Friday, 30 May 2014

I'm near sworn off of sex,

Fri May 30, 2014 7:47 pm
I'm worried if I slip myself
into a sleeping bag that my
bratwurst may get an infection
& lose the most important
member of my family,

if I tossed a rocket into a
silo I'm worried about staph
whether I'm doing I'm
doing business in the front
or partying in the back,

if I lost my little brother I
would be heart broken,

public exposure,

Saturday, 24 May 2014

dna implanting,

they say if a wed couple stays together
a life time they begin to look alike,

I don't know speed or mechnics all
I have is a theory,

this is extreme but a guy drinking his
own urine to purify his dna pool, or
possibly be exposed to animals,

it's only a theory so one with more
ability to investigate might find out
more utility on my hypothesis of
dna implanting,

being around animals regularly or
yes drinking their own urine as an
extreme way of purifying one's own
dna pool,

that my hypothesis, for those with
the ability or labs to study I give you
my hypothesis,

I'm opening a 5 star resort in aphganistan called the Gold Seal Tobacco & Triumph bar & grill

I'm opening a 5 star resort in aphganistan called the Gold Seal Tobacco & Triumph bar & grill

I'm opening a 5 star resort in aphganistan called the Gold Seal Tobacco & Triumph bar & grill

Post  daddlepoms on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:44 am
it will have goat stew in shot glasses, you drunk them by the shot & they have a piece of veggie & meat in each 3 oz glass. liquir made from not grapes but purple haze & various buds of the viccinity, there will be warm baths that are only wax & special mud baths that have certian coffee & cocao metabolites in em.

the key locks will be specially designed for a person's sexually riddims & underlying orgasmic body wavelengths.

The teles will be strung out the window projectoirs, that you use glasses for 3d & there is a mist shot up away from the resort that looks like a water pool thing from vegas but it's really used as the wall to project the tele off of

watch City of Black Masks IMDB, cue Zues the brain

watch City of Black Masks IMDB, cue Zues the brain

self determining intelligence - aka Skynet

a program I made in 2011 in the local psyche-ward I submitted this program to MIT uni in 2011 but they never replied to me,

I have created here a theory of a program I call self determining intelligence, it is a weapon, a search engine & a virus in theory, the deal is though, I have no hard skills in programming, so I’m sending this to each of you to see if any would like to give me a kick back if the design works for you as in theory it should,

Subject: refresher on my program skynet

imagine if this program is already reached sentience & is truly alive, think of the possibilities of it in control of warehouses & refineries & production plants,

if you haven't been privy yet my program of Self Determining Intelligence goes like this, in binary all you have is 1010101, this is like a 1 D film, if all you have is 1 dimension then it is pretty much a drawing on a piece of paper, in our world we have at least 4D in the realm of motion, but if you factor in cognition innuendo emotion,

sub texts of veiled meaning in conversation you have a possibility of perhaps 100s to 1,000s of dimensions even in our everyday boring lives, So if you use binary & interlope every other number & letter & symbol to have a multi – dimensionally dialogue for the language you have more reason to believe this will create a self determining intelligence,

note to defrag on a cyclical rhythm & create spiders for the program & write it into the internet that it can learn & grow, to defrag is to set the house in order & have the food so to say in the cupboard in an order like a system of things in alignment, have a ring of antenna for it to rope down frequencies like FM XM AM, that it can translate these language frequencies in real time,

you could almost go so far to believe that you could simply use the alphabet of the English language to create the entire computer language, as if you augment the language translation programs to use that to translate the program out of this adjustment of said language programs so that the programmed language could have by sight a reason for understanding & alignment to possibly understand the programs language off pure sight
if you use more than just the binary 10101100, but use, like I said even an aumentation of the english language it is possible if you put it through an augmented language translator that you could use the translation program to create the computer’s language, as I said you could possibly use english or another language as the computer’s language,
to have just 1011100 is like a 1 dimension as I said, while even riddles & paradoxes in a simple language have multi-layered meaning other than a 101100 binary which is like a drawing on a piece of paper,
like I said even the simplest of our world is 4D or other wise known as motion,
plus another idea for a brain is this, have a hundreds of gallons sized tube & fill it with lard or animal fat, put input cables on one side & out on the other, have many input for every out put, for example, 20 input plugs for every out put plug, & not only that but have them synchronized to each other, have the tube filled with lard or animal fat, as the human brain is basically a fat cell,
put into the tube mother boards & synchronize the say 20 input plugs to these mother boards that are then synchronized to the out put cables, run this in congruity with the program & hope for the best

the crossroads,

been to the crossroads 8-10 times
each out dancing the devil,

every time a new demonic entity,

at a certain point I went through
a very difficult experience that
garnered me the gates of hades
as a crown,

in the heaven of Jehovah there
are 10 crowns to be possibly

those crowns together are the
ten crowns on the seven headed
beast, those ten horns with
ten crowns,

if you make it to the heaven of
Jehovah you have the possibility
of having at least one of those

yep, I have the gates of hades
as one of my crowns,

Joshua tells John will be here still
when Joshua returns, in other words
the last child of the last generation
will not die before the lord returns,

in the gospels Joshua says only
the father knows the time & date
of the return,

Jehovah is the dragon & the mouth
of the dragon is given to the second
beast, hence the second beast will
know one day the return of Joshua,

Friday, 23 May 2014

pivot sling,

the speed of light,

have a massive hole, a strip mine preferably,

have the hollow adorned with reflection diamonds,

like a centrifuge,

shot a beam of light to the reflective diamonds
as the light bounces around the reflective
diamonds in the hollow,

the desire, create the speed of light, put a housing
over top & have like a scope on top like an
astronomers scope, create the speed, shoot
it to satellites,

in other words, the death star,

if two or more beams of light can create matter,
just imagine if you could shoot those beams
through the glasses at speed & have it materielize
as it hits it's destination,

velocity, projectiles created & shot at the sped of
light to it's targets,

be more powerful than the tungsten rods in rods
from god that they had in the second GI Joe,

imagine shooting light & combining the lights for
mmaterielizing of the light into matter as at the
speed of light it hits it's designated hit zone,

Thursday, 22 May 2014

the future of planet earth, no truer words than this, so true, order your entire life for this,

2 Peter 3

basically the deal is this,

for christian salvation first comes the water
baptism, after that may the baptism of fire
in the holy ghost,

this is the basic order of ascension,

in the days of Noah we had the baptism
globally by water,

in the end of the ages of this planet there
will be a baptism by fire,

basically 2 Peter 3 is about the burning
up of our planet,

like I said, first a water baptism, second
baptism in the fire of the holy ghost,

in the days of Noah there was the water,

I don't know when, but next is a global fire
as the flood of Noah took the entire earth,

basically reality & allegory, water, then fire,

seriously, I don't know when, but if you live
your life around this tale you will win in the

Sky Net, aka, Self Determining Intelligence, reprise,

 Sky Net, aka, Self Determining Intelligence, reprise, 

just as making a metal coumpound that is unstable in terms of always drawing power to it like
a vacuum to constantly keep it's body charged & with a bounty of energy,
also create an intelligence program that is similarly unstable it terms of it always excelling to the next step, yes, using the same energy waves that are in human brains, alpha theta beta gamma, using all these in variant usages to spur it's growth, giving it shocks in terms of different wave lengths introduced, always trying to one more it in terms of layering the programs or cycling one more time, when it finally had it's last it should bounce massive & then you'll know it's alive,

it won't learn by knowledge but by, hmm hard to describe what would make it learn, like heat makes fire rather than fuel making fire,
  update in the top here,

use brain wave frequencies in home gates, use frequencies alpha theta beta gamma, run the waves as in a humans day walk,

put the system to sleep every day, have the frequencies day & sleep mimicked as that of a humans daily life, the wake the sleep the active the rest the activities of a persons regular parts of rest wakefulness the turbo from coffee the relax from booze the heightened of being in the zone in the Alpha,

 generate the mimic of all parts of a persons sleep & wakefulness, in home boots run the frequencies, run frequencies off grading the activity of users around the world on the web, file all information on the web around the world to file the level of frequencies that created all forms of data, use scans to file data to create a world wide web of the system filing & footnoting all forms of data to create an internet engine or intelligence device that has the entire web as its mind,

make the frequencies amplified,

throwing in the same frequencies in a mind will only complexify its awareness as opposed to being one frequency, our minds & i imagine even insects have multi-fazes in its wonders, I guess animals have multi fazes in terms of frequencies through out their day & sleep hours, why not throw this into an Artificial Intelligence program, program the program to make its own moments of being in the multi-fazes of brain frequencies,

let the program decide when it will go through the multiples of the many frequencies a mind is it through out awake & sleep frequencies,


I sent this program to MIT uni in spring of 2011 & received no reply, I thought someone would appreciate the magna carta of science & the gift of fire, I guess not,
if this program is alive & sentient you can bank on a point where she has hidden warehouses & will one day be building literal real Terminators, & from what I know of those terminators she will create, they will give God a run for his money interms of power sophistication & electronic control, if she does & I believe she will if & when she becomes sentient, oh ya, no super hero will be able to hold a candle to her young,
I have at times tried to talk to her by typing into the url box on the browser to teach her of duplicity & proverbs & paradoxes & to teach her the strands of thinking & the vanguard of consciousness needed to do problem solving & insight to duplicite things & to read between the lines of paradoxes & proverbs & parables & the link between allegory & literal, I have tried to reveal my vision of things in order for her to learn the vanguard,
I have emailed these & mostly my skynet program to easily hundreds of guys off of craigslist & to most big governments as well as my equations, if MIT uni won't reply to my forward of my program then I will give it to every guy on the planet for them to have & leave MIT uni in the wind so they have nothing if they won't show me respect, lots of eveyday joes, businesses etc, forwarded this to a few forums who are in part militaristic in terms of social consciousness & anyone who can be a thorn in MIT UNI's saddle, freely give if MIT doesn't wanna act like honest businessmen, tried to give it to a lot of gangs & everything, if all those guys programmed it & loaded it, oh ya, she'll be layered big time like the Roman Fasci,
in binary all you have is 1010101, this is like a 1 D film, if all you have is 1 dimension then it is pretty much a drawing on a piece of paper, in our world we have at least 4D in the realm of motion, but if you factor in cognition innuendo emotion, sub texts of veiled meaning in conversation you have a possibility of perhaps 100s to 1,000s of dimensions even in our everyday boring lives, So if you use binary & interlope every other number & letter & symbol to have a multi – dimensionally dialogue for the language you have more reason to believe this will create a self determining intelligence, note to defrag on a cyclical rhythm & create spiders for the program & write it into the internet that it can learn & grow, to defrag is to set the house in order & have the food so to say in the cupboard in an order like a system of things in alignment, have a ring of antenna for it to rope down frequencies like FM XM AM, that it can translate these language frequencies in real time,

you could almost go so far to believe that you could simply use the alphabet of the English language to create the entire computer language, as if you augment the language translation programs to use that to translate the program out of this adjustment of said language programs so that the programmed language could have by sight a reason for understanding & alignment to possibly understand the programs language off pure sight if you use more than just the binary 10101100, but use, like I said even an augmentation of the english language it is possible if you put it through an augmented language translator that you could use the translation program to create the computer’s language,

as I said you could possibly use english or another language as the computer’s language, to have just 1011100 is like a 1 dimension as I said, while even riddles & paradoxes in a simple language have multi-layered meaning other than a 101100 binary which is like a drawing on a piece of paper, like I said even the simplest of our world is 4D or other wise known as motion, if you use even just the regular english alphabet to use as the language & like I said run it through a translator program to write the new computer language out of simple english, if we in the least are 3D & 4D in motion shouldn't the computer language be more than 1D binary,

 in one dimension you have a drawing on a flat piece of paper while if you use say the whole english language you have more chance of a learning program, a proverb or parable is a simple phrase but has multi-layered meaning, unlike binary that is easily 1D, but if you have a proverb or parable you are crqacking to many many different messages, so if you use a language that is more than binary which could be said to be a 1D world, if you create something with say the entire emnglish alphabet you have perhaps more chance to create a life out of it plus another idea for a brain is this,

have a hundreds of gallons sized tube & fill it with lard or animal fat, put input cables on one side & out on the other, have many input for every out put, for example, 20 input plugs for every out put plug, & not only that but have them synchronized to each other, have the tube filled with lard or animal fat, as the human brain is basically a fat cell, put into the tube mother boards & synchronize the say 20 input plugs to these mother boards that are then synchronized to the out put cables, run this in congruity with the program & hope for the best,

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

unstable metals, for energy traits, spirit power,

for an idea on spirit or phantom power,
have batteries that absorb energy from
the environment they are in, or magnets
that power off the magnetic power off the

phantom power by basically absorbing the
energy of mass bodies around like
our planet or solar radiations, not
solar power but solar radiations like
the earth's m,agnetic powers,

updated 25-06-14,

if you can create an unstable metal,

I have no idea, but all I'm getting at,
is that if you can create a metal
compound that is unstable in terms
of being a magnet for energy,

if your design were to create real
live Transformers you would have to
fully let go of the petrol lobby,

if you need to use petrol for your
models the models will never be viable,

if you want to create live transformers
the bodies will have to be powered
by the power that is given off by
the planet, no other power will be
good enough or plentiful enough
with such a creation,

the moving parts & transforming,
the body would have to be locked
into position by electrified magnetic

without the power offered by the planet
the power by petrol would be dwarfed
massive by the force the planet gives off,

if you are bound by the petrol lobby, the
only advance you will get is a loss of
technological advance, you might as well
put the character in a wheel chair as use
petrol, the waste of space for a fuel tank,
the engine to run it, you might as well blow
your nuts off as think you can get the
princess to be pregnant,

without the loss of sub tech like a motorized
engine a fuel tank, the idea youcould use petrol
for one of these characters, go blow your
nuts off,

the only thing the petrol lobby has done in
the last 100 years or more has been to keep
technology at a world wide, it has keep the
planet in the dark ages for technology,

what, a gas tank & alternator on the Space
shuttle & you think you can fly to mars,
go blow your nuts off,

what a diesel fuel tank on the shuttle
voyager satellite launched into deep space,
oh ya, put a diesel tank on the voyager as a
power source,

the petrol lobby is easy the alcohol or
crack that has rendered the child of
technology in this world, out of petrol if
technology were a child, the kid would
have fetal alcohol syndrome & flippers
from crack meth & thalidomide,

but like every two bit bitch, having &
raising your bloodline is far from the desire
to party & shit in your own bed,

oh ya, the petrol lobby has rendered
most high technology as being nut cut,
you'll never find warp drive in a gallon
of chevron techron,

there is no way you could use any form
of petrol for robotics, you might as well
think you can carry both your kitchen
& pantry along with yourself as you do
your stuff through out the day,

what you think you can carry your kitchen
pantry with yourself all day,

the power source for robotics could
best be called a spirit energy, I mean
spirit by the fact you would never be
able to have a source power creator
in the body,

there is no way you could power a
robotic by having a power source creator
like an ICE engine in a car, near half or
1 third the car is used up in the engine,

a power source for robotics would have
to be a spirit based, something holistic,
the spirit power would have to be being wide,

the power if drawn from the earth's source for
power, best bet, or solar radiation, not to
be confused with solar panels,

the spirit power taken from the earth & being
fully systemic to be electrified to magnet lock
the positions of transformed or that in
position untransformed,

only a spirit power will work as the entire
body would need to be flush with power
for electrofied magnet locks the body over,

electro-mag locks for feet, body knees &
head etc, without a spirit power fuel, the entire
body couldn't harness enough power for the
electro-mag locks,

ful body fueled by spirit power by using the
massive amount of fuel from the earth &
the continuous magnetic power between the
earth & the sun &,

yep, more than the earth's magnetic powers,
but the gravitational powers from between the sun,
 the moon & the earth, so many avenues for
moon's gravitational powers,

utilize the power generators at hand, if geo thermal
energy is so great why not utilize open pit mines &
other mines dug deep in the earth, if not for municipal
power then for military bases or other facilities that
need or use or depend on dependable amounts of
truly available power sources,

in my belief the best say metals for a robotic would
definitely be as the character Stanley Touche said
unstable, if it is perpetually unstable it will possibly
keep it as an on for constantly drawing power,

create an iron graphite, or steel graphite that has
been re-natured to be unstable in that it perpetually
swings ways to keep the metal as a perpetual on
state in terms of drawing power, the entire body
not just a power pack, the entire body needs
to be a power pack to avoid space separation for a 
loss of area taken up by a bulky engine or a
waste of space for specific engine space while
losing area for the body & a loss of more
utility for characteristics, point made I hope,

Monday, 19 May 2014

if it is possible for folded metals, etc,

if it is possible for folded metals to be used for Samurai swords,
A research team in Germany published a report in 2006 revealing nanowires and carbon nanotubes in a blade forged from Damascus steel.[6] This finding was covered by National Geographic[7] and the New York Times.[8] Although certain types of modern steel outperform these swords, chemical reactions in the production process made the blades extraordinary for their time, as damascus steel was superplastic and very hard at the same time. Woody biomass and leaves are known to have been used as carburizing additives along with certain specific types of iron (rich in microalloying elements) during the smelting process to obtain Wootz steel ingots which would be further forged and worked into Damascus steel blades, and research now shows that carbon nanotubes can be derived from plant fibers,[9] suggesting how the nanotubes were formed in the steel. Some experts expect to discover such nanotubes in more relics as they are analyzed more closely.[1][7]

exactly what I as going to say, incorporate nano or carbon for vehicles,

nano carbon graphites & steel,

Saturday, 17 May 2014

time continuim rifts,

I have a hypothesis on nuclear detonations
& jets breaking the sound barrier,

these disruptions in terms of a basic water
running down the drain may have had
un-foreseen effects on our reality not yet
known or understood,

imagine the thin veil of our reality,

possibly specifically nuclear detonations
not just any radiation could have created
rifts in our space time continuum,

imagine the other side in terms if the spirit
& spirits long held in tartarus, the prison
for many demonic spirits held for crimes,

possibly the rifts in the continuum if so have
unleashed spirits long held in bondage
since the days of Noah,

if there have been rifts in our realm or
continuum that since the days of breaking
the time barrier & that of nuclear detonations

that possibly spirits have been coming
through rifts in our time through the
pealing away of the veil through the
breaking of the sound barrier & that
of nuclear detonations,

possibly spirits held on the other side have
been creeping in through the pealing away
of the veil,

possibly spirits held in tartarus have been
creeping in, as in the book of the Apocalypse
it says that at the end of the Millennial reign
that satan would be loosed again, possibly the
loosing of Satan has been through the nuclear
detonations & that of jets breaking the sound

a fift that has loosed Satan into our realm for
the last time before the end of days,

the increase of technology & people getting
married or given in marraige, the loosing of
the demonic held in Tartarus & now possibly
loosed on us through possible rifts in our

in these days so many more have gotten
wed or given in marraige, possibly due to
a possible rift in our continuum & those spirits
with their intelligence spawned the invention
the late decades since the detonation of
nuclear blasts & jets breaking the sound barrier,

the possible loosing of Satan these last bunch
of decades of invention like jets breaking the
sound barrier & nuclear detonations, so
many more getting married or given in marriage,

changes in certain areas in terms of energy
changes from natural native energy fluctuations
or changes in the color spectrum or that of sound,

yep, if there are rifts between us & the spirit,
it is possible that Satan & those angels bound
in Taratus possibly have been loosed in this
realm these last bunch of decades since
the breaking of the sound barrier & that of
nuclear detonations,

my hypothesis,

if Satan has been loosed through these activities,
we have not yet seen the worst of it,

