Sunday, 11 May 2014

groves of the latent abilities of the fruit,

I can't recall the book in the old testament
but it reviews Oak Poplar & Elm, these
are an allegory of the three temptations of
Christ, same as 1 John 2:16, the body
 mind & the third to be God,

I believe the groves of the ancients were
these three trees, investigate the properties
 these trees have, contemplate, fuel for the
 body mind & immortaliy, I sent the NSA
a reply on their Mission Monday to decode
the Jews Torah & Da Vinci & Nostradamus
 to see if there are codes in there for
technology not up to date with a pathology
persey, imagine those three trees again,

the ancients hadn't the technology to match
 the pathology they were interested in, those
three trees, Elm possibly immortality, Adam
& Eve kicked out of Eden before they ate
of the tree of life, they may have known a
pathology but their technology wasn't good
 enough to crack the power or possibilities,

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