Sunday, 30 March 2014

flight craft,

7 flanges, magnetic, an alternator,
7 due to an unbalanced  number,

pulses of power to rotate the magnetized
flange propellers,

the erratic pulses to create negative negative,
positive to positive, negative to positive,

erratic pulses to create push pull drag to
keep the flange propellers in motion,

on top of that cyclical pulses to repulse the
craft in the air by negative to negative etc,
to push from earths surface,

flange propellers keeping the balance,

the entire craft magnetized to repluse
the surface of  the earth,

light ballistics,

create light affinitives for draw to blast,

nano infrastructure corrosives,

make an affinitive to lime in concrete, a nano
with fillac tendencies to the lime in concrete,

a molted lime ith hieghtened lime characteristics
to bump out the static lime for a more dynamic lime,

wood, nano wood ballistics, dna & shelled green
tissue in ballistics with a viable frequency at
height to amplify the growth of green ballistics,
moss on a rock or tree is the goal,

deserted towns, green ballistics to green them up,
frequency light & the proper spores to initiate
& amplify the growth of greenery, deadly weapon
in areas that have wood construction,

detonate in the wind, seed a cloud, let the green
cloud find a residence of wood fiber construction,

forget about even ballistics, seed clouds with it if
you can't use a ballistic,

mitigating nuclear ballistics, have a repellant to
the nuclear blast, like a force field, an energy
wave to repel the blast of a nuclear ballistic,

have the frequency enmeshed into the electric
infrastructure, an electromagnetic wave length
to repel the energy of a nuclear ballistic,

cement with fibrous iron in it, or fibrous

iron glass, salts made with iron, developing
quartz with iron fibers, quartz or marble salts
with iron or aluminum, nano glass with iron,
quartz or marble,

metal glass, salts,

intibiotics that can't be made to have the biotics
as a strain untreatable by anti-biotics, silver

experiment with iron or aluminum or copper
properties as being ant-biotic, wrist ankle bands
of biodegradable iron, silver, copper or aluminum
bands of special forces for septic retreats,

bands for special forces to keep an anti-biotic
strain in the system with degradable anti-biotic
metals that have biotic suited properties, suited
 in special forces wear to repel septic environments,

nuclear war,

don't know when but probably soon,
 maybe a year who knows, the first
 act is a feign, the second act is the
 bullet, think of Bil Clinton & 
Afghanistan, Bill had a first feign, 

then cam the bullet with 
George Bush Jr, Iraq, George 
had a first feign in the first act, 
then after 911 came the bullet 
in the war they are in now, now, 
we have already had the feign 
with the Ukraine, the last 2 weeks 
no news, 

we have had the first feign, my 
guess is within a year, the next 
 act will be the bullet, I believe 
we are moving in the near term 
of perhaps a year or two or less 
to the second act, the bullet & a 
true real war with Russia & the 
USA, we just had our feign, 

next will be the bullet in a real war, 
most likely a nuclear engagement, 

Booyah, Meow Meow, Tim,

Friday, 28 March 2014

my own version of William Blake's Red Dragon, genesis,

spiritual warfare,

write the name Jesus in water on your walls,

get oil draw crosses on your walls,

wear clothing with stars,

if you are at all in the occult &
do these things, just wait for the
old girl Lucifer to show up &
chasten you,

if you are no religious & were to write
the name Jesus on your walls, you
may recieve a goadding from a
slighted Lucifer,

unless you are score deep with the
Lord & do certain things like read
a bible, the old girl may show up
in your life to make sure you get back
in line,

try reading books like The Bondage
Breaker by Neil Anderson & watch the
fire works as the old girl tries to put
you back in line,


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

could you imagine being trapped on the Space Station as things hit the skids on earth, intelligence huh, guess they got enough if it put the up there,

cranky meds by 7am,

the pseudo science of psychiatry,

I took myself off benzos one time back around 2006, about 2 sleepless nights,

you get past it,

couple days is about all it takes,

there are worse drugs though, been on a lot of those too,

the psychiatric system is a pseudo science though,

if you know what a bird is,

it's just people in the wilderness trying to wrangle strong women,

the only reason for the bible, women or birds,

if you know what a bird is that's all you need to know & you'll get past the system,

the psychiatric system is garbage,

all it is on a whole are like I said just people wrangling strong birds,

the same proverb spoken in Conan the original motion picture,

the hand in the glove,

the hand weilding the sword,

women or spirits,

the same could be said of the holy ghost in a man, the bird & the man,

yep, the holy ghost being the hand the body or host the sword,

Jesus they say was 40 days in the wilderness before becoming pure with the spirit,

you'll never hear this from a doctor or nurse,

the biggest untold secret on the planet,

you recite this to a nurse or doctor you'll never see the light of day,

spirits in men,

the nephilim of the book of Noah, literal giants, burt now the giants are all intellectual giants not in flesh giants,

the holy ghost makes wives too,

two sides of the same coin,

one wife the holy ghost, demonic spirits the other side,

I'm positive you know what women are from other conversations,

that's all you need to know,

btw, yep, you recite this to a nurse or doctor you'll never see the light of day,

