Saturday, 21 June 2014


bunker busters to garwear
saudi arabia,

bunker busters to yellow
stone park,

hurricanes seeded in china
to remove smog so it can't
be used as an aid to
accelerant in ballistics,

create key locks that prevent
smog from being used as
an accelerant,

petrol coagulants with
 immunization for self vehicles,

jack in the box nukes,

emp waves from satellites,

light masses, light creating mass,
have projections over cities as a
soft shell,

light becomes mass, speed of
light projectiles,

surface tension gel shells over

algorithms in nukes, adjust algorithms
in all nukes for play on this or that,
your needs or disband,

rubics cube nukes, the wick burried
in a cube of mini ballistics,

ballistics in water zones for soft kills,

ballistics to major damns,

satellite emps vaping regions to stave
off ballistics,

metal or concrete corrosives, nano
corrosives, leech lime, like a rusty penny
on a stainless steel top, the zone is never
the same, it will never be clean of rust ever
again, accelerated rust from nanos
leeching on steel or iron,

plastic corrosives, crude oil particilate to
nano eat plastic say off wires, the plastic
corrodes to bear wires,

salt coiling, weather with vectored salts,
not necessarily NaCl but things that like
re-upped  hail the salt glues to small
working parts say on the fins of jets,
salt gelling on small moving parts to
bulk bodies,

use weather & seeding for hurricanes
or tornadoes by way of satellites,

shock waves of internet ACDC pulses
to rupture power lines & internet lines,
same with fiber optics, shock wave mass
power to rock soft connections,

blind lights, change the frequencies of
the light going through fiber optics,

canvas & clothing nano bites, ballistics
that wave out & eat cotton materials,
cotton corrosives, self always immunizations,

flash backing, flash wave other regions
of the ACDC infrastructure to change the
hertz or amps to destablize regions with
specific hertz & amps, say flash backing
the west with the flash waves of hertz
found in the EU, flash waving the west with
that used in the EU, souring the milk,

sour milk by disrupts in air for jets or
the ACDC for power lines, sour the milk,

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