Sunday, 30 March 2014

flight craft,

7 flanges, magnetic, an alternator,
7 due to an unbalanced  number,

pulses of power to rotate the magnetized
flange propellers,

the erratic pulses to create negative negative,
positive to positive, negative to positive,

erratic pulses to create push pull drag to
keep the flange propellers in motion,

on top of that cyclical pulses to repulse the
craft in the air by negative to negative etc,
to push from earths surface,

flange propellers keeping the balance,

the entire craft magnetized to repluse
the surface of  the earth,

light ballistics,

create light affinitives for draw to blast,

nano infrastructure corrosives,

make an affinitive to lime in concrete, a nano
with fillac tendencies to the lime in concrete,

a molted lime ith hieghtened lime characteristics
to bump out the static lime for a more dynamic lime,

wood, nano wood ballistics, dna & shelled green
tissue in ballistics with a viable frequency at
height to amplify the growth of green ballistics,
moss on a rock or tree is the goal,

deserted towns, green ballistics to green them up,
frequency light & the proper spores to initiate
& amplify the growth of greenery, deadly weapon
in areas that have wood construction,

detonate in the wind, seed a cloud, let the green
cloud find a residence of wood fiber construction,

forget about even ballistics, seed clouds with it if
you can't use a ballistic,

mitigating nuclear ballistics, have a repellant to
the nuclear blast, like a force field, an energy
wave to repel the blast of a nuclear ballistic,

have the frequency enmeshed into the electric
infrastructure, an electromagnetic wave length
to repel the energy of a nuclear ballistic,

cement with fibrous iron in it, or fibrous

iron glass, salts made with iron, developing
quartz with iron fibers, quartz or marble salts
with iron or aluminum, nano glass with iron,
quartz or marble,

metal glass, salts,

intibiotics that can't be made to have the biotics
as a strain untreatable by anti-biotics, silver

experiment with iron or aluminum or copper
properties as being ant-biotic, wrist ankle bands
of biodegradable iron, silver, copper or aluminum
bands of special forces for septic retreats,

bands for special forces to keep an anti-biotic
strain in the system with degradable anti-biotic
metals that have biotic suited properties, suited
 in special forces wear to repel septic environments,

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