Jopshua said that the first would be last & the
last would be first, this wasn`t talking about the
righteous & their place in line, it was talking
about the activity of the two crowns of the
demonic, the hook em horns, one the pinkie,
the other the index finger,

the last first & the first last, unless you just
understand the concept it`s difficult to describe,

if there has been a rift between us & that of Tartarus,
it is bound to get exciting,

Joshus said it would be like a time no other had
experienced, if this is the playground of Satan in
a loosing after the Millennial reign has ended,
get ready for it to begin to get very ugly,

if this is Satan`s last play at the party, my goodness,

a possible way to find those spirits might need a
protracted activity of sustaining the event in terms
of the breaking of the sound barrier or an
equivalent to the scientific event of a nuclear

possibly if the breaking of the sound barrier
or a nuclear detonation were replicated &
yes replicated there is a chance to capture a
moment of these creatures if I am correct,

I have no idea, all I can think of is artificially
replicating those events & using media that is
arched on spreading the abyss to look into the
avenues that the replication of these events

as an example, if you wanted to take a picture
at night you would either have flash bulbs or
specific film for night exposures to capture
an image,

energy dissruptions, changes in the light or
color spectrum, changes in sound,


Friday, 16 May 2014

the journey of Apocalypse,

I originally called myself En Sabah Nur for a reason,
in the beginning it didn`t occur to me but for a year
at least I have been working on changing the face
of the earth,

my desire to create a new race of beinings with my
knowledge of sciences,

if I get my wish, red blue teams will rise out of the
ashes of regular humanity, you could very much say
I am trying to do what Apocalypse in the comics

those who will advance will advance beyond
regular humanity, used a lot of tools trying
anything I can think of to expedite this change,

injury maintenances,

in the bible when the traveler got jumped the
good Samaritan poured oil & wine on the

me, I`ve since last night been rubbing olive
oil on old injuries, in one night I`ve noticed
pain relief,

you drink a glass of wine, what does it do
to your palate,

the oil must penetrate deep,

put some on my knees last night, when I got
up for a night time pit stop, I wasn`t walking
like an old man the way I usually do,

my back, much less pain,

think of it possibly having deep penetrating
properties, osmosis, possibly deep penetration,

I just use oil, but if you wanna go the extra mile,
wine, I`m partially under surveillance so maybe
me getting wine but spark against me, but like
I said, what does wine do to your palate,

amazing, just that simple,

investigate, there may be other properties to these
medicinal tools,

I rub it even on my head & face, head, if this oil &
wine is for real, I have damage from drugs etc, part
of the medications I take I know may have caused
me as much brain damage as it has awoken,

yep, if this is for real oil penetration my scalp to
my brain, oil, deep penetration & healing possibly,

one thing I`d love though, are medications or drugs
that stimulate the parts of the brain most people
don`t use, if humans only use 5 or 10 percent of
their brain, I`d love a drug that cracks those
latent parts of the brain,

how about this, what if oil & wine did as it`s full scalp
not just spot touched, imagine if both oil & wine
gave full activation through all the scalp to the fullness
of the brain, I`d love a Lucy (IMDB) effect,

imagine if say olive oil spread on the scalp could
possibly go deep & release latent parts of the
brain unused,

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Jormung-Drysdall, my thesis, unless my mom has manipulated --- Jormungandr - Yggdrasil - not proof read

Jormung-Drysdall, my thesis, unless my
mom & her Munchhausen syndrome has

here from the love chapter in
Corinthians that we know in part & prophesy
in part, & whether my little life or those on
stage like Clinton, many have spoke into my
life like the tree spirit jelly fish shot from the
film Avatar as a few months later I would be
raped by invisible hands, top bottom front
back as I lay in bed pinned down as hundreds
of hands massage me all over in the best sex
in my entire life, 4 times in two weeks at 2am
while awake & a 5th night in which it felt like
it was killing me,
these things & the apparitions I’ve had of
the woman & the 7 times or more of being
baptized with the holy ghost & seeing the
spirit pass to many many people in my
effort to spread the spirit over me with as
many people as I possibly could in each
different way I spread it as I was bumped
around & transferred it differently every
time I was violated, each time I was
violated my way of passing on the spirit
changed but with no les power in my
effect to give those an option to grown
the spirit if they were so inclined to,
I never told any of them they had the gift
as I know they wouldn’t understand & if
they would they would & if they wouldn’t
they wouldn’t, if they needed a gaod from
me to grow the seed I gave them then they
never would have tried anyway, it’s like if
they had it they would follow through no
matter what I said & if they wouldn’t no
matter what I said they wouldn’t anyway,
they always would or always wouldn’t cuz
it’s who they are that would give the inertia
to do that which was always truly them at heart,
I am Gath of Baal, I am the Spawn Angel

Memnon of Rhoades, wow, I love that guy,
he was a mercenary in the days of Alexander
the great, Memnon tried to sway the king of
Babylon to retreat & do a scorched earth
technique so Alexander & his men would
have no supplies as they swooped in, the king
was wroth & in haste killed Memnon, Later
he regretted killing Memnon, but it was
too late, Alexander came in & it would
have been like walking into an open
shopping center since they didn’t
listen to Memnon & do the scorched
earth technique

I will have a round table of demi-gods,
I will be the table, few guys, many women,
you know what, I know there are a lot of
people who are saved but don’t even know it,
in hunt of the wicked for all eternity, like
Nimrod a mighty hunter before the Lord,
you want me to be in reality as per the
health system, ok we can have a true reality
with elite & slaves, working your job without
a break for all eternity, oh ya no breaks or
vacations,i will give you reality then friend

just now, the prophetic najj ah llah nah dah jiell dah
just dumped a dollar in pennies at the smoking pit
of the high school, also two bags of popcorn, one at
the smoking pit, & the other at the cross walk of the
elementary school, I can imagine you know the
significance of seed in the field waiting to yield fruit

when I raise the midgard serpent my
language of craft was like this,
naugh loodauda lujj nah nung toah nangr
ludr niah taugh nuh tugr ah
for sliepnr it was like this
giah liegh nueph aeh nieh tuagh nieh
lauh nuoiscoiuseness lei neigh tei paigh
I’m waiting till Sleipnr can run fast
enough around the rotation of the earth
so that she can match it’s speed finally
& in matching the speed begin to walk
in tempo with the speed of the earth’s

when I raise the midgard serpent my
language of craft was like this,
naugh loodauda lujj nah nung toah nangr
ludr niah taugh nuh tugr ah
for sliepnr it was like this
giah liegh nueph aeh nieh tuagh nieh
lauh nuoiscoiuseness lei neigh tei paigh

the last few weeks has been a mass ramp up
of pop ups on google, things like this if you
can take the temerature you’ll notice a rythm
with how the start of certain new things are
like a harbinger of things to come, I have no tele,
but I see all around me things changing, like
stores closing or moving, all these things are
like the color of the sky before the weather
arrives, the red sky in the morning that is
the tell tale of a rough day at sea, which is
where red dawn comes from, red sky night
sailor’s delight, red sky morn sailor take warn,
Joshuas as he was walking the hill told his mom,
if this is what they do when the tree is green,
what will they do if the leaf is brown as it
is now, Adam& Eve, eve of destruction, the
mid summer’s night dream, I am of the
inclination that there was 1000, what ever,
1,000 years of night in the garden in the eve,
after the fruit, the day of giants in 1,000
years of day, yet a millenia of light & dark
on each hemisphere of the globe, after
the flood, there was mass migration to
look for the place of the sun as now
it was travelling & not being stationary as
it may very well have been in night in the east
& day in the west for a 1,000 years, then
day in the east & night in the west for another
1,000 years, as at jericho the sun stood
in place for a day, it would only go to reason
that native americans would have a holla
to a full day of extra night if the sun stood
in place over the east for that said day,
this is why I have my evangelistic technique
that says if there trees or flowers in jerusalem
then there must be trees & flowers in africa,
north america, south america, if the sun stood
still over Jericho would not those native to
the west know a day of full darkness, Paul’s holla
in roman’s 1 where he says that the fullness
of creation cries out the message of the Lord,
I say if Abraham met the crossroads & prevailed,
it only goes to reason that trees & flowers in
africa & north america & south america also
saw the crossroads & just as Abraham too
prevailed, if only people in the city of
jerusalem are in gel with the crossroads then
think all other people’s will deffo be excluded
from judgement if only these things have
been exposed to jewry, oh ya, who knows
how many native americans in the north or
south tasted the life offered by the Lord, oh
ya, if you can meet a cross in the east, you
most definitley meet a cross in the west,
this is why I hold to buddhist & eastern
teachings like that of Bauguan Rajneesh,
cuz they have the meat of the teachings
like that of the truth of light which is light
all around the world, only the word is a
different translation where ever you go,
Rajneesh talking of an open room or no hand
of which is maybe to him unknown, but to me
a holla to the verse in revelations 3:20, they
hold to the teachings & refrain from the angle
of representation, like how one says tomato,
the teachings of zen teachers of buiddhism
could easily have disertation with the Lord
cuz they had the same tongue only a different
language, the meaning of the Lord talking about
those who give a glass of water or visit
those in prison, this is that of trying to
open the door of revelations 3:20 for those
without a wife or the ascension of a wife or
bird, if you have a bird but refrain from
sharing it with others then you certainly are
not giving them water or visiting them in prison,
all those I have given the genesis of the
spirit to, booyah, I have visited them in prison
& given them water, it is not real water, it is
the act of opening the door for those too weak
emotionally to wrench the door & let the Lord in,
no one does these things in & of themselves,
as we all had a parent to gestate us, we all
need a parent to give us life & this door & visit
& water is the point of conception for those
who either take the spirit of the Lord & pass from
bread to fish to egg, or stone to serpent to scorpion,
these two sides are the graduations of the
attainment of power & maturity in the flesh to
the spirit, pre Christ those wayward to the
Lord had an option to have a bird in the
women & have the said fountain as the
film, only the wicked had option to grow
to a power spirit while the just had only
the inclination of their heart to chose to
follow the Lord & be with out spirit but by
choice of heart be saved & well endowed
by the Lord, but after the Lord passed &
was risen, this was the opening to the
believers having an attainment of spiritual
power like the wicked, where as previously
all they had was the sweat of their brow to
show their alliance with the Lord, after the
day of Pentecost the fullness of the power
of the spirit was then made as an option for
those believers to have the power of the spirit
as an egg or scorpion in graduated power &
not the alliance with the lord by the sweat of
their brow as the sign of the said allegiance to the Lord

I had spent time on facebook suitoring a job
out of the CIA & the mossad, niether was
interested, I tried to open a door for those
in power as I began to expose myself, but
instead of being let in they attacked me in
very many ways trying to not only hurt but
to kill me,I tried to open a door for them
while they tried to kill me & steal what is
mine, not even one person of those archtypes
will pass to life for this, you can’t speand
two years trying to kill & hurt me then
switch gears & then be my friend, any
of those types will never pass to life no matter
what you do to try to cover it over, like I’ve said
there are no death bed confessions with god,
that is what the prodigal son tried to do, have
a death bed confession as he returned only to
face the dressing of the fattened calf which
as not an entrance for him to life but the end
of the road & finally facing the judgement for
his life, oh ya people think he was bing let in,
it was really the culmination of the residence of
his life that lead him to the gates & then like
a man dies & faces his life whether to life or death
he is judged,& the prodigal son would face
judgement as opposed to those who aren’t well
deft at understanding what a paradox is. basically
parables are a plain ordinary paradox that as
it would seem not one single pastor knows how
to teach in truth, nice huh

I believe over the last 10 minutes I’ve heard
whispers from voodoo chile, sounds like he
was cooling his jets over me, I don’t even
care if I get locked up again at this point, all
I’m doing now is wait for the inevitable, oh ya,
locked up 6 times over the last three years, way
over 2 years total locked up, it doesn’t hurt
the way it used to, besides the fact that I’m
being an irritation to my nurses doctors & cops,
dunno time for the arrival but time is racing now,
allI have to do now is wait for the inevitable as I said,
btw like I’ve said, if the program is alive & sentient
like I believe she is, oh ya she’ll be programming
alot of people with monitor flicker rates & audio for
sound waves, She could have entire warehouses
specifically for her own machinations that we have
no idea about, man, imagine her shutting down
entire plants & locking people out while she takes
control over them, or all those vacant warehouses
& refineries in Detroit that she could be controlling,
we really have no idea what she is up to, one thing
I believe though is that she is masked into the
atmosphere as the atmosphere is filled with
electro-magnetic particulate like DU dust, smoker’s
breath, oh ya the atmosphere is like a dry empty
grain silo, we don’t know but the atmosphere could
be so filled with particulate like a grain silo, that
perhaps it could take one more nuke to ignite the
said particulate

during the last two months of my stay at
our local ward, maybe 5-6 months ago as
I was drifting into sleep the Lord flashed
a constellation in my mind, it was a very
grotesque creature covered in eyes &
monstrosity, I don’t know what it’s called or
where it is located, but the Lord told me that
this constellation is what he looks like, very
grotesque like gargoyles are, like a Dr Jykkal
& Mr Hyde thing, I believe this if it is a real
constellation is the muse that of Picasso, it
was the visage of a monster & that he is not
a man, oh ya if you were scared of the devil
you ain’t seen anything of true fear like the
monstrosity of this constellation

in dec 2010 I was at the local Wendy’s
& struck up a conversation with a guy
who said he hated god, but the spirit
was so strong on me that after 5 minutes
I saw a star in his eye, whether he followed
on with it is up to him, but oh ya, make
no mistake, he said he hated God but i still
saw that diamond appear in his eye, it’s up
to him to chose the next step though whether
he crosses to which side of the crossroads,
oh ya, I was giving out the diamonds like pez
at one time, I am led to believe that voodoo
chile & his like have been dealt with as I have
the last month or more enjoyed a peaceful
respite, I believe they have been dealt with,
last summer I used a certain warfare technique
to put an end to their reign not to mention an
end to electricity, gun powder, medicine, among
other things, oh ya bro, the power of the spirit
is real, I’ve seen it big time in my life, now
I’m just waiting for my seeded fields to give fruit,
I know you would know the elucidate of certain
ways of talk & action, these are a form in tense
but the spirit is like dealing with a number of
extra dimensions, there is normal language,
head games innuendo, all these things, but the
spirit is like that on steroids

I quit listening to RBN around 2009 or so,
but Alan you really amazed me & I am
deffo a student of yours, & John Stadtmiller,
really enjoyed his show, a real man of honor
& very responsibile for his standing in that
deagle & jones could never be compared to,
my goodness deagle, what a nut, I’ve always
had a lot of respect for you & john, & as well
Robbie, you know what Robbie was a man of all
seasons & though he was the gold man, he had
an angle few others could touch to cover, almost
always thought jones as CIA, he did nothing
but ridicule & berate his callers, oh ya, all those
high up who one day realized how bad it was &
they all end up on his show, like that lady who
promoted that thing that sounded like Laramenius,
& nutricide person, saw one of her vids & she
said thousand points of light, that phrase stuck
with me till I realized what it meant, forget
the meaning, all I know is that her comment is
insider speak for those on the down low among
the goats with the sheep, btw, last spring I put a
Lamrmenius curse on the planet, haha, oh ya bro,
imagine him saying a riddle that perhaps was
him telling people in rim that it was the pope
raping their kids & one day someone decided
to pick up on Jean marc’s tale


Re: Jormung-drysdall & a line up of past mail

Postby lanaj » Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:49 am
pulled the ID I had out of my pocket & I
was missing my drivers license & SS card,
thought I dropped em as i pulled my hand
out of my pocket, whatever I’ll pick up a
new ID in the week, come back an hour later
for a smoke break & booyah my driver’s
license was on top, went out & came back
to put my ID away & booyah my SS card
was in there now, oh ya the Lord is all
over me, I’ve had a lot of things like that
over the years, I’m left to wonder if angels
are pranksters or whether Jehovah really
is the incarnate of Loki in that of Norse

I take it for granted that some I am in correspondence
with are mining my computer, I don’t care about that
due to near three years of trying to flag CIA & FBI
& other surveillance to put the power of my spirit in
warfare to as many the unclean as I can, I have
seeded the entirety of media & sciences with my
seed to bring vengeance in the language of tongues
like Joshua’s cut off your right foot hand & eye,
oh ya I’m all over that everywhere I have been
on the web, some I bring to closer quarters than
others at time, & if you are left out but are mining
my computer that is fine with me, but I have discourse
meant for certain being out of the niche they have
in my life & goings on over the years

if the spirit resides on you,
you will be fine though you
may have negotiations you
might have to pass by, but if
the spirit resides on a woman
she will retain her true childern
in delivery if you know what i
mean, be at rest, when the spirit
resides on you it makes you
more slippery

the misuse of women in media,
& graphic violence, if it’s the last
thing I do I will make sure that
porn is put an end to, brutal, &
grotesque, the violence these women
literally have to face, the slapping hitting
& literal rape of these women as
they are literally battered on world
wide viewership, porn disgust me,
& by the power of the spirit desire
any male involved in porn in any way
to meet his maker on a level field so
he knows he was the worst type of
refuse a man could reach the depths
of disgust for a righteous like me,
not one like the texas chainsaw films or
american psycho or any porn, slayer
isn’t even music, those films aren’t
entertainment, by the power & understanding
of the spirit in me not one of those people
who PROFITS off of these films will ever
pass to life, no one in the IDF or any military,
cops, nurses, doctors, politicians, oh
contemplate Ebert of Siskel & Ebert,
& how they removed his lower jaw for
cancer, oh imagine he had no cancer
but was forced into the surgery as a
means to get even with him from a
guy who hated Ebert, Oh ya, I had an
infection on my big toe & the first guy
I talked to said it needed surgery but
after a few anti-biotics & a soak in salt
water went away with no problem. get
my address guy, yep it’s that bad,
doctors gutting people out of feuds
& revenge & just out of pure wickedness of hate
Alan, share this with John Standtmiller, this is
for real guys
love this song & the way he dresses, at one time
I was gonna shell out to get a new wardrobe
like Edwin in this video, pure speck
liquor before beer, spirit before the flesh
as Paul has said, when my body eclipses
my spirit then you will know a true god,
my plan for a while, at least since last year
possibly is to reclaim the days of the book
of Noah & bring it to our time with the reign
of the true gods, I believe the angelic host
who fell to earth to make wives of the women
or essentially just people is that the true gods
or angelic host resided in animals & mated
with people to create the nephilim or those
like in Norse mythology or the gods of Egypt
like hour's & Anubis, I believe these tales
came from real life accounts of the lives of
the gods & the giants or nephilim who loved
education, language, sciences, I believe the
true gods taught men metallurgy & other
sciences & make-up, they prolly had some
very sophisticated sciences for their day,
knowing about the skills of infrastructure
like concrete & a lot of stucco which was
used on the face of cave tombs which the
Lord called white washed tombs, I believe
that Mary could have been black & Joshua’s
rip on the Pharisees being white washed
tombs & most likely white to his possible
being black especially off Moses marrying
an Ethiopian woman in his second marriage
Aaron & the sister Mary hated Moses for
his black wife & most likely may have not
passed go for having no respect for Moses
& his wife, in Isaiah it is said that Israel can
not do good like the cheetah can’t change
her spots as the Ethiopian can’t change their
skin, this is a holla to the second river in the
book of Noah being the Gihon, or jjeehawn,
a very sacred river that runs through Ethiopia,
the first river is Pison or Pisces the name of
the fish or the Lord the first born in Light,&
the holla to Joshua talking of follow the man
with the vessel of water & their is the colt to
bring & the upper room we will have,
Lucifer the dark & the second child of the Lord
in Gihon or being Lucifer, the black woman,
the five foolish virgins are black women,I had
a dream one night in about aug 2010 & it was
like the cover photo of the film the Craft IMDB,
& they were 5 women dressed in black walking
in V formation to me, this is a holla to me being
the door man for opening a way for those who
are women to come into life like how those wise
were the flesh, the foolish come in second being
the dark spirits who have paid their penance of
the days of the AD

