallon,

Saturday, 30 August 2014

land mark jobs

here in canada they have subsidies for hiring labor,

the subsidy only lasts so long till the employer has
to bump that person out & hire fresh meat for new

everyone's wages subsidized by the government till
the subsidy runs out & they hire fresh meat,

nice deal for emploers who can get most or part of
the wage paid for by the government till they have to
hire someone new,

nice revolving door, possibly the creation of Throw Momma's
care as well,

just welfare for doctors or businesses,

my aether hypothesis,

the aether my hypothesis as per Thor's Dark world, just play here, measure the energy or consciousness of either man or animal, find a key lock or a repellant, if you can find either you'll be able to find a gravity to attract the consciousness of a being,

try to capture it, it won't be in full capture, what you want to do is find a way to amplify it using scientific means, it will be too wild for capture, what you want is to find a way to amplify it using brain wave metric frequencies to amplify it,

& find a person or animal that is affinitive that the consciousness would enter a host body,

I know nothing really, I have no exposure to the sciences needed to create an aether, all i have are base ideas with no real knowledge or exposure to the sciences needed to accomplish this feet,

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

chelating for aquariums,

not all parts of water are the same,
some areas of water are filled with
metal or gaseous chelatings not in
all other areas of water,

all different fish or aquatics should be
put in one pool as all waters are not
chelated the same,

some waters have more iron chelates
or more of this or that metal or gases,

whales migrating to expose themselves
to various chelates as they migrate,

not all waters are alike, the different
chelates for different aquatics,

those massive aquariums with whale
sharks etc, all chelates are not the
same, all local fish should be in waters
chelated to their native waters,

many fish or shark die in aquariums
possibly due to foreign chelates due
to being in a poop mix of many fish
in water chelating being foreign to
those fish in the mix,

Sunday, 24 August 2014

a quote of Joshua,

a house divided can not stand,

talking about the future gelling
of the demonic & that of the
house of Jehovah,

ying & yang, day & night, male
& female,

on top of Matthias 21:31, harlots
& pyblicans going to heaven,
women & human saved,

one day the demonic being
cleansed & that of Lucifer being
the city of Jerusalem to wed
her husband the 144,000 singers
which could be a literal but
also one being to wed the women &
her house of ladies,

the quotes of gold & silver refined
7 times each in the prophets, that
of the demonic & the human
saved, each being refined 7 times
to prepare them for the Lord's

Friday, 22 August 2014


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Summer 2010

Summer 2010 spoke Psalms 45:1 & Psalms 119:11
over Lucifer to try to get her purified to enter the
Lord's rest, the following December met her at the
crossroads & I believe due to blessing her I broke
her spell to take me,

I believe due to my blessing her she hadn't the
power to take me the way she took so many
before me, I out danced her on that moon lit night,

the entire message of Hip Hop, no racism just open eyes to what it talks about,

guys doing chicks every other guy already had
their turn with,

basically it's about being the first on a chick being
in the middle of the line or being last,

unless you're first you have your mouth where some
other guy had his nut sauce in before you sucked
off that ditch,

first, middle or last, near every time you got another
guy's unit in your mouth,

basically hip hop is about ditchs other guys had
their nut in before he got there,

the first beast, & the mark,

feet of bear, the feet of the righteous, the two she
bears of Elisha, how beautiful on the mountains are
the feet of him who brings good news,

the body of the leopard, somewhere in the prophets
God says he will be like a leopard in the grass watching
people go by,

the mouth of the lion, Jesus the lion of judah,

the 7 heads, the 7 spirits of God, 7 means perfect,

ten horns, horns are stregnth or power, 10 meaning
complete, the crowns being the stages of ascent for

the wounded head being joshua who died &
rose again, the demonic saw & marveled at the beast,

the second beast the lamb with the mouth of
the dragon, the dragon being the mouth of Jehovah that
makes all worship the first beast who is the entirety of
Jehovah & his being,

the mark of the beast being the seal of God, if you
haven't the seal of Jehovah you can neither buy nor
sell food, but what is food but that which Jehovah
gives his own people,

only those righteous can buy or sell food cuz basically
only the righteous share the spirit, near not one
wicked opens the door of the spirit to others, usually
it's only the holy that share the spirit with others,
the wicked near never open the door to the crosroads
for others, the wicked are too tight fisted to
give out wives, usually it is only the righteous who
try to give out wives,

the wicked never share their spiritual food they are
too tight fisted, unless you are a believer you most
likely won't be getting food from Jehovah or sharing
that food with others,

what is food & commerce but getting people saved
& teaching which is food, not literal marks or chips
or literal commerce but a spiritual meaning,

unless you are a student of the spirit you know nothing,

wars & rumors of wars isn't literal wars but the rise
of Christendom vs the powers of wickedness, the 2nd horse
is the rise of Christendom vs wickedness,

