Tuesday, 26 August 2014

chelating for aquariums,

not all parts of water are the same,
some areas of water are filled with
metal or gaseous chelatings not in
all other areas of water,

all different fish or aquatics should be
put in one pool as all waters are not
chelated the same,

some waters have more iron chelates
or more of this or that metal or gases,

whales migrating to expose themselves
to various chelates as they migrate,

not all waters are alike, the different
chelates for different aquatics,

those massive aquariums with whale
sharks etc, all chelates are not the
same, all local fish should be in waters
chelated to their native waters,

many fish or shark die in aquariums
possibly due to foreign chelates due
to being in a poop mix of many fish
in water chelating being foreign to
those fish in the mix,

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