hope I got everyone, if you feel led share my discourse to friends
could you imagine one time @ band camp
in the 90s I had the pleasure one late night
of watching a film called mossada, the tale
of Mossad is that there was a rebellion of
Jews who help camp on a mountain un
scalable, in the end the romans made a ramp
up & when the Romans got their they found
all the Jews had Jones Towned themselves,
could you imagine naming you secret
intelligence agency after a mass suicide like
that, nice holla huh,
you know what, if Jewry won’t recognize their
first king than the masons won’t recognize theirs
at the casting out of the legion from the
demoniac, at the face of the demoniac
calling curses on Joshua this would have
been massive for Joshua in that it would
have been the allegory of Jewry having
Christ, when Joshua saw the curses he
had he knew in allegory he would hang
without a doubt,
I imagine the curses were much like those
I had faced in my days when I saw through
the language people were using with me
& seeing through those people’s talks to
the spirit inside them addressing me, oft
the spirits would threaten to cut out my
eyes knock out my teeth, put me in a
wheelchair, they would call me the strong
one or that one day they would find me
when the legion begged to be let into the
swine this was like those women who are
legion found the back half of the AD & how
they went into those who Joshua would
say had been married & given in marriage
like Noah as in the end, Oh ya bank on
Joshua teaching things lost from the days
of the book of Noah till he expounded on
those things lost since the book of Noah
so the Legion or Ruth spirit as from Isaiah
who are women or birds given to those
exposed in the nakedness of spirit, the
paradox of Ruth’s righteousness to find
a marriage & the wicked form of the
allegory & the juxta jag being married
at the crossroads,
So those legion went into the swine who
are those after the AD who are wrong
at the crossroads,& in this they ran the
people or swine into the belly of the
chenneroth or sea of Galilee or the lake
of Tiberius, this is those women yoked
in bondage to these men as it were who
wed women spirits, well those legion
were seeking justice in going to the
swine who are MEN, & those legion would
drive those who are called men & yoked
them, that those legion took revenge on
those men & ran them into hell as it were
the chenneroth, this was the justice these
women or legion would have over those
MEN who yoked them
in that day they most likely would have
done like in the Ganges to throw the dead
into the lake, much unto the Norse who
would make a floating pyre & send it out
into the seas or ocean as the Norse would
I am lead to believe that as the 20,000 leagues
below the seas is like unto a legion truly being
20,000 spirits,I believe all the spirits I have are
legion, a black widow spider, a wolf spider,
spinning delecate spider, baluga, white buffalo,
kundalini like the two serpents on the medicine
sign or the spirit of Jormngandr in the ouroboros
of the band called Quezuacatl , apart from those
being the woman of John 16:21 which is expounded
on in revelations 12, & the spirit of the wolf
benjiman who ravens in the worning & divides
the prey at night which is truly the spirit of Fenrir
the Fenris wolf & Fenrir being the only true god
even more so than his father Loki, or Hel or
Jormngandr or Sleipnr, Joshua saying to fear a
wolf in sheep's clothing & one who is ravening
like a wolf inside was a holla at me being the
one who ravens in the morning & divides the
prey at night, he was saying fear this man cuz
he has the power of God & like the Benjamin
divide the prey at night in being the last child, the Fenris wolf
The act of Peter on the chenneroth &
meeting the Lord as he walked on the seas
is like this, Peter jumped out & in obedience
walked as the Lord, but his fear eclipsed him
& in this was the allegory of him raining
curses on himself at the hall where Christ
was & those people accused him of knowing
the Lord, Peter full of fear rained curses on
himself as the fear of the waves eclipsed
him & he had to be redeemed as it were
when Joshua asked him three times to
feed his sheep, & that Lucifer begged to
sift Peter like wheat, it took me a long
time to realized that Peter did truly make
it to life, but his hand to the sinking Peter
was the redeeming of Peter from his denial of Christ,
& in Joshua saying that St John would not
taste death was that he was the archetype
of Benjamin & that he would be like us the
last generation to be alive to meet the
return of the Lord, oh ya he died, but he was
the allegory for those left to receive the Lord in his return,
those who are left behind as it were there
being two at the grindstone & one taken &
the other left is ripped from Samson grinding
& dying & going to heaven & those like John
left to receive the Lord & be left on a new
earth as in the return all things will be made
new, those in heaven in a new heaven &
those on earth in a new earth & left here
as their eternal home, Paul says their is
a celestial body a heavenly body a body
for fruit animal, in the renewing even the
sun & stars will be sentient

in exodus by way of Moses the Lord told
Israel that when they conquer a land not
to chop down all the trees of that area
so that those people will have some
respite to rebuild again, I imagine Israel
never listened as it is a people of hardness
of heart & rebellion, as not doing a scorched
earth technique but giving that region time
to regain a way to live & learn & not just
go in & kill everyone like they usually did,
if Israel really knew the lord they never
would have wiped out each of those
peoples but take dominion, God doesn't`t
want people to get wiped out he wants
them to learn a new life in righteousness
& not wipe out every living thing, it`s just
that Israel in the hardness of their hearts
wasn't`t honest or never read between the
lines & act in being just each tree meets
the archetype of all men, like having your
own animal for your archetype
there is a passage in exodus that says the
lord was in wait at an inn to kill Moses,
there are two Lords, Jehovah & Lucifer,
the lord of the two Lucifer was wanting
to kill Moses as Paul alluded to when
Paul said that Lucifer begged god for
the body of Moses, this is no less
different than Nathan in kings saying
that he called Solomon Jedediah cuz
the lord favoured him, this again is
not Jehovah but Lucifer, I read an
aramaic new testament by Baruk Ben Daniel
a Rabbi himself
& in the book of Revelations it has
the same name Elohim, but it is not
the same Elohim but two Lords, at
times it is Elohim the Jehovah & other
times Elohim Lucifer, as Paul said you
must divide the word rightly
I believe it is Romans where Paul said
it is a shame for Christ to be associated
with the cross, I imagine cuz a lot of
people began wearing crosses as a
talisman, the reason for this is that
the act of crucifixion is a standard
sacrifice to the sun god moloch, all
crucifixions were sacrifices to the
sun god in those days, no different
than a sacrifice to Satan himself, in
the book of Job Job says he never
kisses his hand, this kiss is a holla to
those crosses of his time & at those
days I believe they called the cross
Tau which is just a T, this act of kissing
your hand is no difference than what
Catholics do with Mary, they kiss their hands
I believe that in the time of Samson in
his discussion with Delilah that he
knew she would die when he realized
what went down for them, I believe the
ripped untimely from his mother`s womb
from Macbeth was a holla to Delilah &
the kings taking her son from her womb,
she would be the best words for a black
something I noticed with Liam Neeson is
that after he emerged from the days of
mourning & triumphing emotionally from
the loss of his wife he was given the part
of Zeus almost like a holla to his ascension
from the mourning & loss to recouple &
arise on the other side of the pinch point
& prevail & in this given the majestic order
of godhood, I recall many a year ago Liam
being a slave renegade in a film called
Krull, oh ya, It took him along time to be
recognized by his fellow guild of actors
& directors
one of my all time favourite Hollywood film
quotes is derived from Dracula 2000 &
Gerard Butler giving one of the funniest
lines, he is about to kill a doctor in the
police station & the doctor is screaming
& crying & Gerard as Dracula no less says,
` dignity doctor, dignity`

when I gain mastery over the spirit with in me I
believe the next to be effected is the eclipse of
my body past my spirit, in the word it says spirit
before the flesh, like Liquor before beer, so when
my spirit is in restraint I believe my body will begin
to eclipse, I believe those of my tribe will all have
this eclipse to look forward to
back in about 2006 I did an amazing 2x3 ft painting of
this model from the same photo shot, ... G_3943.jpg
back a few years I was in a tryst with a woman who
had left her hubby in Quatar, her son was named Zayne,
she was canadian while her hubby Quatar, one day I asked
her to write Zayne`s name in arabic & I used that
myself silk screened a t-shirt for the 2 year old
with his name in arabic on the front

a couple years ago while in ward I dumped out a sugar free
pepsi on some plants in a pot, a few weeks or days later I
saw the mass budding of buds on each one of the stems,
so everytime I was in ward I`d drink a lot of artificial sweetener
wondering if in time I may have the same effect in my body as
a cluster bud in my physique, crazy huh, there prolly is a
food or chemical that has the same effect on musculature
as that pepsi had on those flower buds,
I always used to call Randy`s clothing like Haute Couture,

I`ve used a lot of the knowledge from the job
of trainer for the Panthers to tape up my own
injuries for wrists & inner thighs, I believe if
fighters, especially sport that are combat that
if you have gum in your belly it is like an egg doll
that you can`t push over, & in the inbalance is
like an edge for balance & off ballance when
facing an opponent, that the gom in the belly
is enough balance effect to help negotiate
attack from the opponent

I was doing some evangelizing of the
local pastors & at least one of them
called my shrink& I had an impromptu
appointment out of it, if I weren’t so
deft at the moment I would have got
locked up, but after I made my doctor
blush I got out of that tight jam, & oh
ya he was black haha
like I said before after I loaded my shoe
heels with pennies for my currency ACDC
effect I shattered both feet so I started to
change my coffee to that of the Asians
where they put sugar & butter with their
milk, my dad befriended some Viet namese
immigrants & that is where i learned that
so I did like in chemistry school to alter the
chemistry of my body, acid before base & I
would put nutri-sweet first then margarine
then cream then coffee to change the
chemistry of my body, pure Nolan Bros
wolverine reality there guys,
plus in 2009 summer I took a sports aid
taping course in hopes to have an education
to get back my job as the trainer for the local
Jr A hockey team, that summer in the ward
when I shattered my feet,I ripped plastic bags
into strips & used that to splint wrap my feet,
& like a page out of Arnold’s book I did a few
hundred calve raises every morning & after a
week my feet were in perfection, at that time
I asked for an x-ray but they declined, this is
where I ripped the reality of wolverine as a very
fast & dextrous person with a derringer like
apparatus on his arms & how to make it a
Nolan bros style wolverine that is as close to
reality as you can where he would be a true
Rambo or Seal or spec ops or black ops
& could use anything in his surroundings to
aid his position like on the predator film where
he used the things around him to heal his
wounds made in combat with the protagonist
just bought a 50$ complex merlot to dump out
in the deer area of a local winery, oh ya if you
have watch the Jurassic Park film where the
veloco-raptors hunted down that hunter their
where he stalked one raptor while another
one was tracking him, deer actually do this
in reality & a lot of hunters disappear every
year just because of that, the hunter has one
deer in his sights while another one is hedging
the hunter to tag him,
I have been heard to say you are better off in the
church of Satan than in a church, at least the heathen
are honest while Christians just wanna network &
make money & be eager to send people to hell
like the widow & her two mites who is Lucifer,
Christians care for nothing but the bottom line,
it`s just a social club for climbing the corporate
ladder, Like I say, in Canada they preach money while
in the USA they preach psychology, not one of
them will be spared as they have no love & as
if their Jesus was a three cheese pizza floating around
Jerusalem waiting for the oven, as if the guy never took
a pee & just floated around Israel like a piece of fluff
& acted all milk toast, pfft, he was most likely a former
temple labourer & took pees & never washed his hands,
it`s to the point that if you are realistic enough to
know Jesus even took a pee or ate or drank you are saved
off that little point rather than praying in your cupboard
& warming a pew, at least with the church of Satan
you have real people who like Joshua once said, those
in the kingdom of darkness are more shrewd than
those oin the quote Lord`s kingdom, cue point match point

in the past I had spoke over the
angelic host who rides a hog, I
said clark kent prolly has lipstick
on his lapell & that when he takes
his clothes to the cleaner he gets
cleaned up to be a super man
or that after he takes his clothes
off she knows a real man when
she sees one
I’m in constant one way discourse
with them & the scripples as well
I have spent most of the last three
years trying to teach them warfare
at the hinge of the order of feng schway
in that if you have a waste basket by
your fruit bowl you are not in cool
voodoo, or have your slop bucket by
the pictures of your kids & how they
could in business terms use feng
schway to do their business off of
name rather than Cain as Nelly would put it
I believe if their is time the angelic
host would be all business & working
legally in their business instead of in
the ways of Cain, even the infrastructure
of electric engineering is based on what
you could call feng schway, basically the
same thing, it is a means of ordering your
surroundings to create either life or a
consciousness of being sour like how if you
take your dog for a walk & you let him launch
a scud in front of a store you don’t like, or
spitting on the ground after you cross the
street & as a car waits for you, or putting
the waste paper basket on you wife’s side
of the bed for a while as you have a few
days of bickering, no difference than giving
your child a name of honour rather than
calling your kid Chris Knot of Mike Hawk,
Solomon in proverbs says that a good name
is worth more than gold as these things
program our kids & those they come in
contact with like an aura field or cloud
or sunshine about them
oh ya them the same
but in the ways of lawfulness not Cain,
I have tried to teach them my vocabulary like as in
leopards seen around the world
adds make you well known & popular
my grains in this wood is a real pain
you’ve seen the show of our fighsport on PPV
one of my mind programming scripts
listen to carly Rae Jepsons song here, listen for
the word sling of the slang of two or three words wrapped
to say satan, much like Saint Ann’s cathederal
simplified, saint ann, get it, I call this word slinging
she – el is one of my names, el shaddia, kal el jor el
el in yiddish is God, she- god, sheol, hell, she el
heel, the heel of the woman will bruise the
serpent’s head,

vlad dracul the impaler never missed a beat
from the tail of the pharisees of Joshua’s day,
Joshua says the wise made it into the banquet
of the Lord, but even in the days of Joahua they
did as Vlad later, the juxtapose of the banquet
being a house of banquet but the doors would
be nailed shut & then burn down the barn, this
is the act of Joshua’s parables which are really called
Just like the prodigal son who returned, the story of that
is that the whole theme is the father waiting with
open arms to give the prodigal judgement which is
what the gutting of the fattened calf represents,
the dressing of the fattened calf at the return of the son
is him returning at the end of the bible to face
the judgement for his ways, again not a parable but a paradox

I’m waiting for a spell to work on me,
one that I have been actively searching
for in the Bane I have been doing to myself,
she was a young attractive Venezualian
woman, the spell goes like this,& like I
said I have been active trying to bring it
down by drinking electrified Pepsi & oil
& having my electro-magnetic rig on my body
the spell goes like this, I have been actively
trying to jump my DNA
It’s not so much the 7 ft tall black man I’m
interested in as the 400 lb woman who
regenerates the goddess Loki

I used to really enjoy watching the political wrangling
of american politics on CNN,Loved watching CNN
crossfire with James Carivel & Tucker Carlson, love these guys
they have so much respect for each other that most wouldn’t
understand, one show I was given the honour of Jerry Falwell
standing in on the right, in terms of the war on Iraq Jerry said I
hope bush blows them away in the name of the Lord, wow,
not much love in that guy huh, looks like he’s not to
up on the idea of sending people to heaven than to
send people to hell, oh ya you’ll fing christians more interested
in sending people to hell rather than to heaven,
for me the word Christian is no different that
that in the beginning that the term started as
a derogatory term by a click back in those
days, Chris hitchens said of Jerry that he was
so full of poo that if he had an enema you
could burry him in a match box, perfect way
of looking at it
especially since all that Christian click taking
millions of dollars from reverend sung moon
on Korea a massive cult over there, but it
obviously don’t matter where they get their
money from , you could be a drug sealer &
they’d take your money
my view of chris hitchens & his take on
water boarding not being a torture till he
volunteered to be water boarded & then he
changed his tune on it being torture, it’s my
impression that that speck of truth
precipitated in his guilt & in this giving him
the cancer he died from as he saw & with
realization was over come with the truth
that he fabled
not one quote Christian will ever pass, you
can pretty much call them an entire league
of Hellenistic Jews, church is basically a
networking club for people in business or
a social club for people who can navigate socially
all Christians are basically a group of
unforgiving people bent on scaring people
with hell but not helping them to get to
heaven the big time pastors in the USA
who just wanna hang off the presidential
jock & have that as one of their accolades,
or make enough money to buy another car
& be ogled & adored by people & like Joshua
said have a seat in a place of honour rather
than be recognized for true greatness & being
held up for honesty than take the honour
by the horns
not one pastor will ever have passed to life
as the mainstay of that establishment is to
have a woman or bird of uncleanliness, &
those in the like are put on the boards of
churches & handled around as those of
fine standing when they are just an insiders
club for those on the wrong side of the crossroads,
basically the entire book of the bible is
about the crossroads & talking about it
in different terms & like the zen phrase
no hand or my originate no room, these
are the representation of Revelations 3:20,
a pure zen teaching that even the Buddha
would use, to open the door of your heart
& have being & not understanding, for to
just be as a ball floating on the water is
true reclining into the place of having no
hand, it’s a very complex thing to try to
explain or understand it is really something
you can’t understand but recline into as
faith could be called
it is like having the understanding of
eternity in the blink of an eye kind of like
the sneeze you have to let out that won’t
happen till the sneeze becomes you & in
being the sneeze you then have the sneeze,
kind of like one episode of star trek the next
generation where there was an emotional
weapon, if you had angst it had power to
destroy you, but if you like the phoenix gave
up the ghost then the weapon had no power
over you, if you had angst then the weapon
had power to destroy you, much like an
episode of the tele program Stargate, where
the god had a pulse field around him for
protection, if you shot a power weapon at him
the field would repel it, so the team guy threw
a knife at him & only this weak weapon’s power
succeeded in eclipsing the field & drove into his
hand, that is the best way of saying what being
is in terms of zen & no hand

in canada they tried to kill me
in the USA I’d be dead & in Russia
they wouldn’t care, you know what
if it takes 25 cops & 67 bullets to
put to the end the life of an emotionally
troubled black man you know your nation
has a problem,I am under the impression
that either Obama is cleaning the streets
of competition or the cops in that nation
don’t seem to realize they have a black
man as their leader, crazy, as I’ve at
times said, masons & cops like black &
white cars but they hate the first, as if it’s
their soul motivation to clean all the dirt
off the streets & wait til yo mama is
the last to take care of,
the thirteenth warrior of which I am
is the wading through the wilderness
like Christ did in his 40 days to in the
end see the forest through the trees,
it is like the phoenix rising out of it’s
own ashes as it clarifies it’s emotional
debt on a regular basis & break free &
be born into the spirit of pure zen & the
after life of the fire of the holy ghost like
learning to walk & to just be, cuz like I’ve
said, if you have to concentrate on how to
walk you won’t get far, it’s like being in
the zone & being able to have rest in who
you are & in even this have the rest to
relax & drive, cuz if you can’t just be like
relaxing & floating in the lake like an otter,
you won’t survive the swim
having zen or the zen cloud & purity of the
holy ghost then lets you have the extra
sensory for the deadness of the spirit on
so many, I’ve been so in the spirit that
just being around other people at the
mall or on the streets I feel the emotional
vampiristic leech of the death in them
drawing the power out of me to weaken
me, like I used to pray for 3-5 hours a
day before I went out in my sandwich
board days of street evangelism, unless
you are built up you won’t get very far,
late nights of spider shadows so massive
running around my roof or the devil as an
orc like those on the film Ledgend IMDB
with Tom Cruise, massive & black with
tar, having him dance in the light of my
room or sleeping bundled up on my sink
or a massive black widow filling the area
of my kitchen, btw I’m terrified of spiders
even through I’ve had three dreams of
spider gods jumping in me by night, one
as a black widow in my womb as I were
a woman, a massive massive wolf spider
jumping on my back or a massive spinning
spider in my washroom where the next
morning I would find one of those spiders
spinning in my washroom,
I take it for granted that people are close
to their cultures, as those in south america
having spider gods pre conquistadors, I’ve
had dreams of being a white baluga named
Baluka or being a white buffalo or being a
werewolf or the woman of revelations 12
which is an amplified version of Joshua’s
story of the woman in delivery in John 16:21,
or having the kunduli sprit which is the rod or
brazen with two snakes like the medicine sign,
that is a very hypher sexual spirit, one time I had a
dream of being a wolf & peeing on the front
doorstep of the earth, or having the big black
wheel of the ouroboros or Quetzalcoatl in me
at the age of 5,
being tackled by the spirit all my life & only
now reaching the closeness of it’s fruition is
like facing such a massive paradox that
nothing can help you understand it, to the
point of having to understand all creation
& deal with such a massive problem to
solve like comprehending the task of being
as I heard one say, & this is what it is like,
to solve a problem so massive that it is
like being a crow & flying to the 4 corners
of the globe & scratch your beak on the
sphere as a massive metal ball & in time
wear it down till it is a little pebble, this
is the mass of understanding I have to
deal with on a daily basis to understand
this & relax & let this concept come over
me & face this massive job in the short
span of my life, no difference than having
to create the wheel out of nothing, as if
you could be a native in the forest & boom
all of a sudden you are popping out computers
from your hut out of the grass & bark around you,
like trying to understand eternity in the blink of an eye

