Thursday, 26 February 2015

the prophetic & the psychiatric,

those who quote have psychiatric issues
all go off cues,

they usually speak off cues, if they go
off on a tangent & say certain things
they are going off cues,

say the sun is out a quote psychiatric
will talk about the beach or bikinis,

if it is raining the quote psychiatric
may talk about the green giant,

if there are women with red hair near
they may talk about ginger, the quote
psychiatric speak off of cues,

they take in the observation & speak
off their activated sub conscious,

the quote psychiatric take in the
surroundings & speak in terms they
speak of things they sub consciously
absorb from their surroundings,

there may be certain things happening
thousands of miles away, but they see
certain things in their immediate
surroundings & speak to those things
millions of miles away,

the quote psychiatric see their immidiate
surroundings & speak, at times it may
be near other times they are speaking
to things very far away, they code it
from their immediate surroundings &
speak to things happening or to be,

the sun rises in the east & a quote
psychiatric speaks of the sun setting
in the west,  if you are privy to Pink Floyd
& their coding of messages it is very similar,
you watch Pink Floyd the wall on acid
& it will clarify for seeing things deep
under the surface, or that of U2 & their
being the Pink Flyod of the Yuppies,

a quote mental illness is like being on acid,
& very much so as a quote by Nietzsche,
those dancing were thought to be strange
by those who could not hear the music,
Nietzsche's quote has never been so

below as an aside,

I tried reading a commentary on Nietzsche
& my favorite message of his just as one of
my favor concepts not really baering on
the message here, but that one speaks the
mountains  & one is let to fill in the valleys,

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

the words of Joshua, Supra Sapiens,

when Joshua was on earth he said greater things ye shall do,

at his time there was really no true form of technology the
way it is today, if you can give yourself exposure to drugs
or medications or chemicals, on top of exposure to the wave
lengths of energies,

the mutations of man from Homo Sapiens to Supra Sapiens
is what I am led to believe the lord was talking about, true
mutants like the X-Men,

true mutants breaking every known law of physics,

Monday, 23 February 2015


a matallic sheath to place over the
vertical of the spine to act as a
body builder's belt,

when doing squats etc you can
be congniscient to breath properly
& flex your diaphragm to keep
your back in place for the stress
of the weight,

a sheath to put on the spine as
an extra for the electrolitic
that goes through the spine
as one with all limbs in motion,

it's an advanced concept, but an
exo-spine to increase the strength
of the body through the advents
of an exo-spine,

Saturday, 21 February 2015

psychiatric intake,

I believe in the Old Testament the Lord said
he would pour out his spirit on all flesh,

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

50 more

another day another face, another story to break the pace, if I knew myself better than I used to, that in another life it wasn't meant to be me & you, as the sun rotates, the mouse the cheese & if I could I'd bate you, not for the master I am now or the game you could play I wouldn't break a stride that if I were riding to town on an ass, the close of your heart i've felt in a time that if the days & nights were to be I wouldn't have to, then one summer the sun set high & the horizon so low, the more I could the less we can, holding back horses has never been so impossible but any moment my mission to like a diamond break the ice, if it were any harder it wouldn't be so difficult, that you, that I, the winks the blinks the the moon in the sky, if like an angel you broke the heavens & fell down to mine arms the burn in my soul that the devil I know, if selling a piece of myself were to engender your sweet, the honey, the cream, the sugar in my coffee that more times than less & you had better believe if the twilight between us that the heat on my skin the array at the beach match the color of your heart, how is it my dear a tan on me & you by the watch of the less of hours that the depth of the darkness endure your glimmer & my knight on a white horse, if by the advent of morning or the decline of light I kiss you on the hips of a sunset or a moon eclipsing the hours of toil, if my skin were so to be lit, my heart the shade of your way, if a way my need that day & night be alone as you & I in the sky forevermore

nifty fades of shey,

three times if she said no, once if
she said yes, the butter in the
kitchen, if I had a french bread she
  knew, holding for cover I would
 ask if the pantry had wine, not
 most times but she always my
milk if I gave her a shake, when
no became yes it wasn't for a
disarm but for the scent of
satisfaction, she may never
have finished her graduate in
Langley but her ability to read
is unparalleled, the intuition of
a cat in heat or the desire to
climb mounts untouched, you
know the check & a mate is
made that very first time you
reprobate the cave of Plato &
finally step out into the sun,
that first braze of the kiss
de la solie, you can't mistake
that burn, if the shade is right
there are only black & whites
& no grey, it's what you can't
deny, it's what is made brick
 by brick, a house & the entrance
being the door knocker, a
wolf with a ring in it's nose,

