Tuesday, 6 May 2014

stem cell military applications,

create stem cell applications for the catalytic
chemical reactions in the muscles that manage
motion or kinesis,

create more synapsis & increase the transmitters
that manage motion, the chemical reaction
& electro-transmitters that manage motion,

increase synapse as well as transmitters, or
like a previous post, salts that mimic the
chemical transmitters to increase speed &
motion in the body, like a V for Vendetta,

salts to mimic the transmitters, speed, dexterity

electro, extremis, increase the synapse
& the transmitters that manage motion to
increase the catalytic heat & current in a body,

have the synapse jolt & increase transmitters
as the catalytic or energy touches the electro
osmatic chemical reaction in the energy flow
in the muscles that manage motion,

the current of ACDC that could possibly
react to the already present electro reaction
in the osmatic reaction that manages motion,

the increase of ACDC introduced to the
already present electro-osmatic-chemical
reaction increases the transmitters in the
body & increases synapse hence like
a fuel cell managing an increase of fuel by
taking the introduction of ACDC &
transmits it as an increase of synapse &
electro-osmatic-chemical transmitters,

the introduction of ACDC increases both
the present synpase count as well as the
electro-osmatic-chemical transmitters,

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