the second horse is the final sealing of the just & the
wicked, the wheat & barley for a penny out of Joshua's
parable of the workers in the field for a penny, the
righteous are the oil & wine,

the great falling away is juxdapose, it really means the falling
away from wickedness for the rise of Christendom,
no one can understand a paradox I can see,

people know how to talk to each other in public but no
one can understand the scriptures & it's very juxdapose
& paradoxical way of explaining things, God doesn't
know how to talk then huh, only men are smart enough
to tell a riddle for what they want, God would never do
so & speak in veiled reference huh, Jehovah would
never speak in riddles or veiled references huh, wow,
who's the fool now,

first & second beasts being the two witnesses,

the big dipper & the north star being the two witnesses & the
two beasts, also from Job the Mazzaroth  &Artucus,
from Isaiah 11, the suckling child & the weaned child,
the corner stone & the key stone,

Friday, 15 August 2014

Mathias 21:31,harlots & publicans go to heaven first, basically women & human saved,

 harlots & publicans go to heaven first,
basically women & human saved,
essentially the only ones to face eternal
damnation are the unsaved humans,
the demonic & human saved passing
over, the demonic will be purified by
 being the wife & whipping post to men,

the women or demonic by the Lord's
return will be purified, men & the demonic,
silver purified 7 times, Silver purified 7
times, the demonic & the human saved,
silver & gold,

even after the killing by the women
for aeons & her sin, you can't blame God
for the initial sin of Lucifer cuz God is
letting her off by the end & the gold
being purified,

be bitter at Jehovah for her one mistake,
gold purified 7 times, men silver purified
7 times, be bitter at Jehovah for Lucifer
& the demonic to be kept out for one
or two mistakes nope,

be bitter at God why, she will enter with
all human saved,

hate the woman, why, she & hers will
be the gold 7 times purified & human saved
silver refined 7 times,

bitter hate, why, who do you love,

hate the devil for her errors, hate God
cuz he has no mercy, who do you love,

eunuchs of God or eunuchs of men,
if you are a simple believer in Jehovah
but with non of the Holy Ghost you are
a eunuch of God, if you are baptized
in the Holy Ghost you are no eunuch,

basically if you are a believer in God
but don't know what women are or not
have any of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost &
have not faced the pass of the proper
way on the crossroads you are a
eunuch of God, if you have crossed
the proper way at the crossroads
you are a singer or virgin,

if you are a simple sinner with non of the
wrong crossing of the crossroads you
are a eunuch of men, if you have passed
the wrong way at the meeting of the
cross roads you are a whore monger,

if you don't know what you are then you
are either a eunuch of God or men, if you
do know you are either a virgin or singer or
a whore monger,

a nice laugh at the expense of all the eunuchs,
usually whore mongers will never share with
eunuchs of men, if a virgin or singer is around
they always try to bring people in, whore
mongers almost never try to open the door for
eunuchs of men,

virgins or singers, it's their life's mission to share
with eunuchs, whether they accept or not is due
to the hardness or softness of the eunuch's hearts
to accept teaching from those singers who try
to open the doors for eunuchs,

 no stout in my grind that Joshua stole
copies of the Tora from the temple,
as well the apothecary anointing oils

Thursday, 14 August 2014

je suis, jesus, I am,

if the Ukraine even exists, I've never been there or to Russia or New York to see the 911 site, but I have read 1984 & watched V for Vendetta,

the sham of psychiatry,

these last four years, in Canada they tried to kill me, in America cops would have killed me early in these four years, in Russia they wouldn't care,

being in psychiatry is a joke, if you know about the birds & bees you'll know psychiatry is a joke, you can't even call it a science, all it is are nurses & doctors playing head games with the patients to stop their EYE from opening,

9it's not even a pseudo science, what women are a mental illness, pfft, since when did getting a wife mean you were ill, what trying to make steers out of people is a science now, wow,

I remember the head games of nurses & doctors to try to stop my eye from opening, what trying to wrangle strong women is an illness huh, you can't call a science people trying to come to terms with dirty bitches or chaste women,

what it's a science to be trying to wrangle strong women, since when did women in red or chaste wives be a science, if you know what women are you get me, basically those with strong women are in the wilderness like Joshua & his forty days in the wilderness, what the wilderness is an illness,

bulls steers & oxen are a mental illness, wow, all Hollywood should be on medications then too,
garbage, all psychiatry should be canned,

edited 14-08-2014 4:32 am pst,

the nurses & doctors all know it's a joke a lie & a sham, they know it's a lie, they keep playing head games on the patients to keep them in line so they have the money for vacations while the patients are all on welfare or disability pensions,

