Sunday, 27 July 2014

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shelob is real, in fall of 2012 I saw
her out my psyche-ward window, her size
about 10-15 stories high,

she wanted to enter me but my body is
too small to house her,

God knows all about el Diablo & could care

el Diablo is so massive that Jehovah lets
him loose to do his own thing, el Diablo
is mainly interested in games & having fun
not a life of wickedness, not that he isn't,

but his favorite pass times are things like
being in people to play card games or marbles
or other games, there is no hiding for him,

Jehovah just lets him do his own thing, he
isn't into doing bad or mean things to people
all he cares about is play type pass times,
yep games, cards, marbles,

Mathias 21:31, harlots & publicans in heaven
before the righteous, in other words, women
& human saved, in the end, not one demonic
spirit will be left in hell, only the human

people are angry at Jehovah that one or two
little sins or the inequality of Satan going to hell,

nope, only the human wicked will go to the
lake of burning fire, all demonic by the end will
be in heaven,

people are upset at God throwing people in hell for
having fun, people think Jehovah is unfair,
nope, only human unsaved will go to hell,

yes, the dirty girls or the birds or the demonic, all
going to heaven, only human wicked go to hell,

Daniel 11:37, people don't know what women are
if they think the guy is gay, who can tell me
what a woman really is, or grass, or trees,
or scorpions, or serpents,

Daniel 11:37 is a virgin, never been touched
by the demonic, Joshua, the first virgin,
Judas, at his fall he was crossing the wrong
side of the road, he met the crossroads the day
he let the devil into himself to betray Joshua,

yes, the big dipper, the North star,

only human wicked go to hell, Daniel 11:37,
Mathias 21:31, anyone still think they really
know what a woman is, till you open a bible &
all it is is a book on the golden rule, pfft,

if you really knew what a woman or grass were,
if you were to read Daniel 11:37 or Mathias 21:31,
would you really know what a woman truly is,

yes, no, how well do you really know the tales of

if people are angry at Jehovah's possible
unfair treatment, over these aeons the demonic have
paid their dues by being wed to men &
the abuse of the demonic in these liaisons,

the 1000 years reign is over, as the demonic
were loosed back into our realm, the 1000 years millennial
reign is over, & now, as I am led to believe things like
the sound barrier or the crack of atoms opened
a rift for the demonic to enter our realm,

the release of the demonic to fool the earth
one last time, at the end of the millennial
reign as in I believe the crack of atoms or
the rift breached with the breaking of the sound barrier,

the devil & his loosed to deceive men once more,
oh ya, they have paid their penance to enter the Lord's
rest, over these aeons the demonic have paid their dues
to finally enter rest finally after they are purified,

the unfairness of Jehovah, nope just fools lying to themselves,

was going to add on one more gem but I lost my train of thought,

yes, the unfairness of  Jehovah huh, dirty women & human saved while
the wicked all burn, unfair huh, satan does one sin &
that's it for her, nope, how could a loving God send people to hell,
as if no human has with the inclination of their
heart's killed or destroyed other's lives for no other reason than
perverse amusement

the two beasts of the book of the apocalypse

the two witnesses,

the big dipper the 7 heads of the 1st,

the north star the second beast or witness,

booyah, meow meow,

booyah, meow meow,

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