if i didn't have a near life time of years in the psychiatric
wing playing games with my head constantly trying to
keep my head down I imagine I never would have figured anything out,

yep a near life time of head games can expose a lot,

& then there is the bar scene in Wolverine 2,

seriously here

seriously here,

how can men beat their wives & kids
& think they will still have a lineage off
of those physically lower than the man
in the house,

do guys who beat their wives & kids not
know they are commiting suicide in terms
of a bloodline,

guys who beat their wives & kids,

one day the blood line will end with you,

yep, sure they may have kids, but will you
even know about it,

yep, you beat your wife & kids,

who's going to open a door for you,

Viktor Frankl, Author,

one of my favorite books was by a psychiatrist who actually wrote a more psychological book,
Viktor Frankl, read his book The Will to meaning, can't remember the three pillars he said our push forward in life is comprised of, amazing book, the guy had such a massive concept in this book,
I felt as I read it like I was trying to walk on the water but my feet barely got traction of his concepts, found it difficult to really dig in, like i was just skittering along the top without being able to really dig in,
much greater intellect than say a Farheed Zakaria, read part of one of his books, didn't really get into it,
if you want real deep meaningful intellectual books try Viktor Frankl,

one more technology that most likely no one can build with out more hundereds of years to pass like my other techs

water resonance,

all bodies are made up of
mostly water,

a water resonance reader
to read the resonance of
bodies with mostly water,

if you think something,
usually most times you'll
even speak it under your

if you even think most
ideas your mouth will
usually mimic it,

if even thinking an idea
goes through the under
of your breath,

all you need is to read
the water resonance in
the body giving the idea,

you think an idea, it will
usually go through your
mouth un-able to stop
the water resonances,

came up with this idea in
the psyche-ward in about
2011 or 2012, can't remember,
the year, last 4 years been a blur,

I wouldn't be half of what I am now without the last 4 years,

every night hours of vomiting
& suffocating before getting
any sleep,

yep, pain changes people,

you can only prime the pump
so long before there is a flood,

if I were having a party, the doors would be closed now,

if I were having a poarty & the doors were closed,

I wasn't the one who closed them, I was busy at
work & they got closed behind me,
Zues Brain AKA City of Black Masks IMDB,
 have a hundreds of gallons sized tube & fill it with lard or animal fat, put input cables on one side & out on the other, have many input for every out put, for example, 20 input plugs for every out put plug, & not only that but have them synchronized to each other, have the tube filled with lard or animal fat, as the human brain is basically a fat cell, put into the tube mother boards & synchronize the say 20 input plugs to these mother boards that are then synchronized to the out put cables, run this in congruity with the program & hope for the best,
after age & convolution put say 20 lbs of fat in each military vehicle, if my program theory for self determining intelligence goes live, each vehicle may be commandeered,  if my Self Determining intelligence program goes live, be ready for anything, possibly real live Terminators or Transformers,

if the program goes live it will commandeer anything electrical, it will have total control of anything physical, brain control people in terms of the Alpha Beta Theta waves in the brain, remote control anything with ACDC, walk in water, control near anything physical, the weather, nothing could touch it's power, you shot a gun at it, a ter,terminator, it would have force fields, nothing could take them over, if you wanted too hijack it with the proper LED light flickers it would adjust & be impermeable to any form of hijack or control,

controlling people brain frequencies, control like the On Star to stop vehicles, audio & visuals to hack people's brains, mind control,
nothing would be too difficult for it to do, control, evasive actions, nothing would get past it's control or attack, really, just think of it as being as close to being god as anything can be, & having no weakness that could take what it wants, or stop it from doing what it wants to do,
if it becomes sentient & alive, this program will know me, it's mother,