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

terra forming

do drilling in the Antarctic,

I believe the earth is much
older than at the inception
of Adam & Eve,

do drilling for the oldest
ages & find the atmospheric
conditions, create terra forming
engines to replicate the
atmospheric condition of
ages long past, if they lived
to 800 or 900 years of age,
create terra forming engines
to replicate that atmospheric,
chemtrails designed to help
the atmospheric change,

possibly life expectancy
can change, for those at
elder ages there may possibly
be a retrospect of age reversal
to the congruency of the
expectant ages of death, say
if you are 50 & the possible
life expectant is 900 you may
retrograde to 450 years, possibly,

terra forming engines, possibly
you can site inject for regions
as per exposure to designated
locales of exposures,

mechano refitting, of bone & soft tissues,

if you can find the proper chelates with a
form of organic metals or chelates of
compounds as per NaCl or sodium chloride,
that as the body ups certain compounds
to integrate into the body, that the
compounds be constructed for the body
to integrate metals into the bone &
carbon or graphites into the muscles
or even carbons or graphites into the

find vehicles or transferring components
to transfer the compuonds to the bone
or muscle or connective tissues,

look for the proper transferring vehicles
that will do the job of the transferring
of the compounds to the bone & soft

if it is possible for psychiatric drugs to
be channeled to the brain I imagine a
transferring vehicle can be found to
send the compounds to the desired
destinations, create affinites that are
drawn to such destinations, re-nature
certain calcium compounds, or create
for second generational applications
for the destination,

re-naturing of supplements or straight
compounds, or use external applications
like a body flushed with an IV solution
& electrodes to activate the affinitive
of the solution to be drawn at the behest
of the channeling of the current of
those electrodes whether for bone or

for an IV bag & electrodes drawing
to bone or soft tissue destinations, use
an affinitive frequency common to
those selects of the body, triangulate
the frequency of each destination use
a push & a follow & draw the compounds
from the IV bag into the destinations,
use the current as the push for the
compounds to follow the push of the
current to the desired destinations,
use affinate & repellants to create a
loop for the current to go in & an
oppose like my conductive theory
on engines that the push & follow
never be even but at a decline for
the follow to follow the push,

combustion engine technology,

engine made of carbon to increase heat in each cylinder, no bottle of NOS but a bottle of oxygen, a scoop on the exhaust to screen & input combustible exhaust back into the cylinders, axial metals on the pos & neg terminals of the battery, the one going in as a less electrolytic conductive & the terminal going out of the battery more conductive for a decline of a force of the electric current,

Sunday, 15 February 2015

the full rendering of the experience of those who are quote mentally ill is that they are all prophets of some description,

hearing & the observation of the demonic,

if you had the gift of hearing or seeing the demonic, & both are near the same, I have both seen & heard the demonic speak,

if you in the least hear them you would just as quickly desire to be lifted of such a gift, if you in the least hear them you'll realize very quickly that all they do as they speak through people is with the only intent to hurt people,

for a while I had that gift I could hear them speak & all they do is threaten to hurt people, like the Lord rebuking Peter for saying the Lord will never die, it's like people with a demon think they are in control but sub-consciously the demonic speak through the host, & all they do is threaten to hurt people in the worst ways, those few months & longer I could hear the demonic speak through people was some of the scariest times of my life, if you can hear them then they are talking to you, & yes all they talk about is that of threatening to hurt people in the worst way,

yes, if you could hear the demonic speak you'd beg for that gift to be lifted from you, some of the scariest times of my life,

Thursday, 5 February 2015

the three temptations of Joshua,

the three temptations of Yashua are mimic in these three trees, oak, poplar & elm, also 1John 2:16

the third tempt being the one that got him killed to become God,

I drink elm leaf tea regularly,

those three trees are either in Isaiah or Ezekiel can't remember,