Sunday, 31 August 2014

hand signs,

the two hook em horns is proper,

the hang loose is proper if you
were a bow man & got your
index finger cut off,

the middle finger is the enmity
to those who cut off his index

the peace sign fingers, are those
who never got their bow index
finger cut off, truly peace,
possibly a beg to keep the
index upon capture,

in the scriptures it says not to
touch blood to blood, a holla
to the ancient Cosa Nostra,

yes they were doing cuts &
flame as entery to the mob
even in Isaiah's day,
beautiful huh,

below, the hang loose sign, this is the hook em horns for those who in battle in ancient days have lost their index finger due to most likely being an archer,

the middle finger is a reproach due to being an archer in ancient days & having had your index finger cut off to neuter the bowman ship,

the hook em horns is a holla to the two horns of the two beasts of Revelations or the two witnesses or that of Mazzaroth & Artcurus from the book of Job,

the two fingered peace sign, respect & peace, in days of yor the index of archeres was cut off when armies conquered, the middle finger if left while the index was taken the middle finger was a sign of reproach, so with both fingers intact, the middle means respect & the intact of the index is peace, or honor something like that,

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