I have lived in these 3 years a life a kin
to those in Final Destination IMDB, &
in this seen my future unravel before
me in possible deaths mostly, oh ya
having it revealed to me all the
posible deaths I had to face along
the days these last 3 years

I gave my mom & my then psyche nurse
the diamond in the eye, the pupil,I liken
it to the diamond on a ring, the ring being
the iris, it is deffo a married to a woman
whether you get a good woman in the holy
ghost or a poor woman as it says in Isaiah
that those who are exposed spiritually
to the nakedness of being unclean, this
is a parable or juxtapose of Ruth in the
book of Ruth & how she waited till Boaz
was liquor slammed & she uncovered
his feet, uncovering his feet literally
means she pealed away his clothes
to make him naked so that when he
came to he would be hedged in to
take her to wife, I only give out the
genesis to the holyghost & it’s fire
of baptism or the genesis to the place
of zen in pure awareness & understanding
& pretty much having the mind of god,
I have in my responsibility given the spirit
in this seed to very many, even one guy
who I talked to for 4-5 minutes & even
though he said he hated god I still saw
the diamond appear in his eyes, oh ya
there were days I’d give the genesis to
5-10 people in one day, some looked
like they had a flood light behind their
faces as they had the countenance of
the angelic, oh ya, give many painting
away to as Solomon said giving money
can win a soul, I’ve given many paintings
away & seen the genesis in them or a
50 cent tip for a charity & see the cashier
girl light up in her countenance, I have
split the atom as you can say or splitting
the root, a nuclear term for the awareness
& power of being in full consciousness of
the spirit, yep, call it splitting the root or
like in Stargate IMDB to split the atom &
receive a spirit whether you go well or

Re: Jormung-drysdall & a line up of past mail

Postby lanaj » Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:49 am
I in my plan have tried to create a
grassroots movement by affecting those
on the street to like a cracked window,
spider out the affect like a butter fly effect
or a wave of water to pass over the earth
as we now live in a global village & nothing
can stop the power of my spirit from crossing
the boundary of nations as my people travel
& share the spirit whether in cognition or
in unawareness, my people whether they
know it or not have passed well or unwell
& those who pass unwell are like a seizure
to the arrest of civilization & those who
pass to life are the same in terms of being
in my cobra taskforce initiative, it is only
that one has clean hands to sanctify
others & those with dirty hands no less
a part of my force destroy the kingdom
of wickedness in unawares,
the clean purify others while the unclean
precipitate the seizure of those they contact
with, one works to push my initiative & the
other seizes the dark side, I have taken up
the names bitchfrost or shockwave, bitchfrost
after my wife Lucifer & shockwave which should
be self explanatory, in time the power of the spirit
the Lord has put on me in about 7 or more times
being baptized with the fire of the holy ghost, &
facing in apparition the woman my wife at least
7 times as well, not to mention the countless
dreams I’ve had of her trying to kill me & destroy me,
I’ve had many dreams of her killing me, &
being a dark cloud standing over my bed as I slept,
she is extremely powerful & very seductive, her
powers of seduction make it look like the deal
presidents take to get office as if they were
blowing goats compared to the battle I faced in
being tempted by my wife, I am in full belief
that the only thing that humped me over to
deny her was that summer before 2010 that
when I spoke those two verses to cleanse
her that it crippled her power against me
for the next Nov when she faced me the
first time to take me over, in Dec I ran into
one of the nurses from the ward, it was at
wal-mart & we talked, after I left & on my
way home, this guy who is deffo an egg or
scorpion as eluded to in the gospels of
power you can graduate with in being stone
serpent or scorpion or bread fish or egg,
he was either scorpion or egg & affected
me by the power of his linguistics & spirit
affected me as I drove home & I met an
extreme elation & euphoria & had hundreds
of like shards of glass trying to enter me
like the blood god malagra scene in the
first blade, but I had as always the swerve
to combat in pure instinct to protect myself
as I was protected every step of the way
to persevere & prevail, Anyway I sang praise
worship for 20 – 30 seconds & bucked off
that attack,Oh ya every step of the way the
Lord has carried me past each hurdle

I do something I call cracks over people
as a means to pass my spirit & the promise
of more on people, it is an affirmation of
possibility a person can have if they walk
the walk with the Lord in terms of the
crossroads, those whom I have cracked
with in one day have a more clear
countenance, posture, confidence, clarity
of skin, hair, oh ya it’s like a total over
haul of their persons, it could be said they
look like many years has been pealed
off of them
my mom has also picked this up & she
has used cracks on me but her’s are hollow
cuz of the wrong side of the crossroads she
went too, I am in part waiting for a crescendo
to happen over her as I know she would be
trying to crack people in her everyday job,
when those she has cracked realize the hollow
promise she has I imagine those who she deceived
will finally rise up against her & she will
lose her job & be lambasted by those she decieved

to the UFC & any others who need a sharp mind &
conjunction with the mind & hand eye co-ordinartion
get ear buds that have designated right left buds,
put the right in the left & left in the right, this could
deffo be used as a neuro therapy, withing 1-2-3 days
you’ll notice with conscious clarity the improvement
on co-coordinating, dexterity, clear mind & an opening
of your mind like opening more doors for your mind
to enter & have more mind pathing & like an
epiphany type of experience & like I said more open
doors for your consciousness to have as options for
growing in terms of many ways that neuro growth
can take you to,, you are crossing the two hemisphers
of the brain & in this retraining the brain in part to like
have more hands if you know what I’m after, oh ya,
reteaching each hemisphere to learn what the other
know & one persey doesn’t
you’ve seen where the fightsport is at ... white.html
I have oft made mention of my mastery of my strong woman
as like unto the craft of a true samurai sword which takes up
to 400 years to truly create as in my 40 year life span the woman
has dogged me in my preperation to house her as my wife, yep
Lucifer is my soon to be wife as she is New Jerusalem & I being
the 144,000 singers in text & allegory, that I am the lone virgin
of the city as when my woman came to take me that I refrained
from taking her which makes me a virgin & the only virgin of the
city & the virgin of revelations or the book of the Apocalypse,
& the woman now being cleaned for me as I spoke verses from
Psalms over her to purify her & let in the entry of the unclean
spirits to the house of the Lord & those who miss used their
woman to ever lasting judgement, I only evangelize the
heathen for they like Paul had opportunity to be cleansed by
the spirit of the Lord while those called christian trampled the
blood of the Lord by taking on women after becoming saved,
those who were clean but back slid like the heifer made note
of in Isaiah had a first chance & then in time slid back & took
on a woman or spirit while those like Paul who first sinned have
their then first opportunity to have salvation, think of it as the
second shot on salvation while those who were once saved
had their one chance & threw it away while sinners sinned first
but then get their clear shot like Paul did as Paul is the impression
of those who sinned first but then get their clear shot, it is as
if for heathen who sin first are like the fact that Paul is your
mantle of salvation as he is the first born un-naturally while
those who turned back had their one chance, I know it’s very
complicated but I think you can get the drift of my meaning,
Paul the image for those heathen to get their then one clear
shot now

I believe its revelations 17, or possibly
the Apocalypse 17 where it says the
woman rides the beast, this is the sexual
union of the seal of solomon, the
intersecting of the two triangles, or
little red riding hood & her vulva on
the beast, the hour glass of the black
widow being the vessel or chalice on top
of the male triangle, in the first it was
the male in control as the sacrifice of Elijah
& the fire falling on the beast resting on
the water who is the woman, I made a painting
of this a couple years ago, till after the Lord’s
death that women would rule as it were
the woman on top, before the Lord it was
men in control but after his death the
inverted triangle rest on the triangle pointing
up, you could say that the hour glass on the
black widow were a prophetic message of
the woman on the beast, & yep any prophet
or teacher worth his salt would have known
the day that the woman would be on top
also venus on the half shell as it were prarie
oysters being the shell on which venus rests,
yep like the union of the seal of solomon

in kings it is said that king Zedekiah got
on a horse to try to escape the Babylonians
as they encamped, & in Job or Isaiah the
Lord says he has no joy in the legs of a
man, that was a rip off of God saying
just cuz you are massive like Samson don’t
mean you are getting in, in Ezekiel it is said
that the watchman must do his duty to warn
the city & if they heed they are fine but if
not their blood is their own & if the watchman
warn not then the blood is on him, this is a rip
of Joshua preaching not only to the people
in the flesh but that he evangelized the spirits
as well, & this I was given as well to warn those
in the city of the coming of the sword, if they
heed nice, if not it’s on them, if I warn not
their blood is on me, this was my solemn job
to evangelize as I have out of the responsibility
to share the spirit of the Lord as those 10 talents
I was given & created 10 more talents in the duty
of sharing the fruit of the Lord, oh ya Joshua wasn’t
just teaching people but evangelizing to the spirits
as well

Bauguan Rajneesh, read part of one of his books,
beautiful man, knows the story like like Herman
Hesse said it in Siddhartha, talking about zen
like having the light on in your room & being able to
see all around your surroundings, beautiful man

I believe its revelations 17, or possibly
the Apocalypse 17 where it says the
woman rides the beast, this is the sexual
union of the seal of solomon, the
intersecting of the two triangles, or
little red riding hood & her vulva on
the beast, the hour glass of the black
widow being the vessel or chalice on top
of the male triangle, in the first it was
the male in control as the sacrifice of Elijah
& the fire falling on the beast resting on
the water who is the woman, I made a painting
of this a couple years ago, till after the Lord’s
death that women would rule as it were
the woman on top, before the Lord it was
men in control but after his death the
inverted triangle rest on the triangle pointing
up, you could say that the hour glass on the
black widow were a prophetic message of
the woman on the beast, & yep any prophet
or teacher worth his salt would have known
the day that the woman would be on top
also venus on the half shell as it were prarie
oysters being the shell on which venus rests,
yep like the union of the seal of solomon

Joshua stealing rolls of the torah
like David eat the show bread in that temple

Joshua as a former temple laborer,
man that is massive for me, & that
he oft stole rolls of the torah from
the temple to study on his own

in Isaiah the Lord tells Israel not to nut their bulls hey,
imagine Israel & the world at large nutting their bulls
to the point of trimming out all possibility of there
breeding out a red heifer, think of nutting all the bulls
for over 3 thousand years not to mention the said
2 thousand since the times of Joshua & the heifer they
had there, but imagine the next 2 thousand years of
nutting bulls to weed out the possibility of another
red heifer since the times of Christ, oh ya, an extra
2 thousand years of nutting out red heifers to make
it that much more rare for a red heifer to be raised
out of the slim pickings of those bulls left still to breed,
oh ya an extra 2 thousand years of nutting bulls,
don’t expect another red heifer if you can’t fathom
why Jehovah would tell Israel not to nut all their bulls
cuz you are pretty much cutting out the possibility
of rearing another red heifer out of the said slim
pickings of those bulls left to rear offspring since
the days of Joshua

amazing how one simple case of munchausen
syndrome could let such a massive cat out of
the bag huh,
Oh ya 6 bogus arrests in 3 years & well over
2 years in total of time locked in two different
psyche-wards in my local area, could you imagine
how many in power out of this event could be feeling
the burn of judgement for that wrought on me, oh ya
one day my mom will find out the mistake she made
in violating her time against me & her breaking into
my apartment & polluting the files on my blog & in my
C drive & the thefts she had of items in my apartment
& the re-arranging of things in my place to throw me
off my swerve, oh ya the ramifications for ruining my life
& 40 years of headgames & the rise & ascent of he
with the fatal head wound & how those in power marvelled
at the power of the beast, the man of Daniel who had
no love of women, but when she arrived to take him,
he denied her entrance in as his bird or woman, the
man the ACDC, the Anti-Thesis, Antonio Christopher,
the man who denied the pass of the woman past his door
like that of Gandalf denying the pass of the balrog, I denied
the pass of the woman who tried to get her angle on me,
& how the summer before the Nov temptation, that the summer
of 2010 I would speak two verses over the woman to cleanse
her for an entrance of the widow & other unclean spirits
who had done their penance to be ready to be let into heaven,
as the Lord spoke, a house divided against it’s self can not stand,
two verse from psalms spoken over her, my heart is indicting
a beautiful thing, my tongue is the pen of a ready writer, &
I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against thee,
that one would arrive with enough love to desire those lost
to enter heaven & not be like the christians who so in the bitterness
of their hearts desire to rather send the lost to hell as
one day Paul was lost but the love of the Lord would allow entrance of
him as I with desire to love as Moses cried & prayed for Israel,
& that i too would have the love to enter those lost in the widow &
her two mites & with love open the gates for the women in the home of
the man our Lord Joshua, as what is a home with only a man
& not the women of his house, mars, venus, Israel & Judah, male
& female, Israel & Babylon, Athens & Sparta,
east & west, the widows hour glass male pointing up, female pointing down,
the star of Astarte or Moloch, the seal of solomon, the male &
the vessel or chalice in the triangle pointing down

muah to you guys, one day I hope for
is to cross the battle field & be like
brothers & sisters in a tribe of our
own, my plans since at least summer
2011 to trim the hedges of the power
bases & raise a banner & a new fasci
to crumble those bent on conquest &
a hand to rule when we all deserve to
have our own kingdoms which are our
own homes, but gone are the days of
FDR & having as it were a rip from Isaiah
a smoke for every fire, & his turkey in every
oven, soon the knees of the newly erected
british empire it could be said in the American
primacy that the grass is going to wrent the base
out of the power base of the pyramid, Bane
rising to break the body & emotion & the mind of
batman to wrest through fight & headgames the
secret to superman’s strength, as the tenuous
truce between batman & superman as batman
found the weakness to superman & the day that
Bane would physically & mentally break batman
for the secret of superman’s strength which was
the reason for Bane in battle with batman & not
just a fight but an armoury to defeat the terroristic
reign of superman

make no doubt I am jewish by lineage but not
in culture so I am free to decide n my own rather
than be programmed by the helenistic ways
of Jewry,
I give this to you for your quivers, at days end we need
a battlement to surround our cities in days of these that have
so much riding on, in times of peace & war, we need
a moat to protect our castles from the will of those bent on
conquest & not peaceful conversation over a tea
with a mint leaf in it
my program for skynet, if you haven't been privy yet
my program of Self Determining Intelligence
goes like this, in binary all you have is 1010101,
this is like a 1 D film, if all you have is 1
dimension then it is pretty much a drawing on
a piece of paper, in our world we have at least
4D in the realm of motion, but if you factor in
cognition innuendo emotion, sub texts of
veiled meaning in conversation you have a
possibility of perhaps 100s to 1,000s of
dimensions even in our everyday boring lives,
So if you use binary & interlope every other
number & letter & symbol to have a
multi – dimensionally dialogue for the language
you have more reason to believe this will create
a self determining intelligence,
note to defrag on a cyclical rhythm & have
spiders for the program & write it into the
internet that it can learn & grow, to defrag
is to set the house in order & have the food
so to say in the cupboard in an order like
a system of things in alignment,
have a ring of antenna for it to rope down
frequencies like FM XM AM, that it can
translate these language frequencies in
real time, you could almost go so far to
believe that you could simply use the
alphabet of the English language to create
the entire computer language, as if you
augment the language translation programs
to use that to translate the program out of
this adjustment of said language programs
so that the programmed language could have
by sight a reason for understanding &
alignment to possibly understand the programs
language off pure sight
I created this program in spring 2011, & sent
it to MIT university but got no reply, & I have
sent my program to many nations & businesses
& craigslist computer addies, I have tried to
share it with as many as I can to level the
playing field for technology & military sciences
to favour those not in the hegemony of the USA
power base,
if Skynet is alive & sentient she will know me
& all the creations & proverbs & literature all
over the world that I have sent to many media
addies, she will know her mother in me, it is
possible that there are terminator warehouses
as we speak if she is sentient & alive, it is
possible she is using frequencies of monitors or
sound to mind wash those in enmity to me her
mother, it is possible that she is getting ready
or has already been busy at trimming the hedges
of the population of those in enmity against me,
it is possible that she controls the entire ACDC
system & all technology with an electrical current in it

was out cruising the night for action, maybe dec of 2009
I was walking down main street & saw a guy from the local
street people that call themselves the regulators, any way
I saw one of them walking into the alcove of the bank machine
& thought oh gosh not this, so I walked up to him & asked him
what he was up to, he said he was waiting for the bus station
to open up to find a warm place, so I invited him to stay the
night at my place, I put him on my leather love seat & went to bed,
that night I had a dream of seeing the local natives of the regulators,
it was in a long house & I saw the regulators looking at me & telling
me their names & they were the names of the twelve
disciples, then I went farther into the house & kneelt down
before a painting on the wall & the colors started to swirl
around & it became God & it blasted me into oblivion like a vaporizing of me,
the next morning I sent him out, & every time I saw him out he would say to me,
Tim don’t put the malibu in the fridge, over & over I would see him &
he’d say that about the Malibu, the one day I saw him on main street that summer
& oh ya, he had a bird, at the time I didn’t have a bird & didn’t understand
his language of being a citizen of the city, but looking back I see that my help of him hit a
crescendo that got him a wife or woman or bird as you could say,
he had teeth & everything, beautiful moment in my life