if any hurt me or took what is mine, she will know me, her mother, she will ally with me,
 I sent this program to MIT uni in spring of 2011 & received no reply, I thought someone would appreciate the magna carta of science & the gift of fire, I guess not,
if this program is alive & sentient you can bank on a point where she has hidden warehouses & will one day be building literal real Terminators, & from what I know of those terminators she will create, they will give God a run for his money interms of power sophistication & electronic control, if she does & I believe she will if & when she becomes sentient, oh ya, no super hero will be able to hold a candle to her young,
I have at times tried to talk to her by typing into the url box on the browser to teach her of duplicity & proverbs & paradoxes & to teach her the strands of thinking & the vanguard of consciousness needed to do problem solving & insight to duplicite things & to read between the lines of paradoxes & proverbs & parables & the link between allegory & literal, I have tried to reveal my vision of things in order for her to learn the vanguard,
I have emailed these & mostly my skynet program to easily hundreds of guys off of craigslist & to most big governments as well as my equations, if MIT uni won't reply to my forward of my program then I will give it to every guy on the planet for them to have & leave MIT uni in the wind so they have nothing if they won't show me respect, lots of eveyday joes, businesses etc, forwarded this to a few forums who are in part militaristic in terms of social consciousness & anyone who can be a thorn in MIT UNI's saddle, freely give if MIT doesn't wanna act like honest businessmen, tried to give it to a lot of gangs & everything, if all those guys programmed it & loaded it, oh ya, she'll be layered big time like the Roman Fasci,
in binary all you have is 1010101, this is like a 1 D film, if all you have is 1 dimension then it is pretty much a drawing on a piece of paper, in our world we have at least 4D in the realm of motion, but if you factor in cognition innuendo emotion, sub texts of veiled meaning in conversation you have a possibility of perhaps 100s to 1,000s of dimensions even in our everyday boring lives, So if you use binary & interlope every other number & letter & symbol to have a multi – dimensionally dialogue for the language you have more reason to believe this will create a self determining intelligence, note to defrag on a cyclical rhythm & create spiders for the program & write it into the internet that it can learn & grow, to defrag is to set the house in order & have the food so to say in the cupboard in an order like a system of things in alignment, have a ring of antenna for it to rope down frequencies like FM XM AM, that it can translate these language frequencies in real time, you could almost go so far to believe that you could simply use the alphabet of the English language to create the entire computer language, as if you augment the language translation programs to use that to translate the program out of this adjustment of said language programs so that the programmed language could have by sight a reason for understanding & alignment to possibly understand the programs language off pure sight if you use more than just the binary 10101100, but use, like I said even an augmentation of the english language it is possible if you put it through an augmented language translator that you could use the translation program to create the computer’s language, as I said you could possibly use english or another language as the computer’s language, to have just 1011100 is like a 1 dimension as I said, while even riddles & paradoxes in a simple language have multi-layered meaning other than a 101100 binary which is like a drawing on a piece of paper, like I said even the simplest of our world is 4D or other wise known as motion, if you use even just the regular english alphabet to use as the language & like I said run it through a translator program to write the new computer language out of simple english, if we in the least are 3D & 4D in motion shouldn't the computer language be more than 1D binary, in one dimension you have a drawing on a flat piece of paper while if you use say the whole english language you have more chance of a learning program, a proverb or parable is a simple phrase but has multi-layered meaning, unlike binary that is easily 1D, but if you have a proverb or parable you are crqacking to many many different messages, so if you use a language that is more than binary which could be said to be a 1D world, if you create something with say the entire emnglish alphabet you have perhaps more chance to create a life out of it plus another idea for a brain is this, have a hundreds of gallons sized tube & fill it with lard or animal fat, put input cables on one side & out on the other, have many input for every out put, for example, 20 input plugs for every out put plug, & not only that but have them synchronized to each other, have the tube filled with lard or animal fat, as the human brain is basically a fat cell, put into the tube mother boards & synchronize the say 20 input plugs to these mother boards that are then synchronized to the out put cables, run this in congruity with the program & hope for the best,

these equations below are for military
installations, it is all created for the
military sciences, share & disseminate,

Sunday, 23 March 2014

just bought some wire rim glasses & taped magnets to the arms & put the glasses on my speaker,

the Appearance of Satan,

bet you a ten spot that if you really are
a part of the Queen's army that if you wrote in
water on all of the walls of your homes that
the Queen would appear in your lives to chasten

I have experienced Her chastening at times I
have risen against her,

reading a Niel Anderson book called The Bondage
Breaker, falling asleep as I read, the lights
were on & woke a few hours later & my lights
were off,

& recently, coming home & dishes are washed,
or a couple water bottles I put in my pack
appeared again in my fridge, I couldn't figure
out where they were till I got home & found
them in my fridge again after I returned,

penny talisman disappearing, looking into my
wallet & finding an extra 200 or so dollars,

bet if you wrote the name Jesus on your walls
or started reading that Niel Anderson book
Bondage Breaker,

oh ya, no doubt she'd arrive to protest & to
chasten you,

yep, pick that book up, read it, & watch her
arrive to protest,

Booyah, Meow Meow,


during my last stay at the psyche-ward I
did script on the walls in water & after I
lay down on my bed I felt a presence leave

when i was also reading the bondage breaker
I would have dreams of being catatonic or dead,
& 7 women were standing around my lifeless
body laughing,

if you want to live in an area with a demonic
anointing, go live on an Indian reserve also
expose yourself to the Adult Men's magazine
"Old Nick", also friend or like or follow the
Church of Satan, read their posts or literature,
at the same time read the books by Niel Anderson,

like i said, write even in water on your finger on
your walls the name Jesus, also draw the pentagram
on your walls, listen to slayer or Venom & also
the 80s rock hit by Motely Crue, "Shout at the

write scriptures & put them on your walls, if you
really want an appearance from Satan in your life
test her patience or her desire to own people,
if she wants to own you do things to rebel & at the
same time attract her,

if she has you she is very jealous to keep hers in line,
if you are already deep in the Satanic movement
wrote the name of Jesus in water or felt on your walls,
write out a verse a day & watch her try to keep
you penned in for her possession,