Friday, 15 August 2014

Mathias 21:31,harlots & publicans go to heaven first, basically women & human saved,

 harlots & publicans go to heaven first,
basically women & human saved,
essentially the only ones to face eternal
damnation are the unsaved humans,
the demonic & human saved passing
over, the demonic will be purified by
 being the wife & whipping post to men,

the women or demonic by the Lord's
return will be purified, men & the demonic,
silver purified 7 times, Silver purified 7
times, the demonic & the human saved,
silver & gold,

even after the killing by the women
for aeons & her sin, you can't blame God
for the initial sin of Lucifer cuz God is
letting her off by the end & the gold
being purified,

be bitter at Jehovah for her one mistake,
gold purified 7 times, men silver purified
7 times, be bitter at Jehovah for Lucifer
& the demonic to be kept out for one
or two mistakes nope,

be bitter at God why, she will enter with
all human saved,

hate the woman, why, she & hers will
be the gold 7 times purified & human saved
silver refined 7 times,

bitter hate, why, who do you love,

hate the devil for her errors, hate God
cuz he has no mercy, who do you love,

eunuchs of God or eunuchs of men,
if you are a simple believer in Jehovah
but with non of the Holy Ghost you are
a eunuch of God, if you are baptized
in the Holy Ghost you are no eunuch,

basically if you are a believer in God
but don't know what women are or not
have any of the Spirit of the Holy Ghost &
have not faced the pass of the proper
way on the crossroads you are a
eunuch of God, if you have crossed
the proper way at the crossroads
you are a singer or virgin,

if you are a simple sinner with non of the
wrong crossing of the crossroads you
are a eunuch of men, if you have passed
the wrong way at the meeting of the
cross roads you are a whore monger,

if you don't know what you are then you
are either a eunuch of God or men, if you
do know you are either a virgin or singer or
a whore monger,

a nice laugh at the expense of all the eunuchs,
usually whore mongers will never share with
eunuchs of men, if a virgin or singer is around
they always try to bring people in, whore
mongers almost never try to open the door for
eunuchs of men,

virgins or singers, it's their life's mission to share
with eunuchs, whether they accept or not is due
to the hardness or softness of the eunuch's hearts
to accept teaching from those singers who try
to open the doors for eunuchs,

 no stout in my grind that Joshua stole
copies of the Tora from the temple,
as well the apothecary anointing oils

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