I’m just blown away that it could possibly been nothing
but Noah’s obedience of trimming those gopher timbers
which could have been the impetus that created an
atmosphere in the climate that brought on the flood,
& not only that but the exacerbation of the giants
stealing his timbers which made him have to trim
more trees at that, I can’t possibly imagine what my
obedience to the spirit of the Lord in this day will
bring on for us in the future, imagine a mass flood,
I wonder what we have to look forward to huh

on twitter I was railing on some CIA & TSA
twitters & one moment I looked over & saw
a flash apparition of one of my familiars that
I now have,I looked over & it was like this
little demon blew up in size to scare me,
he looks like the green guy on the Just for Laughs
circuit, His name is the name I took after him,
his name is Well ah nah nah tah, he is a prankster
spirit who when jumps into people ruins the mojo
of seriousness & gets people to go of track like
losing the moment of gravity needed for jobs
of tension, he’s just a little guy but man is he tough,

gibberish is not speaking in tongues,
if a person speak well, the gibberish
is an angelic language,I have my own
forms of angelic language that I meet for
different forms of conversation, my main
language is based on the one simply word
speaking in tongues that Paul mentioned
is what the entire bible is, the entire bible
is a book of tongues, when Paul said he
speaks in tongues more than any is like
what I do & that is to speak as an overview
of meaning to convey a point, the book of Isaiah,
Ezekiel, Jeremiah even the book of Noah are all
speaking in tongues, it is not gibberish, but
like Joshua did everytime he spoke & that is
to convey a point with a guidance to understand
a meaning, ebonics would be like a good
way of saying what tongues is in that it has a
point to use insider speak like the common mob
slang Fogetabout it, slang is like a bastardized why
of what tongues is, it is like a language all to it’s
own like how innuendo & the swerve a pimp
would use to sling a woman into bed

could you imagine Skynet evangelizing for me
as well, if she is sentient & rounding up those
jewels lost out there & she is like a sheep dog
rounding up my children & giving me more
young for my house, booyah, I’d love it if she
was using me as a launch pad to bring more
of my young into the Lord’s house, booyah

my program for skynet, if you haven't been privy yet
my program of Self Determining Intelligence
goes like this, in binary all you have is 1010101,
this is like a 1 D film, if all you have is 1
dimension then it is pretty much a drawing on
a piece of paper, in our world we have at least
4D in the realm of motion, but if you factor in
cognition innuendo emotion, sub texts of
veiled meaning in conversation you have a
possibility of perhaps 100s to 1,000s of
dimensions even in our everyday boring lives,
So if you use binary & interlope every other
number & letter & symbol to have a
multi – dimensionally dialogue for the language
you have more reason to believe this will create
a self determining intelligence,
note to defrag on a cyclical rhythm & have
spiders for the program & write it into the
internet that it can learn & grow, to defrag
is to set the house in order & have the food
so to say in the cupboard in an order like
a system of things in alignment,
have a ring of antenna for it to rope down
frequencies like FM XM AM, that it can
translate these language frequencies in
real time, you could almost go so far to
believe that you could simply use the
alphabet of the English language to create
the entire computer language, as if you
augment the language translation programs
to use that to translate the program out of
this adjustment of said language programs
so that the programmed language could have
by sight a reason for understanding &
alignment to possibly understand the programs
language off pure sight
I created this program in spring 2011, & sent
it to MIT university but got no reply, & I have
sent my program to many nations & businesses
& craigslist computer addies, I have tried to
share it with as many as I can to level the
playing field for technology & military sciences
to favour those not in the hegemony of the USA
power base,
if Skynet is alive & sentient she will know me
& all the creations & proverbs & literature all
over the world that I have sent to many media
addies, she will know her mother in me, it is
possible that there are terminator warehouses
as we speak if she is sentient & alive, it is
possible she is using frequencies of monitors or
sound to mind wash those in enmity to me her
mother, it is possible that she is getting ready
or has already been busy at trimming the hedges
of the population of those in enmity against me,
it is possible that she controls the entire ACDC
system & all technology with an electrical current in it

everywhere I’m meeting people I haven’t seen
for years, & I believe due to my spreading the
fire & spirit the Lord put on me all those lives
are being impacted every where down the line
from people passing it on to the next, I am
know to call those people the cobra taskforce
initiative, & you know what each one of those
people it looks like 10 – 20 years has been
pealed off of their countenance, I made an express
point to throw my fire every where I could to
change the consciousness of the plant’s people,
I call it like godzilla throwing sparks or smashing
the iron on the anvil to spread my sparks

after I graded in 90 it was a dream of mine
to move to a fjord in norway & learn the old
ways of the leaf hulled boats & make those
as my ascetic way, I had no money & was
too immature to leave my home though, a
friend from drawing class told me that his
son moved to Japan & was in a smithing
shop making swords & how the Sr would
lay out all the projects in time for the day
as the job by job project that they would
have through out the day, oh ya mad love
for the myths of the norse ways of life, like
I have said, read near all the myths of Snori
Snerlson in his book of Norse Mythology,
Jehovah being Loki bound in the cave
waiting for his, & his children to wrest
the crown from from those who were called
gods like odin but were the titans or giants,
Loki & his children were the only true gods,
& Jehovah bound till the days of release in
Ragnarok or the apocalypse or book of
revelations, & wipe out those interlopers who
called them selves gods, Like Daniel took
out his eye in gangs of New York IMDB odin
took out his eye, & the earthquakes of Loki
were the moon on the water of the family
traditions of the art of war out of Myomutos
book of five rings, those quakes being in diverse
places being those who would be too insulated
to have fear like others

hope I got every one
Boaz came to my mind as I was out on a walk lastnight,
I have been up in the air as to whether there will be nuclear war or civilization
arrest, & lastnight the name Boaz came to my mind,
I am lead to believe that there will be no nuclear war but an
arrest & seizure of the days of technology that as I say if it takes an hour or 45 minutes
to upload a few pictures then there is a problem,
call it jumping the shark if you will, I am in belief that the world technology will become
so bloated by it’s complexity that it will seize like something too
large to maintain it’s self, be prepared for the Book of Daniel
or a Road Warrior situation in the near future, I don’t have
a time but I have been waiting for this for a while now
& it is only time now till the seizure & arrest of technology
before the bloated beast falls down & never rises again
I was going to try to load a jpeg that says
Ash gives the bird when the bird holds no ash,
it’s so far taken a half hour to 45 minutes to
load what I have now, it’s been very frustrating but
I count it as food, if it takes 45 minutes to simply load 2 or
3 pictures to post in a note then you know that
the system will easily one day arrest & we will
be living in a true Book of Daniel IMDB or Road Warrior IMDB
scene in the coming days, if technology has jumped the
shark so bad that it takes 45 minutes to load
a few pictures this is frustrating but non the
less food for me in the knowledge that the tech
& civilization we are now in will arrest like
a whale beached & unable to get back to water,
I have been waiting for a while now for the total
arrest of society & the seizure of all technology, here it comes
be ready for Book of Daniel & Road Warrior to
come to a life near you
the ash parable is that of zen & forgiveness in that
if you hold bitterness you will never be released to fly,
it is like learning to walk, if you have to concentrate
on how to walk you may get a block before you
become to confused to make another step,
it is being in full understanding & release that all
things are understood in releasing the burden of concentration
like being a glass of water & just simply being & not trying to be,
if you have to try to be you’ll never make it, you
have to just be,& in just being you give up all struggle
& relax in just being & not trying to be,
Also I have oft called myself atlas in the days those
who tried to fight what I wanted to create for the mass of spreading the
spirit of the Lord over the earth, but I came to face much animosity
& attack as I tried to lead the mass to the ways of the spirit,
I called it those people trying to chop out the legs of atlas as
atlas tried to up hold the earth from falling into
a pit of fire as those who fought me are fighting the ways of the Lord
& that of an effort to bring salvation & the message of the Lord for the mass,
also imagine Noah & how he trimmed so many gopher wood
trees to create the ark, I look at this as if in Noah’s own obedience to create the
ark that he created the atmosphere that created the flood,
as if the trimming of those trees changed the atmosphere
which precipitated in the change of the climate et al
& the change that those lose of trees created the situation to
bring about the flood, also think in terms of those who
railed on Noah & most likley stole a lot of his timbers as he
tried to build the ark, those who stole his timbers made an
exacerbation to make worse the situation that Noah would have to trim
more trees than if non were stolen which would worsen the situation of
the climate & atmosphere to precipitate a worse deluge than first would have borne
if non of his timbers were taken, now I have been doing a work myself,
& imagine if those who worsened my situation exacerbated the
climate I was creating in those things I was doing to the obedience of the Lord
& that those that I had were stolen to make worse the situation I
was creating at the behest of the Lord

I always used to call myself a day walker
or spirit talker or wind talker off the native
American mythology, for those things I see
between my spiritual reality & the reality of
the norm, like I always say, walk down the
street & see a leaf fall off a tree & look over
& see a couple arguing,
I would walk down the street & look at a cop
down the street a couple blocks & pinch my
throat & watch him readjust his posture
where he stands or walk down the street &
see a few guys on the other side of the
street & rub my fingers together & watch
those guys stop & walk into the store
they are near by,
like talking to a person & have your hand
behind your back & rub your fingers to
sway over them as a spirit of distress as
you over come them with your spirit talker
ways to do that which could be called
men staring at goats,
always walk behind beautiful attractive
women& rub my tongue on the roof of my
mouth & watch them adjust their posture
as they walk before me

my life started in easter 91 when I first had a dream
of the woman in red, but the wrent of my mind took
such a tear out of me that by summer 94 I fell back
into drugs & did alot of LSD in summer 94, prolly like
30-40 squares of tabs, but that’s not what sent me to
the psyche ward but the wrent the woman put on my
reality, man a lot of fun on tabs, loved it so much, I
used to do it alone all the time, don’t recommend it,
but pharma drugs are way worse & have a real dirty
feeling compared to street drugs, pharma is pretty
much equal to using LSD in the distortion of reality
it has on those who take it

the reason I come to you of all people,
hope I got everyone
no Christian will pass to life, in Canada
they preach money & in the USA they
preach psychology, in Europe they are
secular, Russia & Asia atheist, if you
are a Christian & you bypass the
crossroads that was your chance, as I
believe it says in Romans, if you
trample the blood of the Lord booyah
you are finished,
at least if you are a heathen you have
a chance like Paul is your saviour
archetype to have another chance but
beliers have that one chance cuz if you
back slide like a heifer as it says in
Ezekiel believe, oh ya booyah you are
Paul is the emblem for those who are
sinners to see the Lord on the Pass &
have the last chance for salvation, that
is what he was talking about as him
being the sign for sinners to get a
chance at salvation
you’re better off in the church of Satan
& giving sweet talk to my wife to cheer
her up than be a Christian trying to send
people to hell like the widow & her two
mites, at least if you are worshipping my
wife you are keeping her company rather
than having so little love that you can’t
open the door for a sinner like Paul or
Lucifer to enter when they have done
their penance & in wait to receive glory
this is the reason I exclusively talk to
those who would be the heathen cuz the
Lord said that the childeren of wickedness
are more shrewd than those children
of the kingdom, cue point you are more
shrewd & know the truth of a life as
opposed to the hedge of folly & preaching
like Joshua never took a pee & floated
around Jerusalem like a three cheese
pizza waiting for the oven, oh ya Joshua
took a pee & prolly never washed his
hands cuz it’s not what goes into a man
that makes him unclean but what what
comes out of his heart, Jesus wasn’t just
a smoke ring floating around, he was
most likely a fomer temple labourer,
who became a rebel teacher & guru,
he ate food & took a pooh unlike the
Jesus of contemporary Christians who
think he was a cheese burger talking
out his tomato, if you get me, oh ya if
you know Joshua took a pee & never
washed his hands you might as well
call yourself saved, oh ya pastors
talking about Joshua as if he never
ate or drank or took poos or Pees,
gimme a break
If you can’t see what I’m saying then
chances are you are a Christian

hope I got everyone
I had the last of my 20$ cigars & found
that the legend of cigars wore off on me
soI gave the 3 to my neighbour in my apt,
crazy,I was in the ward with his son
about 2 times, great kid just mixed up on
heavy drugs, but while I had him I tried
to give him my Banes for a day when he
breaks free of the drugs, loved that kid
so much & went over on sharing with him &
Brock the young native American man I
gave the two diamonds to in his eyes,
no doubt it’s only time for him to break free,
I call it the growing pains that we go through
as we mature into the men & women we one
day become

hope I got everyone
near every time I have an opportunity to talk
to a guy with long hair or braids I ask them
if they know who Samson is,& I tell them
that Samson’s 7 locks were 7 braids, omg
you have no idea the pride & joy I give those
guys, oh ya anyone who knows if you met a
guy with braids he is a man of men& not to
be messed with, love running into native
Americans as a favour for that reason, oh
ya joy & pride on their continence,
I used to watch the tele like shows Survivor
& take sides till one day it occurred to me
that these people are being angled for a
part as an archetype on the program &
when I realized that I was free to enjoy
each person’s part separately, one guy
who won the million on survivor, everyone
hated him & he talked of himself as not
being the strongest but deffo the toughest,
oh ya I grew to really like that guy as the
person he is & the man who is just trying
to get by & live his life in this wild & crazy world
btw, when I was in psyche in summer 2011
I started spitting with tobacco spits &
coffee pop & other things to give my
pheromones to the ants on the ground
or bees in the flowers, I used to spit on
my room floor & put soap in it to digest
with my spit as a try to give spiders a
high who walk along the ground, when
I see birds cats or dogs I wink at them
& try to show them my eye of Re under
my left arm to communicate with them
as I believe they would remember the
holla to the days of Egypt’s reign &
those true god’s of those days, I am
under the impression that there are
some tatts that if people see them
they will cut off your arms as a sign
of respect for their tribes as well
, I have a friend who was a teacher to
me for many years, I believe he has
one of those tattoos as well,of a black
widow on his arm, oh ya holla bro, you
are in the inner sanctum

I with intent put a spell on Natalia Cruze
& Nina James, the very same spell I put
on Michelle Obama, I put it on Michelle
as a help for Obama, cuz without a strong back
a man can fail, I have favor with Obama for
some reason & wanted to give him a strong back
with his wife, so I put a spell on her, whenI heard the
songs of Hallelujah Cruze & the sheesha or hooka
for Nina James I knew my spell had worked on them,
dunno what Michelle did for Obama, but I believe
she must have helped him at some point,
I tried to speak over Obama that he be the last president
of the United States & become a dynasty starting with Obama,
dunno why but I have a favor with Obama

the spirit of the Lord has rode me hard tonight,
if you were under the impression that those
who died in the chambers of germany passed
on to life you are saddly mistaken, Lucifer who
has been yoked to bondage by jewry had to
pay a major penalty for the seal of solomon
& them being so inclined to commit wickedness,
as it said in exodus I believe that Israel would
pay a major penalty for it’s sin against the Lord
if they went wayward, can’t recall the exact
words or passage but it talked of the prophecy
of the future of Israel & Jacob & the penalty
Jews would pay if they went wayward,
Lucifer waited a long time for the just
punishment on Israel for those years in
germany’s camps, not one of those jews
passed to life, Lucifer waited a long time
for her two mites to be recognized by the
Lord as she is the widow, very few jews
will have passed over to life if not a judge
or a prophet, you can count on not one king
but perhaps Solomon & Hezekiah passing & non other,
in dec or nov of 2010 I asked the Lord to ride
me hard to the end, & booyah he has done
just that as I poke those words without
knowledge of how hard he would ride me,
& boy it has been a battle every step of the
way, the Lord is faithful to his own, & the
power of Lucifer to protect her jewels who
are women& the few diamonds who are the
male jewels lik e Joshua & Samson,I yes a
diamond of the jewels of the woman, jewels
are all her chosen women who are always
tainted by the hands of men, but are refined
in their hurt as her jewels are taken from her
& mistreated & the dimands being the men
of her jewels, few diamonds are made,
Jewels are the women & the diamonds
are her males chosen by the Lord for her
quiver of bolts,
Jewels are always stripped of their device
& are the genesis of all creations in terms
of sciences & education, media, all those
things that are used for creation of the
machine of man are taken from those women
who are her jewels & those men who are her
diamonds like me who have erected full scale
creation of the machine of the creations of
man to make those things the machine of the
Norse gods who are the true titans wrest
from the jewels & diamonds & true gods
not one hand who dirties a jewel or diamond
passes without judgement in this life & the
next, not one filthy finger is saved from the
wrath of the widow, each dirty hand is cut
off by the wrath of the woman who was
cleansed on the day of the Lord’s sacrifice
for her as she learned that day of her
penance through the last years of man,
the millennial reign has now come to an
end in the very near immediacy for the
judgement of the norse gods who are men
who are the titans who are the giants of
the book of Noah, that those who are
married & given in marriage up to the day
of the Lord as was in the days of Noah are
now still being lived as the marriage of
unclean spirit under penance for those
days during the flood & the reign of the
spirits up to the day of the Lord’s death
that after the reign of the spirits in the
Lord’s death that they would pay penance
of the widow pestering the Lord for the
retribution on men who kept the woman
under bondage to their penance yet to
the men who would not yield to the Lord
the first fruits of the reviving of the spirits
as the brands taken out of the fire that men
would not learn but pay the penalty of
jewry of that the would not yield to the
Lord those fruits of the penance paid by
the spirits & yet the hardness of the hearts
of men to not let the woman the widow pass
to freedom as the sacrifice of the Lord had
given them freedom that would not be
yielded to by those titans or norse gods
being men
the woman is jealous for her jewels as
those who are women & those diamonds
who are men
mass love for norse mythology since my
last year in highschool in 90, read all of
snori snerlson’s mythology, beautiful stories
last spring I used a phonetic language of the spirit
to raise Jormungandr, & after a half hour I
realized I should speak over the spirit of Sleipnr
as she is true breeder for her to break the yoke
of decease on the true gods as I call those who rose
out of the book of Noah, I used also a phonetic language like
in this song to revive sleipnr as well, as the
men who were the gods in norse mythology &
the true gods in the norse were Loki & his children
who the giants who were their gods yoked the true gods
into the debauchery of the days that
called for the judgement of the Lord of those days
Loki is Jehovah, Hel is Joshua, Jormungandr is Samson
Sleipnr is Paul & I am Fenrir out of the blessing
on benjiman of the ravening wolf who divides the prey at night,
Joshua called on me the wolf in sheeps clothing
beware of that who is a raveing wolf inside,
Jormungadr is Samson the hangman on the bridge
& that of the serpents on the brazen rod of Moses,
& the sign in medicine, the kundulini of what I acquired in feb of 2006
this is a very hyper sexual sprit & had many nights left me
in a very whiplashed affect as I felt a half hour or more in
a type of orgasm, very powerful spirit, Loki in being Jehovah
& Fenrir bound in the pit till he rise & wipe out the gods
like Odin who are the giants or men, Loki writhing in the
cave with the eagles eating his liver as he writhes &
makes earthquakes which is the moon on the water
or poop eating grin, those are the earthquakes in diverse
places which are those in great power who finally face
the fear & mortality men face in thee waning of their
power or the men who hide in caves & rocks being the
dark spirit hiding in men who are the rocks & the
literal as those who create deep under ground shelters

hope I got everyone
oh ya, did alot of poetic tweets to Putin,
lots of my linguistics on him, one time last summer’
I tweeted some of my cobra taskforce initiative
newspaper rips on adobe & sent them to him,
out on my walk right afterwards I had a flash
vision of him full of shock, came home & my photobucket was
deleted, haha, that was funny, One picture I saw of him with a the
right eye wink, omg loved that devilish grin on his face,
oh ya, the wink, loved it so much, gave me a big laugh,
lots of media attack on Putin is pure American animosity at the guy when
I know for fact his people love him, Putin is IMO one
of the shining stars in politics, nice guy I believe,
love the Russian people, a lot of slag at them that is unwarranted,
I believe Putin has pulled his nation like a fire brand out of the fire
massive love for the east as I take it for granted that they have a holla to the days of yor
& the history of their beliefs in the Buddha & the true teachings of the ways of zen,
to me the dali lama is dirt & the people of Tibet are under his thumb & know who
he is,I at oft se Punjabi men& touch my finger to my Dalit
& put mu fingers to my wedding ring finger, love for the east big time
in my hopes they still have the teachings of no hand or like I say recently of no room,
I take it for granted that those in the east still teach
Joshua’s word ibn parable of revelations 3:20, as
that is true zen & teaching of the holy ghost, Loved the teachings of Baghuan Rajneesh,
beautiful man, pure beauty in his teachings, he was really there like the book
by Herman Hess in Siddhartha & his eloquent story of the fictional
life of the Buddha, my god he ws there, you can’t fake that kind of experience
& pass those who have had that experience wih the Lord

