Monday, 23 November 2015

limb growth concept,

my writ on possible bone re-growth, it's 
my concept untested as I have no resources 
just my imagination,

a nub on a wrist or lost teeth, on a 
nubbed wrist to put 5 small bones or just 
one bone on the end perpetually, there is 
cutting a bone & a brace to extend the 
divide as the bones grow to meet each 
other, it's used to lengthen a limb,

imagine having a piece of bone on a 
limb's nub that the bone would draw 
out the limb to possibly grow the missing 

imagine a bone on the end of a limb's nub
that drew out the groth of bone in a nub to
possibly re-grow a lost limb piece,

Sunday, 22 November 2015


my concept at a multi-verse, in math grade 12 
we learned a wave, using cos sine & cosin there
 is a constant for an equation, the equation 
creates a wave, now imagine finding a parent 
& familial wavelengths that are unite, like 
colors they are differential & familial, magnetics 
are familial & reverse differential,

find the familial from the properties of plus & 

if you find the familial from this & that you may 
find our parental wave of or familial & differential,
 if you find the crown wave of which the familial 
waves originate from we may find our personal
 universe & if we find the parental wave length 
for our universe we can possibly find other 
wave lengths for others if there are a multi-verse,

hope that makes sense,

 if for universe a parental were found, to possibly 
travel to another of the multi-verse, create 
containment & shift our parental to another
 parental of another universe & encapsulate
 it possibly like a fish in a plastic bag in your 
hand, create a capsule with the parental 
wave-length of the other of the universes that
 it may be like the teleport of Star Trek, hope 
that makes sense,

 imagine if it were as easy as the correct
 parental wave-length being beamed like a 
headlight & the portal opens & go in,

if our parential wave-length were to be found
it would be the key to discovering how to find
other universe parental wave-lengths, 

possibly run algorithms on elements to find
a parental wave-length, run an algoritm to piece
a parental, looking for consistences & similarities,

run scans to see the consitances as a means to 
dissect  a frame of references to possibly puzzle
a parental, use like wave-lengths though light in 
other dimensions may be different, but possibly
a pattern may be found in the periodic table of
elements as a standard for our dimension,

Thursday, 12 November 2015


basically all guys who get married settle for the first woman,

but imagine if you refused the first woman at your door, maybe
the second one might have more money or connections, but
if you too refuse the second then maybe the third might have
even more,

walking up those steps huh, imagine if you refused the love
of three women then what, would people call you a Lord perhaps,

if even more came & you refused those too, imagine what
they might call you,

refusing all these women, who knows what that might bring,

but alas, near all men fall for the first pair of lips at the door,

why marry the first woman who comes along, why not wait
for a better offer,

Thursday, 5 November 2015

7 years,

Armageddon started in the garden of eden,

when the 7 years peace deal was broken was when Christ was
crucified, the pre 7 post Jesus time is like this, Joseph's 7 years
of plenty & the 7 years of famine, the 7 years of plenty being
pre-Christ & the 7 years of famine after Christ's death,

the parable of the pillar of sand by day & the pillar of fire by
night is as well those two 7 years spans, as spoken in Revelations,
the pillar of sand pre-Christ & the fire coming down from heaven post Christ,

when Jesus said after he died his people would fast, this is talking about
all the great miracles of God no longer taking place, that is the true fasting
after christ left,

the map of the bible & becoming a god,

on the surface the bible is about morality but if you like Jesus treat your life as such then the bible is a map on how to become a god,

Jesus did his derty by refusing the three temptations & used the Old Testament as a blue print of how to become god, & like wise with the advent of the New Testament there is a brand new opportunity for another to become a god,

like the first blade & the blood god or the first Lara Croft & the triangle the bible is a scavenger hunt to become a god, Jesus talked about two parables, the pearl & the buried treasure, these are congruant to the bible not just being about superficial moral laws but a way to become a god,

as jesus no doubt used the bible as a template & in being a man achieved
his goal so too another to use the bible as a plan to become god, like i said, on the surface it looks like a bunch of superficial moral laws but it is much more than that if you dig deeper,

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


if you are aware of the spirits in people, 
those spirits talk through the people 
they are in, if you have the gift of 
hearing when a spirit speaks through 
their vessel cool, cuz most times 
when the spirit through the vessel talks 
about violence it is the spirit speaking 
to it's own vessel,

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

splitting the root,

I used to give out a seed between Dec 2010 & summer 2012,

it was a seed to open the door to the crossroads, gave it
out to around a 100 people, some times all i needed was
a witty comment & I saw it go in there,

this is what they mean by splitting the root,

there are quotes of this,

king of nothing


pauper in paradise,

a king of nothing has not the gift of the spirit & like
Fenrir caught in the mythical Gleipnr,

while though a man be poor if he has the seed he
is like deep deep water with activity in his spirit,

with the seed you have an untold gift while if you
haven't the seed you are deluded by your own bath

the bible is all about this, the gift of the Buddha is
no different, the bible is about one thing & this is it,
the Buddha is about the same thing,

the bible is not truly about superficial moral laws but
about the gift of the spirit no different than the Buddha