big time, they all know, pharmacists, lab techs, they all cover the lie to have easy jobs off of a joke & a lie & a sham, it's not even a science, oh ya they know, they keep playing head games with the patients to keep their jobs that are based on lies & deception,

playing head games to stop people from their EYE to be opened, trying to make steers out of bulls & oxen,

me, I am an Oxen,

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

my healing program, my method I use for trying to heal people,

you guys want to be my 72 I send out two by two, here is your swords,

everyone spends a different time in the gym before they get out to live their day,

a seed, it grows to a sapling, you can push it over ir pinch off the buds, the sapling grows to a tree, you'll need an earth mover to break it,

you see people walking around everywhere, switch, a healthy person hates watching wheel chair bound people cuz it affects their peace & puts a negative on their positivity,

when the seed in the heart grows strong enough the flesh will follow, spirit or word then the flesh or reality type motion,

you can throw out seeds, sometimes you know what your seed is or not, but once it grows you see what you get, a beautiful lawn or fruit trees or coniferous trees, either way it's something to enjoy,

at times people don't know there are seeds, they let their lawn go & are surprised to see Oaks fruit trees, everything, some don't even know they've been seeded but if they let their lawn go, oh yes, they will find out what has been partitioned to their lives,

me I never tell them to read the scriptures after I have spoken cuz i know they wouldn't understand, but if you want to give them food after they've been raised from the dead, tell them to read the bible, the bible is true meat,

those are basically my ways,

in Jerusalem or Africa or North America a tree is a tree or a flower a flower, just different languages but a tree is the same the world over, you don't need to live in the holy land to know what a flower is, you don't think North American Natives never knew what flowers were, pfft, the only book we have is the bible, the only, but you think there were no flowers or crossroads in Australia or South America, it just hasn't been written about, if Abraham knew what a flower was, you think not a portion in the Americas never knew what flowers were, Salvation,

there it is,

get some oils & go anointing, prayer cool, but people need real people not floating fools, we need to be receptive to people's hurt, spikenard, frankincense, Myrrh, apothecary oils, i am led to believe Luke 22:3, the scent of the spikenard gave Judas his wife being Satan, imagine such scents & fragrances or oils doing so,

put a glass of wine by the plot of your lost ones, you never know, they may come back & thank you for one last drink,

Sunday, 10 August 2014

reprise, human labratory, phamaka singularity

a repeat on a theory I've had since 2012
while being in the psyche-ward,

not a literal lab but the body as the
petri dish & the adding of substances
till there is a climax of the inter-mingling
of various chemicals medications etc,

the precipitation of the gross mass of
the chemical bodies reacting with
each other & possibly precipitating
in possible out comes,

contemplate the interaction of various
chemical bodies precipitating larger bodies
like IGF or HGH or Mechano-growth factors,

not just skeletal growth but in height
mind body, spirit,

the possible precipitating of the
interaction of smalled chemical
bodies creating other bodies to
precipitate in amazing things
any person with half a mind
would nut themselves to have
created in their person,

anyone know what happens when
you have most types of anti-depressants
& too much booze, over dose, the
two bodies mingling in the
host creating death,

imagine the same with other
pharmaka or any chemicals
in a host body creating the first
of a new breed of creature,

Anti-depressants & booze,

another type but for that of the
creation of a new super being,
attack of the 50 foot woman,

imagine the mingling of drugs creating a
new strain of androgenic anabolic
steroid from the mingling of smaller
bodies precipitating larger bodies
for the satisfaction of the creation of
a super being,

anti0depressants & booze,

what are the possibilities on a positive side
in opposition to death from anti-depressants
& booze,

just my hypothesis, near every scientific
find was always a mistake & they re-wrote the
hypothesis to back up the end find of each

my hypothesis,

Thursday, 7 August 2014

hand signs,

the two hook em horns is proper,

the hang loose is proper if you
were a bow man & got your
index finger cut off,

the middle finger is the enmity
to those who cut off his index

the peace sign fingers, are those
who never got their bow index
finger cut off, truly peace,
possibly a beg to keep the
index upon capture,

in the scriptures it says not to
touch blood to blood, a holla
to the ancient Cosa Nostra,

yes they were doing cuts &
flame as entery to the mob
even in Isaiah's day,
beautiful huh,

the debtor nations,

two owe a debt,

one owes the grandmaster 50 thousand quid for the murder of the grand master's son,

the other owes 10 cents to the murderer,

the grandmaster lets the murderer off,

meanwhile the murderer takes the guy who owes him 10 cents & puts him to the torturers till the 10 cents is paid,

the grand master finds out & is like, wow, intelligent aren't we,

discern sir,

booyah, meow meow,

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

female code speak,

a woman says green or 7 to a guy,

he can go home with her,


those are signs of entry,

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lysergic acid,

doing LSD is the closest thing you can get to getting
baptized by the fire of the Holy Ghost,