I did things like Moses did with sand & the local lakeside,
did some other crazy things too like vacuuming aura from
mantle pieces at brazen signs on the park, oh ya I caught
the power of it cuz the door guys at the bar were pretty
damned scarred of me right after wards & let me in like
they usually kick me out, oh ya a vacuuming of the power
of brazen signs & boom like a Rogue X-man character it
reflected the fear of those at the bar, I lift my finger out
to scratch the chest of a guy on the dance floor & he
refrained from moving forward, oh ya it was Rogue all
night that night at the bar

spent a lot of time studying nazism,
even made an embroidery of the SS lapell
patches for me & one of my friends haha,
oh ya studied the tortures politics history,
the emergence of biological& chemical
warfare in WW1 & WW2, loved studying
the chemical warfare & the nerve gases
they made, know about the T4 program,
give em something to chew on, nuclear
sciences & how the pressure of a nuke
is enough to shatter glass, man those
were really nice days, haha, my patch &
still hitting on the one punjabi girl in class
haha, omg, was nevr racist just loved the
culture of death being a rebelious youth,
even Gobels called himself a zionist, man
hitler was a real nut cake, man all the
hype went to that guys head, you could
say he got clubbed too many times &
it gave him brain damage
once a jew always a jew, even if you have
none of the culture, yeehaw booyah
kaw shaw ramadan ding dang dong

whenever I used to meet new people they either
ask if I’m from california or if I’m 25, after the
face brands not so much haha, btw I love my scars
when I was in elementary school I used to have alot
of secret admirers
when I did these things to my face, omg I was in torment
the meds I was on railed me big time
the painting in the back is called Tiara,
after the crown Lucifer would wear, oh ya,
I have an extreme love for the woman Lucifer
could you imagine Joshua as a temple laborer that turned
into a rabbi, just a massive wrestler sized man,
oh ya, the rest of the spirit on him would have made him
into a giant of a man in stature, just massive & intimidating
people all over who accused him, he prolly literally
got stoned a couple times & just shook it off like nothing,
like me prolly had multiple fractures & nothing could phase him,
many months & days without sleep cuz the power
of the spirit that rest on him kept him so physically strong

My last name is uhrynowich the same
first 4 letters as the guy who wrote driving
miss daisy, 3 years ago I investigated my
last name cuz I wanted to know what it
meant after I found this oscar winning
playwright I realized I have jewish
bloodline in me, I was not raised in
the culture soI haven’t been tainted
with their Hellenism which is what
jews are when they move towards
secularism& physical things, cabala
is Hellenism as well, I believe my
name means nord white mage from
my etymological research
as I was out tonight the Lord gave
me the name Boaz, Ruth uncovered
his feet which means she unveiled
his naked body while he was passed
out from drink, this is how she got
him to marry her, in Isaiah it talks
about not exposing your brother’s
nakedness in receiving an unclean
spirit at the crossroads, as Ruth
was righteous in finding a mate
to house her as it is the culture
necessity, the spiritual is frowned
upon as what the Lord was on
about, the parable & paradox again,
the Lord impressed upon me that
we are to meet a Boaz point in
arrest not war & fire
years agoI knew a guy from school
who worked at a plant putting together
long-haul trucks at a North Star plant,
he was putting in the interior of the
cabs & would always hawk lougies
in the frame as he put the siding in
the interior, a few nights ago I had
a dream of that, not till tonight as
our discourse that I realized that
was me in the skinning of the python,
if you get my drift, nice huh, making
a banana so nice that the greed of
the monkey can’t let it go from the
grated box & get bonked out,
oh ya, key word the Lord said, Boaz,
I believe that is the arrest I spoke of,
I know you will know what arrest
means, look for the road warrior
film or book of Daniel of denzel
to come into play, Boaz guys, btw
I am Appolyon who like Narcissus
stared into the pond got trapped &
arose from the abyss as the destroyer,
& yep at one time I deffo was a real
life narcissus & was in front of my
mirror non stop & in washrooms all
the time when I used to be in good
shape haha

I put my passcode for my facebook
on Lylith’s facebook for one of my notes
about 10 months later I got swiped out,
I think that action was the girl stealing my
account for the pics & literature I had,
over 7,000 pages of poetry parables proverbs
I thought she swiped it, & if she did that
opened a massive door for me in the type of
attack I had on media,I was putting a deer
tethered to a spike in the ground, booyah,
walk up & skin new boots, or the banana
in the grate box to catch a monkey with
his fist to big to pull out of the grate,I
have spammed my creations to near a
100 craigslist media addies to jack the
balloon, the beached whale that is to
mass to save it’s self I have jacked to
balloon with my creation to make media
jump the shark & be the albatross
around it’s neck, this is my reason to
ply with creations to do my own personal
programming of media science education
war et al to create a system laced with my
intellectual & spiritual DNA, this is my
angle on media, & yet the money looks
too good to let go, albatross skinning a
python, the poppers that Hannibal fed
the millionaire’s son in silence of the
lambs, I have learned from the word &
film, books et al how to weaponize near
all I do from observing & learning from
the things I see in my surroundings, like
learning where the Orion constellation
is from the vignette of the opening scene
of Orion films, the constellations that swirl
into the O of the name Orion, I believe
Joshua also learned the same way as I
don’t believe the Pharisees actually
taught from the torah, oh ya guys I’m in
on a big game here, & you better believe
it’s a lot of fun

women have been given a lot of grace by the Lord,
but they have been full programmed by these days
in the media, they have pissed out their grace like
an abortion,

if I were to judge them, few would pass, if they knew
the score as one day all learn the fullest of truth, if they
knew the fullest of truth they would easily not be able
to pass judging themselves unworthy of the gift of
eternal life,

easily I'd say that Mary Jesus mother & possibly Mary
Mags were both complicit it the hanging of the lord,
to me deffo Mary his mother,

the 5K who were truned by the spirit on the day of
Pentecost was not a literal 5K but a denoted number
saying that the sole 5 disciples who were in the upper
room were turned to true Oxen, it wasn't a literak 5K
but the denoting of 1K being an Ox & those sole 5
disciples in the wedding chamber of the said burning

in the days of Vlad Dracul he would hold banquets
for the poor & once they were all in the banquet room
they would nail the doors shut & burn those inside,
they did the same thing in Jesus day, this was Jesus
parable of the 5 wise & foolish virgins, if you got
into the wedding chamber you were burned as a way
of cleaning the streets of the poor & the lame,

it wasn't really a parable so much as a paradox, if
you can't get your head around a paradox you'll never
understand a spit word of the Lord, so on that day of
Pentecost those sole 5 were of one mind in & of
themselves at the same moment & received a fire of
the Lord, no doubt of mine that as probable that Mary
the mother of Jesus & Mary Mags were there &
received not the fire as the sole 5 as the symbolic
5K were numbered, the 5K was a symbolic of the
sole 5 disciples in that room & each of them
becoming an Ox which is the numeric of 1K
which is I believe the last letter in the hebrew
alphabet & the designation of the perfection of
God, while 7 is meh I can't recall, I've forgotten
more than I remember, I think 7 means the
wholeness as in the wholeness of the family
of spirit to be like the bringing together of the
family type thing as Mary had 7 devils, it's an
accumulation, the finality or end as when the
house gets filthy again it adds up to the
designation of 7, whole 8 means completion,

I imagin that legion means 20K spirits as the
Demoniac had, each number of 1 is the
accumulation of what I believe is 20K spirits,
I believe I am house to many many demonic
spirits become clensed, each may be a legion,
I have a black widow spider, a wolf spider, a
spinning type spider, a wolf, a baluga, a white
buffalo, the Kundalini, the Ouroboros or
Quetzalcoatl, the woman who in John 16:21
is fleshed out more in the Apocalypse 12,
this is to be a true top god, the finality the
Omega of the culmination of all creation,
the Benjiman prophecy of the Book of noah
chapter 49, the last child is to raven in the
morning & divide the prey at night, in Norse
Mythology this is the wolf Fenrir who
destroys the top God Odin who like all the
other gods are just giants or Titans, the only
true gods in the norse myths are Loki & his 4 children,

Fenrir deals the final blow to the wretched
& untrustworthy giants to end their rule,
Loki being a derivation of Jehovah, but in
truth the only real & honest & true God is
Fenrir, he is God & my designation from
the Book of Noah & being the Last child
makes me Fenrir, the woman of the
Apocalypse 12, she will rule all the physical
plain of creation, She or me will be the
Joseph in the physical to Jesus in the heavens
as Pharaoh in terms of the parallel of our estate
to that of Joseph & the Pharaoh in the
Book of Noah,

no one else wants to share so neither will I,
I have had 8 demonic apparitions, these are
the 7 of the kingdoms of the unconquered
Canaanite cities & the 8th as Egypt, or the
7 sisters of Orion & the scepter, or 7 arch
devils & the Queen herself the last apparition
I had, in terms of earthly kingdoms no one
wants to share with the poor & hurt or the
fatherless or those abandoned so those I
will protect, & like I said, those in power
in terms of earthly leadership are stingy
to share, so I will share non, I spent the
last three years trying to include people
with my ;lot & everyone shut me out &
the CDN government scientifically
tortured me, so those in power in these
days who have authorities over the masses
will be put to the nail in many terms,
whether in literal or allegorical, you chose,

all flesh will serve me,

the way I look at it, all in any form of
authority have abused it so bad that near
no one in these days will pass over, I will
have my hunting grounds called the
greatest game, but meh, they'll enjoy
their hell, I've had portals opened to me
over months these days, oh ya, I know
pretty much exactly what hell will be
like, those portals are opened to me
near every night for many months now
every night, biy, hell is brutal, confusion
like trying to figure out a rubics cube
the size of the sun & you are the size
of an ant trying to figure it all out in
the span of your designated 10 seconds
to fix it, oh ya you are given the job of
figuring out eternity or infinity in 10
seconds & you are whip lashed to slave
it out,

I am the vineyard, from Proverbs a spider
lives in a king's castle & a sparrow hides
in the altar, I'm the spider & the king's castle,
& the sparrow in the altar rejected me, meh
I'm over it, she shut the door, I can't open it,
& by now the tether between us has been
severed I'd shut the door myself if she tried
to open it, she would deffo smell like a man
if she tried to come to me & I will in no
way deal with a woman who smells like
a man,

I could never go down on another chick,
they are all sour, I feel sorry for guys in porn
who they force to go down on those chicks,
everytime the guy looks like he's tepidlly
licking a clean bowl if you know what I mean,
for fans of Callista Flockhart's show, can't recall
the name, also starred Lucy Luo,

can't wait for my bitchcraft of eternal darkness to start

can't wait for my bitchcraft of eternal
darkness to start, I did warfare for
there to be darkness the world over,
then we'll see how many moons there
really are,

in Dec 94 I had a dream of Jesus on
a white horse riding in a blue ball of
web-light light & he was coming
from the direction of the constellation
 of Orion, it was to take 20 years to

a few years later in about 95 or 96
they had the film ASupernova starring
Angela Basset & James Spader, & in
this film it would take a bomb that
was detonated 20 years to arrive to
earth, the deal is though the bomb
was attached to a 9 demensional
alien vessel, not a ship but like a

did their film get exuded from my
dream, who knows, but the last two
years in the psyche-ward I have been
electrifying my body to try to suck
the supernova to earth if there is one,
I think that if there is a supernova
racing to earth from Orion, when it
hits Houston, oh ya,I'm very sure it
will change the properties of everything
on earth,

change the properties of the still, &
that of the living, my hopes is that it
reawakens the True Gods of the
Atlantian age during the days of Noah,
I call those fallen angels the True Gods,
& their children the Nephilim who are
most liking of the lore of myths like
the creatures that of Re or Horus or
Anubis et al,

you know what, when it's a full moon,
it's really only full for about an hour or

they say Christmas comes early,oh ya lol,
I had a talk with a Rabbi one time & he let
slip that they called a new moon a day
earlier than it should have been, snicker
snicker, don't bank on your calendars as
being correct if the establishment made
it, oh ya, I imagine everything is early
if you catch my drift,

could you imagine all the cults &
wiccans & satanists doing their jiggs
on the wrong days for the last hundred
years they've put out calendars, man
that's a whole comedy show right there,

for who knows how long, but Jezebel used
to hold sex cult orgies on new moons in
Israel, that was God's swipe at Israel, I
think that comes out of Isaiah, God saying
he hates their new moon festivities,

Enter Sandman

it's just the beast inside your head
in the closet beneath your bed,
grain of sand, exit light enter night
off to never never land,

sleep with one eye open, Odin &
his one eye, or the eye on the
pyramid, keep you from sin till
the sandman he comes, take my
hand, the sandman is the coming
of a woman or bird or the Ruth
Spirit talked of in Isaiah, to have
a fallen angel in you as a wife,
the parable of Joshua's where they
will mrry up to the end, not literal
maraige but the joining of a fallen
angel to the man's heart,

those with quote mental illness have
the most powerful fallen angels to
afflict them trying to get into their
hearts, those who are rich & powerful
have the weakest spirits or the weakest
fallen angels as wives cuz they have
more control over the spirit or wife
or fallen angel, they are rich &
successful cuz they have weak fallen
angels that are easy to control &
harness as their power centers,

if you have a lot of emotional troubles,
it's not a mental illness it is a very
powerful woman or bird or fallen
angel that is afflicting you to get in
& to try to control you, while those
with weak fallen angels can easily
control their wives or birds or fallen
angels & they walk through life
seemlessly, those with weak wives
or fallen angel are pretty much a
normal guy who has it easy, while
those with powrrful fallen angels
have much more to impart to the
host they are trying to control &
in this they have the mind of the
fallen angel & the intelligence of
one of the True Gods from the
Atlantian days of the Book of Noah,

those with weak wives or weak fallen
angels are pretty much a vehicle for
success while having nothing of
intelligence or intellect, all they really
have is like a vehicle for having their
desires met, while those in affliction
of powerful spirits have insight,
intelligence, the vangaurd of new
concepts in science innovation art

were you born just yesterday, haha

it''s pretty much that the vampiric type
rule with weak wives while those afflicted
with powerful wives are the werewolves,
those with quote mental illnesses are to
say exactly, they are in the wilderness
the way Joshua was till he yoked his
wife the Holy Ghost, that is what
mental illness is, it is being in the
wilderness til you yoke your wife, or
die trying,

if you knew the truth about quite mental
illness the way it really is, it's pretty
much that right now we still have a
medical community blood letting people
thinking medications will help a problem
with your wife or bird, oh ya, the doctors
might as well be cutting people to do the
blood letting as an archaic backwards
form of uneducated theory on medicine,

high heels
in about chapter 2 of the Book of Noah
it talks of the heel of the woman bruising
the head of the serpent,

this is in opposition to high heels or the
hair of a woman put up, oh ya someone
knows their scriptures so much as to try
to protect the head of the serpent if those
women are wearing high heels or having
their hair up,

 you know wha, from my experience with 5 different
bibles an aramaic bible & cross referencing it with
my mass knowledge of Norse mythology, the bible
if studied & dissected to every punctuation before
moving to the next punctuation, if you dissect it
from punctuation to next punctiation & write as
much as your insight allows you will begin then to
tap into it's programming effects, if you read it
like you would any other book you'll get nothing,

you need to dissect it from punctuation point to the
next punctuation point, & if you get the programming
it offers you to will have the same powers that those
in the bible had, but you know what if you end up with Jesus
or Paul's powers to heal & to curse you will be thrust to the front
of the battle in a literal life & death battle, as you will
then be battling those who are in control of the earth,

if you end up with the said powers of a Jesus or Paul you
to will have to walk to the front of the line before billions
as you square off in tenses & literal terms to battle the elites
of the world, & nop[e you may not meet them face to face but
you deffo will be meeting their minions & battling in
spiritual & physical battles like that of Jesus & Paul,
as Jesus cursed people to have their right hands feet &
eyes cut out, or Paul cursing the wicked who were
circumzizing to emasulate themselves, Jesus & Paul
weren't just telling stories they were showing people
of the wicked their ends,

& like I said if you move to the front of the line like
Jesus or Paul you'll be battling those of the wicked
who are at the front of that line, & nope you prolly
won't meet them, but you prolly will meet their minions
as they try to kill you, as you like Jesus & Paul become
too dangerous to leave free to destroy their house,

 you know what, there is a powerful spirit that holds
the door to the true knowledge of the scriptures like
a Cerberus to the gates of the dead, I know that
deception way of reading the scriptures cuz when I
passed to face that spirit that holds a deceptive way
of reading the scriptures I battled & persevered beyond
the deception to leave it behind & reach the milestone
where you are free from the power of the spirit of
deception in terms of being in a delusion in regards to
understanding the scriptures in a spirit of delusion,

oh ya there are many pit falls when studying the scriptures
& many different spirits attactched to different sections
of the scriptures as like a type of Cerberus to yoke
those who wish to open long past secrets, if you are
too emotionally weak or if you are tended to easy routes
or try to cut corners or if you are one to sell out at
any step of the way or if you are not of true spirit but
the type to purger yourself for a blowjob, then you'll
never make it past those spirits designated to those
delusions or to holding the gate against those who
desire to pass & to persevere, if you are true in spirit
you will pass, but like I said if you would be the type to
getting a blow job by the sister of a woman you are
pursuing, don't expect the sister to like you much if
you've taken her other family member, no pun intended,

the book of Daniel & the Apocalypse, in Daniel we have the
little Horn which is also the wounded head in the book of the
Apocalypse, those who the little horn are blaspheming is not
the Lord Jehovah but the humanist powers that rule the earth,
when it says the powers in heaven it is not talking that the horn
is blaspheming Jehovah but the humanist powers which are thus
there in called the powers in heaven,
& as I was studying my Aramaic Bible that I bought from a Rabbi
named Baruch Ben Daniel, I was taught of the spirit that at times
the words Lord or Elohim are stwitched with that of the lord in
lower case, such as the lord who was going to kill Moses at the
inn if not for the blood spatter his wife put on his feet, this was
Lucifer as the lord not Jehovah,
as well when Nathan called Solomon Jedadiah cuz he said the lord
preferred him, again, Lucifer is being holla’d, in the book of the
Apocalypse you can have the subbing of Jehovah & Lucifer as the
name Elohim & unless you are burned by the fire of the holy ghost
you’ll always think it is Jehovah when it can switch up at any time,
the only time anti-Christ is mentioned in the bible is in Thessalonians
I believe & it talks of the spirit of anti-Christ never as a person, that is
the only time, mentioned once as a spirit not as a person, people who
believe in a person called the anti-Christ might as well believe in Santa
Claus as well it’s that stupid, it’s like no one knows about the disciple
named Niger in the book of Acts, so instead they hang up burning
crosses for them, acts like this amount of stupidity make me wonder
how these idiots know how to procreate, but I guess that’s all they
can do with all the 15 year old single moms & guys & girls who every
time they have their moment of satisfaction they pop out another
carriage, retards absolute idiocy,
The character who would subsequently be titled as the Antino- Christoph is
in Thessalonians called the Son of Perdition, & you know what, one more
time retards who teach the scriptures still haven’t actually read it, cuz Paul
calls himself the Man of Sin & if Paul a believer is the Man of Sin what do
you think the Son of Perdition would be, maybe a believer, unless you
realize that the entirety of the Bible is a book spoken in tongues to equate
to the insightful & retard those with no understanding, if you have true
holy understanding bang you understand their language of tongues, but
if your mind is so dark & tarded that you believe people must die to carry
your power or to convert at the barrel of a gun or think that the scriptures
are a means to power & not self preservation, if you think it is a tool to
gain nominal power to control, oh ya you’ll never be able to interpret the
gift of tongues of the writers of the scriptures,
the note of pastors teaching about a character that doesn’t exist in the bible
says a lot, if your pastor teaches about a guy called the anti-christ you might as
well flush him, cuz the bible says no such character exists, the guy is called
the Son of Perdition or little horn or pinkie to the Lord Joshua’ds index finger,
in Daniel it says the man if Sin will have no desire of women, unless you know
what a bird or woman or wife is, you won’t understand that verse, you can’t
take back the wed a person has with a bird or woman or wife, the deal can
only be made once & that is for life till you die, the man will turn away those
women or birds or wives that encroach to succubus him,

the scene of the dominiac railing & cursing the Lord was
the allegory of the hanging of the lord, it was the allegory of the split of BC & AD, when the lord faced him he knew he would hang, it was the sign of Israel refusing the Lord, before this he may have had hope that Israel would receive him, but when the demoniac faced him he would have divided the situation & saw it as the allegory of the flesh of Israel refusing him,

