Friday, 23 May 2014

the speed of light,

have a massive hole, a strip mine preferably,

have the hollow adorned with reflection diamonds,

like a centrifuge,

shot a beam of light to the reflective diamonds
as the light bounces around the reflective
diamonds in the hollow,

the desire, create the speed of light, put a housing
over top & have like a scope on top like an
astronomers scope, create the speed, shoot
it to satellites,

in other words, the death star,

if two or more beams of light can create matter,
just imagine if you could shoot those beams
through the glasses at speed & have it materielize
as it hits it's destination,

velocity, projectiles created & shot at the sped of
light to it's targets,

be more powerful than the tungsten rods in rods
from god that they had in the second GI Joe,

imagine shooting light & combining the lights for
mmaterielizing of the light into matter as at the
speed of light it hits it's designated hit zone,

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