Thursday, 17 July 2014

basically the only reason for the bible,

basically the entire bible is nothing more than a
scavenger hunt to become God,

the first & second witnesses is the reasons for all

the two witnesses or the two beasts of the book of
the Apocalypse, a scavenger hunt for those two

Joshua the first beast in the Tetrahydrodon &
the second witness being the future god over
the new earth,

Joshua being the Pharoah in heaven to the
second beast being the Joseph over the new

Joshua the pharoah in heaven to the second beast's
being the Joseph on the new earth,

by now I imagine all that needs to happen from here
on in are just formalities or T's being crossed or I's
being dotted,

if you donh't know who you are by now it is a little
late in season for starting another scavenger hunt
of your own, non of these things can be giving
to others to help you, everything must be done on
one's own for an own's sake,

if you haven't already recieved then chances are
the last of your opportunity is lost to the ages of time,

the first Tomb Raider film was as close as any story
could get to the reality of this story,

becoming god not just one more body filling up heaven
or hell, the entirety of scripture would have been then
for the first wtness, possibly Paul & the second beast
or the second witness,

seats are ready & prepared for as of times ages ago,

those who will definitely will others who won't
surely won't,

I am lead to believe the main mission of masonry
was to become god, oh how the mission & the
health state of a consortium can fade,

if at one time the missions of masonry was godhood,
oh how everyone sold their souls just for a simple
job or job with esteem while the truth of the mission
is lost the the oblivion or loss of the concept that
rang in it's conception,

the Sparrow or Bathsheeba of our time, oh yes,
I know who & where she is, I am amazed that
no one has come to me for me to show her,

oh yes, my belief in Masonry is that the mission &
reason for masonry's creation, lost, the missions
& concepts of the conceptions of Masonry lost to the
ages of time,

as I have said in days past, some are putting
bricks in place while others are removing them,

the entire reason for masonry like christiany, a hall
or church just used for networking & having no
substance to the truth of the oaths at hand,

the loss to the ages of the reasons why these
 institutes were created, no more substance,
all cloud no rain, all hat no cattle,

the truth of the mission lost simply to networking
& that's all those consortiums are left with,

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