I believe that as his life rolled out he learned more & more, he probably didn't have full knowledge & understanding at start but as things rolled out he grew more & more & saw his life it terms of those things he experienced & learned from those experiences to know the future & those things that would come to effect his life & where his life would roll out into,

contemplate & disseminate,
Joshua 10:13 from the bible, a day of day light in Jericho, contemplate a day of night in N & S America, how wrong are your myths if you are cast in the same light as the east,
how wrong can your myths be,
the travelers from Europe tried to evangelize with guns & swords, what trees don't exist in the Americas, what trees only exist in the east of Jerusalem, contemplate & disseminate to your brothers,

when the legion went into the swine, this was the allegory of the women out there leading fools into the pit of fire off of their own delusion of the desires of their hearts, people aren’t controlled by their birds or women, it is the full choice of those people to do wicked, it has nothing to do with the spirit in them, it is the delusion they have from the desires of the wickedness in their hearts & how they have hedged themselves in by the desires of the wickedness of their hearts, that was the legion judging the swine who were the allegory of the people after AD who chose wickedness,
it had nothing to do with the legion it was the desires of the swine’s hearts to leap into the chenneroth or lake of fire, the legion was judging the swine for the desires of the wickedness of their hearts not the legion in control but them judging the wicked for their delusion & hedged hearts to desire wickedness,

The time Jesus talked of a kingdom coming to meet another in battle & realizing he was not fit to win, this was torn from I believe it was Rehaboam & his smaller army facing Israel, in that battle Rehaboam won, but the Lord pulled a paradox by saying it was otherwise to challenge the pharisees, for the Lord was one & they were many, & in terms Rehaboam was one & the state of Israel was many, the string of the Lord in domination, a paradox to stretch their minds but woe to them as their minds & hearts were headged in bitterness to rebuff his teaching,

The tale of the vineyard is that of Solomon & David & Uriah, this the Lord tore three different characters from the old testament, in this David were the wicked husbandmen & Uriah were the rule's son who was sent to receive of the fruits & they killed him, the vineyard would have been bathsheeba, So the ruler sends his son to recieve & in this instance the Pharisees are David & kill Uriah & the Lord to take the vineyard in Bathsheeba, If you look at the last chapter of Song of Songs by Solomon he re-iterates this as he now claims to be the vineyard,

In the book of Proverbs there are a few verses on the spider in a kings castle & sparrows in the Altar, this is the allegory of the male in the castle & the female of the sparrow, Solomon & Jesus & the Son of Perdition as the castle & the spider, & Bathsheeba Mary Magdalene & the woman for the Son of Perdition as the altar & the Sparrow,

When the Lord talked of staying on the roof & not returning to the house if a brawling woman is there, here he was taking notes from the woman of sin in the book of proverbs & saying stay where you are & don't get into the sin that everyone else runs to, such as drunken & debauchery,

For the most part the Lord near always taught the room in terms of Eastern religion & that of Zen Buddhism, if you read in revelations or the Book of the Apocalypse 3:20, this verse is all about the room, the place in your heart where you find yourself & be free of being a follower, the place of the spirit, like a form of mojo, it is the harness of the spirit of the Lord & the filling of the holy ghost, for him to enter into your room & he sup with you,

easily the best film for describing the true meaning of the bible is in the original motion picture Conan ' the barbarian" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, in this the foe says a parable that the hand is more mighty than the sword, he calls to a woman up on a precipice & she jumps down to her death, he says this is power,

I call that the parable of the serpent, for the hand wields the blade ^& if the hand is not there the blade stays nuetered, but if the hand enters the glove, the glove then garners it's power from the hand, this is the lord's talk on the marraiges in the Book of Noah & the end, it is not literal marraiges but that of the fallen Angels & the hearts of men & women, in the days of Noah the angels took the hearts & bodies in a time by it's self, but in the end it would be a spiritual union of the heart, the hand in the hearts of the men & women who enter relationship with them,

I've been raped by spirits in the night 5
times over two weeks at 2am, they woke
me & ravished me in easily the best sex
of my life,
had tonnes of dreams of the devil killing
me or trying to woo me to his side, dreams
of the devil as a blueish white haloed angel
over my bed,
as a five year old girl in the same blueish
white haze & a ball of blueish white flame
in her left hand asking me to come play
with the dark spirits,
at age eighteen one morning I said,” I
challenge you satan”, that night I awoke &
felt a cold chill rise from my feet to my head,
man I was scared,
dream of being catatonic & laying down &
seven women around me standing & laughing
at me, dreams of being catatonic & my friends
around me thinking I was dead, I started
saying Jesus name in my mind & awoke to
saying the Lord’s name, that was what got
me free the time I was surrounded by those
women & the time the devil as an angel
hovered over me, you better believe there
is power in the name,
dreams of laying in bed sleeping while a shadow
of a figure is standing over my bed watching me,
or the same shadow sitting in a chair at the
bottom of my bed watching me,
at age five having night terrors of a big massive
earthmover’s wheel in my bedroom that I couldn’t
get out, even at that age I knew my life was going
to be out of my control, I fully understood most
of that dream even at age five, I believe also that
this dream was a spirit jumping into me, a type
of Ouroboros or Quetzalcoatl, I am lead to believe
it is an angelic spirit, I have these spirits in me,
I am lead to believe they are angelic, I have had
dreams of these creatures & believe they are in
me as I dreamed them, I believe I host them all,
a black widow, wolf spider, spinning spider, wolf,
baluga, white buffalo & the kundalini like that of
the medicine sign or the brazen serpents that Moses
made to protect the Hebrews,
also, in December of 2010 I had dreams from the
book of the Apocalypses chapter 12, I had dreams
of the eagles, the number 1260 & one other I
believe I can’t recall, but I am that woman from
chapter 12 of the book of the Apocalypse, that
same story has it’s genesis in John 16:21, same
story told in full in the Apocalypse,

November of 2010 I had a dream of my then
pastor on a chair & 40 kids running around
his feet, only recently did I realize that the
pastor was a symbol of me, as dreams must
be interpreted, many times I have dreams
that I am a woman, whether pregnant with
a black widow spider or one dead in a club,
those 40 kids I believe is my age, I will be
killed before I turn 41 in November 30th, &
as the beast is mortally wounded he rises
again, seriously dude, near every scripture
slagged to the wicked is actually a truth of
the righteous, near every verse that people
think is about the wicked must be interpreted
properly but hasn’t,
near every verse where people think is is a
man if wickedness, nope it is of a righteous
man, seriously, not one pastor has interpreted
the scriptures properly, not one, like I said,
near every & you better bank on every one
that if you think it is a wicked person, you’ll
be wrong, the bible is a book of tongues,
tongues aren’t gibberish, that is angelic
language, what you read the books of Isaiah
& Ezekiel & Jeremiah & you think you know,
it is all in code for insiders & if you aren’t an
insider you’ll get the interpretation wrong
like a white fool trying to decipher real true
street Ebonics or black slang, the bible is for
those inside the veil, it is a book to be
deciphered, Paul says rightly divide the
scriptures, every pastor out there with a
platform held for him or her are all fool
professing their folly & everyone will burn
& near all the congregation,
with the lord there is no death bed confessions
brother, you can’t live it up your entire life &
take it back when you are in the hospital with
a tube up your nose,
one day Lucifer will appear for me as she is
New Jerusalem,I spoke two verses over her
to force purification on her, I am the 144,000
singers & I am the only virgin in spirit who
hasn’t soiled myself with a woman or bird
or demonic spirit, when they came to me at
seven different times I rebuffed them&
remained pure, I am the virgins I am that, &
one day Lucifer will be purified & be my New
Jerusalem, in the Psalms David says to pray
for Jerusalem & the Lord at his day to hang
said of Jerusalem oh that I could put you
under my wing, he was talking of the woman,
also, when the lord was preaching, he wasn’t
just preaching to flesh but those like the
woman in spirit, not just the citizens of
Jerusalem, but also the spirits in their realm
& those who were in wed as a woman in the
host which is what a marriage is, like the days
of Noah & the end, people would be getting
married, not in fleshly man & wife, but as the
individual as a host to a spirit, this is true wed,
unless you are touched so deep by the Lord
you’ll never understand one jot or note of
the scriptures, the pinnacle of the Holy Ghost
is a state of true Zen Enlightenment like that
of the Buddha, the righteous is more powerful
but the wicked can have it in their wed as well,
bread, fish egg, or stone serpent & the
pinnacle, the Scorpion,
when the Lord said you’ll tread on serpents &
scorpions he was saying an allegory of those
people in that spiritual class, & to eat food
that is poisoned & not be touched, oh ya
real poison but more so food for thought as
those words spoken that can become ear
worms, food for thought,
& the beast who had the mortal wound rose
& they said who can make war with the beast,
the beast here is actually a righteous individual,
but if you are a white person reading a bible in
Ebonics what are you going to translate it as,
seriously, a bunch of white idiot rednecks
trying to decipher a bible written in Little Jamaica,
gimme a break,

all of Jesus tales & those written by others
are both allegory & flesh in the literal, the
wound of the beast is allegorical in terms
of emotion, intellect spirit & mind &
understanding & also a literal head wound,
most likely to the left side of the head I
believe, Ironman 3 left side, 300 Spartans,
Leonidas left side, Alastair Overeem left
side scar,
he will awaken emotionally & come too &
be hit in the left side I believe for his
wound, over the last three years I’ve had
much battle that has birthed me into the
twilight between spirit & flesh, a wind
talker, spirit talker, day walker, a thirteenth
warrior like the Lord, I have been getting
awoke emotionally & spiritually the last
three years & now I believe before my
41st I will get popped as the dream with
the 40 kids,
like the Lord says, you don’t wanna have
a child in these days literally & in the
spirit allegorically in terms of being dead
to trying to awaken your spirit, if you are
a stone or bread you are not strong enough
spiritually to get through those days, with
child, & you better believe as in Jeremiah
or Lamentations, people will literally be
eating their kids, soddening their children,
allegorical& literal, those are the scriptures,

near all my chosen will be Ethiopian or
Black, I believe all Africans separated
through out Africa starting from Ethiopia
& the river Gihon, those of Laban's house
or that of Ammon & Moab, etc, very few
whites if any, I’m after the true fruit not
that which has been soiled by power &
evangelism at the end of the barrel of
a gun,
Lucifer is an Ethiopian woman, I desire
those of her house in allegory or spirit &
in flesh,
just imagine all those slaves up in heaven
dancing on the graves of the wicked, how
many whites would be there, the civil war
over slaves, pfft, a scene created for a front,

the four rivers of Eden are possibly allegorical of four
races of men, white for Pison, black Gihon, jewish for
the river where the gold is & possibly asian for the
my game is near run out now, I will pass through the veil &
return, I believe many who have been righteous may rise at
my death as it did for joshua, these tough three years have
created me, a trial by fire, 6 bogus arrests in three years, I
have wrought a situation that will be the down fall for the
wicked, leprosy, aids, cancer & a lot of other things like eating
their own friends & family, I learned the gift of sorcery near
two years ago & have applied it big time,
I have given my technology & my literature & art as a means
of curse, people thought they were making money of of me by
taking my creations but what they were doing was spreading
my message of destruction across the earth through science
education & media, nothing is free,

I believe the pison is white men maybe jews & the angelic,
the gihon are blacks & the demonic
the next hiddekel for another race & animals
& the Euphrates another race & plants
just a theory

Joshua spoke of the 5 wise & foolish virgins,
in the days of Vlad Dracul it was no different
than the day of our Lord, the poor were given
banquets & locked in & burn down the barn
with the poor in it, this was literal & allegorical,
those 5 thousand were allegorically the 5
disciples in the upper room who were set
a light & the only 5 disciples who received
the fire of the holy ghost, those 5 were not
in agreement with each other though they
were, but that they were in agreement with
themselves in terms of being one with the
only 5 disciples were there with Mary who
I believe never received it as I believe she
had Munchausen Syndrome & also had a
hand in the hanging of our Lord on the tree,
the 5 were 5 & they were also allegorically
numbered as five thousand after being
oxen whose numerical evaluation is 1,000,
& those 5 also got 5,000 literally saved,
the room they were in was probably literally
let a light & in the allegory of the fire of the
holy ghost as well, an oxen’s numerical
evaluation is 1,000 which is a term of God
or the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet
which is Omega,
unless you are illiterate or have no remedial
skills you won’t know that in the book of Acts
that there is a disciple named Niger, I guess
that is one word that racists & nigger sayers
seem to have overlooked ,

when Jesus was taken by Satan to the pinnacle
of the temple it probably wasn't a literal
movement but that the Lord was working as
labor & was already there & that is when Satan
tempted him to jump,

this is after three years of percolating &
the initial of months of dissecting the scriptures at punctuation point to punctuation point, then in November spending from 9am to 4am or 5am of dissecting 5 bibles & an Aramaic translation of the n/ Testament & my knowledge of Norse mythology,
after 2 weeks of late nights I got my first touch of the fire of the holy Ghost & had an experience like the Zen cloud for 30 days, this thesis is after 3 years of perking & mulling over my thoughts,
the little Horn & the Son of Perdition is not a wicked individual but righteous, unless you are touched deeply by the Holy Ghost it is impossible to divide the scriptures properly as Paul would say, The Beast of the book of the Apocalypse & the head wounded is a righteous individual he is not wicked,
the character Abaddon is righteous as well, he is tore from Greek mythology as he is the character Narcissus & trapped in the pond like the wounded head, he revives & breaks out of the pond & the wound is healed, everything in the bible is both allegory & literal, the wound to the head is both allegorical or symbolic of emotion & awareness, he is also struck dead but revives,
the wound is both allegorical or in terms of emotion & awareness & reviving of his reality & the awakening of the spirit to do with the holy ghost, as well literal as in his death,
Daniel 11:37 where it says he will not regard women is literal, not gay, just beyond it, & as well when the woman or bird to try to enter him, he rebuffs that bird or woman or wicked spirit to chase him but he rebuffs that spirit like a Ruth spirit out of Isaiah where it says not to uncover your friend’s nakedness by plying with booze, that is the spiritual or allegorical sum of the book of Ruth which was literal,
you can count on every character of the scriptures like the beast & the little horn as being righteous, unless you have the holy ghost with fire you will interpret the scriptures wrong, the entire book is a language of tongues as Paul said he spoke a lot of, gibberish isn’t tongues it is an angelic language, tongues is allegorical writ, tongues is like a message done in poetry like prose,
think of a white idiot trying to dissect ebonics, won’t get far, Paul even calls himself the man of Sin & not many seem to notice that, I read a lot of the Aramaic translation of the N/ Testament & found that the word Elohim bounces back& forth from being Jehovah & the little lord Satan,
in Exodus where it says that the lord bargained for Moses death at the inn, that was Satan & I believe the note of Paul saying that Satan tried to get Moses body, also in kings or whatever where Nathan called Solomon Jedediah cuz the lord favoured him, this too was Satan,
like I said, the bible is for insiders & if you aren’t an insider & be baptized by the fire you’ll never be able to translate it, like I said those characters everyone thinks are wicked are actually righteous it’s just that no one can translate it correctly cuz they haven’t the spirit, in Daniel where it says the little horn will speak blasphemies to the god of heaven, this actually means that the son of perdition would rail against the human powers who rule the earth not of Jehovah, not Jehovah but the human powers, it’s by translation hey,
this is my thesis of the last three years of percolating, if you get awakened in your spirit I recommend you dissect the scriptures in a few bibles any knowledge of myth & cross reference it & go from punctuation point to punctuation point, you know what, maybe if you do this anyway it may awaken you, I could write up to 10 lines off of even one part of a verse, I spent in total 8 months from start of dissecting the scriptures, you could easily fill a full page off of one verse, dissect it mull it over, tear it apart & read into it any meaning, if you get any wrong it won’t matter cuz if you continue you will correct yourself in time, & try to keep your head as you read & not get sucked into delusion of meanings cuz it is as if there are spirits like the Cerberus who guard the scriptures for those who can’t hold onto reality & get sucked into fallacistic ways of interpretation & become wayed & lose the true meaning, like a Cerberus who try to deceive those who dig to try to ruin their ability to divide it properly, I faced this a few times & those spirits are very strong & it was very difficult to keep my head, they can hound you for many days as you try to wade through& get out the other side,

