Sunday, 11 May 2014

the ages & the deal, betweenn Jacob & Laban,

Laban of the east by Iran or Iraq told
Jacob not to cross back over a pile
of rocks to the home of Laban,

Israel has by proxy used the American
war machine to defile this agreement
with Laban & his descendants,

for this in this day Israel will be punished,
on top of Jehovah telling jacob not to attack
Ammon in a deal, as David to
reprise his men having been half
shaved on their beards before that war
of David vs Ammon,

in the war with Ammon David stayed
behind & ended up getting
into trouble with Bathsheeba,

in the scripture Jehovah said he would
take care of the children of
Ammon, Moab & that of the childeren
of Edom, Jehovah will give
protection to the childeren of Edom,
MOAB & Ammon as per Daniel 11:41,

in other scriptures it says Jehovah will
have a place for that of Amon,

God told Jacob to never attack that
of Ammon,

Ammon or amen, & MOAB as the first
daughter hailed in the bomb MOAB,
mother of all bombs, Ammon the
childeren of the young daughter of
Lot & MOAB the childeren of the
eldest daughter of Lot,

Jehovah will judge Jacob for the breaking
of their agreement with Labban & his

in all days & particularly the end Jehovah will
pull out for Edom & for the childeren of
Ammon & that of MOAB,

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