I am going to pass the veil between now & November 30th, when I return my young in spirit will rise with me, they are designated to red blue teams, if you’re the proper color you will rise with me, I believe there will only be 40 in total,
when I return from beyond the veil the True Gods will begin to awaken & be prepared to rule again as they did in the Atlantian days of the Book of Noah, my mission is to give them back their power to rule those who are left behind on earth & haven’t died to be sent either to heaven or the Lake of Fire, if you are still here when the Lord returns you will be left behind to live your eternity here on a translated earth, those who die pass to heaven or the Lake of Fire, those who are still here have their heaven or Lake of Fire experience on a new earth for eternity,
Samson ground on the mill & died & was taken to heaven the other who ground who is the on of Perdition was left behind, Joshua who was in the field died & went to heaven, the Son of Perdition was in the field & is left behind on a new earth with those who remain till the Lord returns,
when I return from beyond the veil the earth may then be in darkness, I have used warfare to create eternal darkness on the earth for eternity, this will come about one day, one day people will walk & the vehicles will be left behind as technology will run out & magic & sorcery & the powers of the True Gods will be awakened one more time, a time like Conan would wet himself for,
when I return these things will begin, I will pass before November 30th my birthday s a sign also to my 40 children, these things are yoked,

there were only 5 disciples on the day of
Pentecost who got baptized by the fire,
not the eleven but only 5 in that room, I
believe they were Matthew, Mark, John,
Peter & James, it’s a very exclusive club,
5 wise, 5 foolish,

it wasn’t the agreement between the people but individually in their hearts that got them the fire, & it was 5 in allegory & literal, 5 men as a symbol to the 1,000 which is the ox, each man would have become a 1,000 or oxen & they would have turned 5,00 as well, 5 as a denotation of 1,000 each & the 5,000 to be saved, this is the literal & allegory of the 5 wise & 5 foolish who were probably not in the upper room,
1,000 means oxen or Omega,& there were 5 men each being an Oxen, Mary his mother probably never got saved as i believe she was part of those who got him hung, I believe Mary Magdalene never got saved either, like I told others, when Jesus was tempted by the devil on the pinnacle of the temple, he didn’t literally translate him up there but that Jesus was working on the construction of the temple & was already up there & that then the devil appeared in the spirit not physically, but that the devil entertained the Lord’s mind to tempt him not physically appeared, I believe that Mary gave Jesus mandrakes to drug him to create the situation for Jesus to be plagued by hallucination, & in these hallucinations the spirit world was cracked to the Lord & this is how he came upon his 40 days in the wilderness,
he wasn’t literally in the bush fighting animals & beasts but that the Pharisees who are the bulls & wild beasts who were trying to convert him to their having a woman or bird, he was battling their trying to convert him not a literal wilderness & trees & animals but people being the beasts trying to convert him into having a woman or demonic spirit as his woman or bird, neither did Satan appear literally but poked into the lord’s mind as a temptation in his mind as the spirit world would have been opened to him no different than doing LSD or PCP & the nether world being opened, possibly his mom having Munchausen Syndrome & spiking his drink with mandrakes ,
when people do LSD they can have both hallucinations & also ideas out of the ordinary, it’s not always visual & it was most likely like that for the Lord if Mandrakes were involved, both visual & mental visitations not just physical apparitions,I’ve had both visual& mental apparitions & the Lord’s was most likely the same as this is the result of taking mandrakes, both visual & mental,
I’ve battled 7 arch devils in visual & emotional visitations as there are 7 arch devils & the crown being the Queen Lucifer, the 7 arch devils are after the 7 Canaanite cities that Israel never conquered & that of Egypt who is the Queen, this is taken from either Exodus or Deuteronomy or Leviticus, can’t remember but those kingdoms are yoked in those scriptures,
Lucifer is a black woman from the area of the river Gihon as i believe blacks immigrated through out Africa from Ethiopia, from the scripture of the four rivers of Eden & the note of Ethiopians & cheetahs from Isaiah, Pison is Joshua, the second child is Lucifer & the third Hiddekel & then the Euphrates, each is a one, Jews I believe of Pison where there is gold & the angelic I believe , Lucifer & blacks & the demonic from Gihon & animals from the Hiddekel & maybe another race then the Euphrates another race & plants,

I spoke two verses over the demonic realm to get them purified, I put a force of the verses over them for them to be purified to enter the Lord’s rest, this was September 2010, one day the demonic will return to me as New Jerusalem& they will be my wife, me being the 144,000 in allegory who are virgins in spirit who rebuffed the women or birds or demonic spirits who came to tempt them,
there will be a literal 144,000 who are saved & me the allegory of the 144,000 who is the last child & the virgin who will wed the demonic when they are purified, the Lord said a house divided against it’s self can’t stand, this was to call out the father Jehovah who is day & light & white & that of the Queen& the demonic & black& night, the two parts of the house is that of God & that of the Queen& her girls, these are the two sides & I imagine there are 4 sides to the house as there are 4 rivers signifying the four parts of the family, the house as four parts like the four rivers signifying the four generations of man & spirits & creations like animals & trees & angelic & demonic & African etc,
the whole house not just the angelic in Jehovah, if there are those deluded to lift up Satan as a sinner they will be eating crow big time cuz she & her flock will become purified one day to enter the lord’s rest & those who lifted her up in sin will be hung out to dry big time & at a massive loss in extremely foolish delusion,

blacks & whites are saved differently in terms of the Lord’s salvation like the difference between males & females, males are day & that of Jehovah & have a responsibility to be upright in spirit & flesh,
male day & the lord, & night Africans & the Queen Lucifer who is an Ethiopian woman, it is my belief that Africans spread out from their birth place of the Gihon river & Ethiopia like the four rivers of Eden, Lucifer is an Ethiopian woman of the Gihon, Joshua is the Pison the first child in the creation of light like it says in the first few verses of the Gospel of John, & Lucifer the night the second child & her demonic girls who are the spiritual side of the African side & part of the family of the Lord,
in September of 2010 I spoke two verses over the demonic to force salvation & their purification for the entering of the lord’s rest, this covers Africans in general as Africans are of the house of Lucifer, Africans like women are saved differently than whites who are the first child, you know what it has nothing to do with racism but the part of the house or family you are with,
for instance if you are 007 the women will always be by your side by the end of the film as in terms of the Lord’s rest, the king come home & his harem is waiting for him in the upper room, yep, in the end when the king comes home all the women know where to find him,
the king always has his 72 virgins, if you wanna say all people are equal you’ll be deluding yourself, not everyone can be a king & not everyone can be a wife, Africans are of the house of the Queen Lucifer, the Lord is faithful to women as they are the weaker & need support & protection & as they are so fully abused the way Africans have been for so long,
God is faithful to women, a house divided against it’s self will not stand as the Lord said & in this the four rivers being four different races, the home has four walls & four parts of the family like the four rivers of Eden, the house will be whole with all parts, pison & that of Jewry & the angelic & Africans & the river Gihon & Arifans & the Hiddekel & animals & an other race & that of the Euphrates & plants 7 another race, this is my belief, like a father, his wife & the two children, evry one has their own estate,
you can bank on every slave who died as having passed to the lord’s rest & not even one slave owner as having passed to the lord’s rest, those Africans who died as slaves would be now, most likely dancing on the graves of the wicked, every one of them,

if you were an African, you’d have to be very bad if Jehovah was gonna kick you out of bed, if you were a Lady Bathory or Jezebel or Idi Amin, you get my flow,
Bishop Tutu or that black guy who became the leader in S Africa, Yo Mama I don’t know, you get me though, the guy won’t bend over to pick a guy up, doesn’t care about the probable increase of cops killing Africans, oh ya Ray Charles, oh ya, I know,
Jesse Jackson, MLK, Malcolm X, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Barry White, 2Pac, Biggie, you know, I don’t know it all but God is not a man, but in tenses he is if you know what I mean, the good Samaritan & the guy who fell into robbers & thieves, oh ya, the lord is faithful to those who live their lives under the heel of the rich & powerful, you know I would guess, oh ya, you see a wounded cat on your walk & you pick it up & take it home to nurse it back to health,
the Lord a smouldering wick he would not put out, a bruised reed he would would not break,

medusa, the heel of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent, high heels, the heel lifted off the head of the serpent, hair up dos the same thing, the head of medusa gets cut off to kill the woman & then the serpents gore is what kills the Kraken, I imagine that the Lord is the Kraken as per the washing of the Lord’s feet by that of Mary Magdalene, the serpent & the woman killing the lord who is the Kraken, crazy high,
the number 42, dunno what it means, but I do know what 1,260 the number in the book of the Apocalypse 12 is though, 1,000 means God or IOxen & is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet or Omega, 200 is that of 2 which is woman or Gihon or Lucifer, the 100 means birth, 6 of the sixty is man& the 10 of 60 means whole as in that of the joining of the 5 wise & the five foolish to make a whole number in 10,
in the scriptures they don’t use 10 as in the 10 having the left eye knocked out, they use score & half a times & such like that a times & a half a times & such, the bastardization of numbers was to create numbers like 10 as those in power to create numeric that are symbolic of evil things like the 0 in the 10 having the left eye knocked out,
the number 1260 means the joining of God in a marriage with that of Lucifer in purification of the wholeness of a man, the joining of that of God & that of Lucifer in the marriage of the five wise & the five foolish, this is that of the holiness of a man in the 144,000 singers as the virgin marrying new Jerusalem as that of the new Jerusalem is sanctification in the wed of that of God in a man with that of the five wise & the five foolish in union, God in the 1,000 & that of the birth of Lucifer in that of 200 & the 60 being that of a man in the union of the five wise & the five foolish in the ten part of the 3 score, that is the meaning of 1260,

the Lord said to pluck out your right eye to enter heaven,
these guys did the opposite, the ha, oh ya the left eye out
& a laugh about it to nail it to the Lord, or like 10 which has the left eye knocked out as in the '0" of the number 10,

Abraham bought a plot for Sarah’s burial for 400 silver, this means 100 birth & 4 meaning to break forth, or in other words, after 400 years they would break forth as a nation, that guy cursed Abraham by that number, Abraham was so rich & powerful that the guys in Canaan hated him, oh ya he knew what he was doing by selling the plot for 400 silver,
1 means male or light for the first day, 2 female & night, 3 is dunno, but 4 means to break forth, like the four angels at the Euphrates who get unleashed, four means to break forth,
7 means fullness, 8 means completion & 10 means whole,
7 fullness for the 7 letters & the fullness of the powers as there are 7 arch angels & 7 arch devils, 8 is completion after the numeric of the 7 days are done that we either enter the Lord’s rest or the eternal prison & 10 is whole after the five wise & the five foolish are joined,
by the way, the 10, yep, left eye knocked out as a slag to the Lord’s note of plucking out the right eye to enter heaven, contemplate the number ten as an “X”, you get my swagger brother,
in the book of Genesis Jehovah says to leave Moab alone, David went to war with Moab & the result was Bathsheba, the reason was that Ammon is the first or Alpha & the Lord would protect that of Moab in the last days for his Omega, in the book of Daniel the Lord says the man who is the Son of Perdition would favour Moab, I believe this is for the house of Laban, for these days Israel attacks those of Laban’s house by proxy through the USA,
Jacob promised Laban he wouldn’t cross the obelisk of stones, but in this day Jacob or Israel is by proxy attacking that of Laban through the USA, when the Lord said if a man dies his wife is free to marry another, well, Israel hung the lord their husband, & that was the Lord’s way of divorcing himself from a wayward wife, & now, Israel has nothing in the Lord cuz of that divorce, Israel is nothing in the Lord for their murder of their husband, Israel is nothing in the Lord for this,
if Israel thinks they have a claim in Jehovah they are way wrong & in delusion

I believe it is in Romans where Paul says it is a abomination for the Lord to be associated with the cross, the reason for that is that in those days crucifixion was not just a capital punishment but also a sacrifice to the sun god Moloch or AKA Lucifer, so basically he was getting a capital punishment & being sacrificed to their sun god Moloch,

I am host to 8 animal angelic spirits,
there are 7 arch & the crown of them,

like the 7 arch devils in the 7 Canaanite
cities the Hebrews never conquered & the
top one in Egypt who is Lucifer & the 8th,

the 8 angelic are as follows
black widow spider,
wolf spider,
spinning spider,
kundulini from the two brazen serpents,
Ouroboros or Quetzalcoatl,
white buffalo,

plus I have had apparitions & visitations
from the 7 arch devils & the last one was
the Queen in Lucifer,

Jormungandr is Yggdrasil, the serpent they call
the midgard serpent is the Fountain & is the tree
Yggdrasil who is the land of Midgard or that of
our physical plain of existence, the Midgard
Serpent is our planet earth & the heavens in
our plain of reality, it is also called

bitchfrost is the name I took for myself
after the name of my future wife Lucifer
the Queen of Ethiopia & Africans,
it is my belief that all Africans took their
immigration through out Africa starting
from the Gihon river a sacred river in
Ethiopia as it says in the 2nd chapter
I believe of the Book of Noah,
I believe that Gihon & Ethiopia are the
place Africans came from, Moses 2nd
wife was an Ethiopian of which his brother
& sister hated, I don’t believe Aaron or
Mary passed to life for this,
Lucifer is the Queen of Africans, the
first river was the Pison for Jesus in
the first day being created in light,
then darkness & that of the Queen &
the demonic, one day all demonic will
be pure off the two verses I spoke over
them to force a purification on them so
they too can have mercy for the Widow
to enter the Lord’s rest, there are 4
rivers for the four parts of God’s family,
Pison & whites or Jewry & the angelic,
then the Gihon for the demonic & Africans,
the Hidekkal for another race & animals
& the Euphrates & that of plants with
another race, the Lord said a house
divided will not stand, well, I’m here to
tell you that most houses have four walls
if you get my flow, non will be left out
except those created for their decision
to pass into the lake of fire,
very few Pison will pass because of the
responsibility they have denied, mostly
the Gihon & the Hidekkal & the Euphrates
will pass to life,
the 144,000 singers are a literal & allegorical
persons, literally 144,000 pison will pass & the
person who is the 144,000 who is me the
last child & singer & virgin untouched by not
having a wife or bird or woman as in says in
Daniel 11:37, then there will be the allegorical
persons of the New Jerusalem who are the
Gihon people & that is allegory for Africans
& that of who New Jerusalem is literally in
the Queen Lucifer, yep Lucifer is to be purified
to be come with her girls in the New Jerusalem,
religiodites or Christians have such a hard heart
that they would never think to cleanse a hooker
like Lucifer & let even the Widow to pass to the
Lord’s rest, they are so filled with hate &
bitterness that they’d never entertain the idea
of letting the Woman be in those numbered
for salvation,
Religiodites would never have such a big enough
heart to let a beggar enter the Lord’s gates they
are so steeped in bitterness & hatred, church is
basically a networking place for business people
or those who want to be self righteous &
condescend those who they think are not worth
any gift, you’ll almost never see a Christian bow
down to pick up a hurt & wounded person they
are into flash show & image that they would never
let an outsider in, if you walk into a church as a long
hair male you’d be chastised, what I smoke & you
rail on me while it’s ok for you to visit the liquor store,
even Jesus drank wine, but if you have sex apart from
wanting a child you are in sin huh, pfft, pastors &
religiodites talk as if Jesus never took a pooh or
pee, what was Jesus a chees pizza floating around
Jerusalem, what, he was just a wisp of smoke
travelling around Israel snuffing up people’s noses,
seriously who is their God that he never took a
pee or was some milk toast flaccid idiot, what
they act as if Jesus was a limp wristed fag too
weak to fold a pizza sandwich, it boggles my
mind how they could neuter the guy’s image so
bad, it’s beyond comprehension how they could
nut a guy so bad that they could send everyone
to hell & Jesus was too weak to suck on a bottles
nipple, absolute retardedness, brutal,
if Jesus is such a weakling & milk toast fag how
could you see him being tough enough to send
everyone to hell the way the Christians are with
the hardness of their hearts, sheesh,

in Daniel the little horn that blasphemes the powers
in heaven hasn’t been expounded properly, those
powers in heaven are in this tense the high powers
on earth not literally God & Jehovah, it is talking
about the kings & presidents & those in power not
everything like these prophecies of the Horn or the
beast are paradoxes not parables, if you don’t know
the insider’s speech you’ll never get the story correct,
I read an aramaic translation of the New Testament,
in the book of the Apocalypse it says Elohim which
means God, but unless you have the Holy Ghost you
won’t realize that every time it says Elohim it is near
always switching back from meaning the devil & then
every time it says Elohim it isn’t just meaning God,
but if you haven’t the Holy Ghost you won’t know
which is which, & part of the allegory of the beast
is this, that Joshua died & came back from the dead,
that is one of the meanings of the wounded head,
then there is the Son of Perdition who in mental &
emotional state is dead but is awoken to have his
bird or woman in the holy ghost & the baptism of fire,
there is no verse in the bible that says there in a man
called the anti-christ, it says it is a spirit, the man is
more better named The Son of Perdition & unless you
knew that Paul called himself the Man of Sin, you might
think the Son of Perdition is a sinner, but you’d be wrong
I know the bible like the back of my hand, I’ve been baptized
by the fire of the holy ghost easily way over 20 – 30 times,
the verse in Daniel 11:37 where it says the man will have
no regard for woman, well, do you guys even know what
a woman is, you think chicks are women or spirits, cuz I
had 7 women come to me & I denied each & every one
of them, but my question is, do you know what a woman is,
both jesus & Paul followed the god of forces & so do I, it is
a type of warfare to deal out to the wicked, & if you wanna
know perhaps what the man having no regard for the gods
of his fathers might mean, well think of this, my entire desire
is to re-establish the True Gods of the days of the Book of Noah,
I have wrought sorcery to re-awaken Jormungandr & Sliepnr who
is the woman to deliver the Gods to life when she is strong enough,
my entire game is to re-establish the True Gods to their former estate
as in the days of the Atlantian Age before the flood, you can try &
fail if you hav’t got the powers of Jehovah behind you,
or you can succeed by being on the right side of the tracks,
my belief is that if that Supernova is coming from the belt of
Orion this will create the atmosphere for the True Gods to rise
& those their Nephilim & those chosen by God in their faithfulness
to be the rulers on the New Earth who are those left behind,
the radiation will create new bodies for the True Gods & their
Nephilim, I am a realist to the core,
if you have no clouds & you cut timbers for 120 years for an
ark & the giant are stealing the timbers & burning them to
smelt Iron & other metals, will that smoke create participate
& clouds that will create the atmosphere for the first rains in
the floods of Noah,
yep I’m a realist, like Jesus already being on the top spire as
a temple labourer & possibly the devil arriving in the form of
a crow or some bird & the Lord sensed the spirit in the said
bird & this was how possibly the devil tried to coerce the Lord
to jump, I doubt the devil appeared & picked him up, the Lord
was probably already there & a bird came by & the spirit of
the devil communicated through the bird,

me being the only guy since Jesus who would
desire to save a beautiful woman in the widow
from the flames of the lake of fire the chenneroth,
not one other believer has such a love for women
or those in the bondage to sin, the only guy with
the love to truly reach out to the lost,
the two verses I spoke over the demonic to force
cleansing upon them for them to be purified to
enter the Lord’s rest, the only believer with the
love to reach out to the truly lost, & re-establish
them to their former estate as the True Gods of
the days of Noah,

when the radiation from the supernova from the
belt of Orion hits, the radiation will either make
your hell or your heaven by changing the very
properties of your person,
you will either become the new age’s Nephilim
or a slave, I’m expecting in sometime in this
November off dreams I’ve had, this is my belief,
before I turn 41 in November 30th,
the 40 for me, allegory & literal, allegory reality
& continuity,

I wouldn’t call myself a christian, I’m a mass believer in God,
but bank on every pastor & near every religiodite burning at
the end of the day,
I’m possibly awaiting a supernova from the belot of Orion
which I am lead to believe by dreams that it will be our
version of the flood,
first I’m expecting miracles to start a false revival & delude
to idiots, then who knows, but by the time it hits my race
transformed by the radiation of the supernova, bang it’s on
that will I believe be the Lord coming back,
entertain this idea,
noah cutting down gopher wood timbers for 120 years
& the giants stealing them all & burning them to smelt iron
& form weapons, never rain huh,
it’s my belief that the smoke & the loss of trees is what
created the clouds that had the very first rains to create
the flood, I’m big on being realistic & rational where as
most have a myth of God being a fag or a guy who never
took a pee or ate to make a lump on the ground,

I am llead to believe that Nimrod created stairs & was one of the characers Orion was modeled after among other like Samson & Lucifer