Monday, 30 September 2013

what a Quote mental illness is

all psychiatric disorders are one & one thing only,
emotional trauma, there are no mental illnesses,
they are all forms of emotional trauma,

what psychiatry is there for is to remedy a problem
that they have erroneously labeled a mental illn4ess,

all forms of people with those emotional traumas are
people in the wilderness much like Christ who fought
hard to find himself as those with quote mental illnesses,

the mental health industry is putting their hands on
something they have labeled again erroneously as a
sickness, but what it is is people in the wilderness
like Christ trying to find out who they are,

mental health is their effort to remedy a situation
that people are in that is very much a spiritual journey
that the by the book nurses & doctors are dealing with
in terms of brick, stone & concrete, while what is needed
to remedy the situation are open minded individuals
to deal with people on another field of vision than
just the physical,

what is needed to counsel those with a quote mental
illness are individuals with an open mind & who relates
to more than the physical but that of the ethereal or
as a person would call it, `being spiritual `

if all you know is plain wood & brick & concrete you`ll
never be able to relate to those with a quote mental
illness cuz they don`t just deal with the physical but
visions dreams, seeing spirits & having complex
understandings of things not part of the physical,

if all you are is by the book you will never properly
be able to communicate with those with a quote mental

having a mental illness is like learning on the fly how
to be a wind-talker or spirit talker or one who lives in
twilight, no one is there to teach these people how to
grow & all they have are themselves trying to sift the
meat from the bones in their lives while dealing with
doctors & nurses who are no where near their head
space in terms of the ethereal or the spirit cuz the
doctors & nurses & those involved in authority are
brick stone & concrete while those with a quote mental
illness deal with the physical & the immaterial,

there is no one to teach them they have to find their own
way in the difficulty of the wilderness experience &
trying to learn the nuances of the experience &
fitting in to the world most dead heads are in which is
the physical & that of money & a house while those
in the wilderness care for more than the physical but the
immaterial as well in respect of learning on the fly &
teaching themselves the finesse of being a thirteenth
warrior which is the pinnacle of the wilderness
experience to become a wind talker or spirit talker or
one who successfully walks in twilight,

by the way I`m nearly as far as I will need to be before
I get to the place of no return in terms of the stages
towards being a thirteenth warrior or one who walks
in twilight, for me it has been a journey that started
near Easter of 91, so i`ve been grinding at the wheel
for a long time to learn how to be an Oxen which is a
thirteenth warrior, Jesus was an Oxen, those who break
into the holy ghost become Oxen or termed the number
1,000 or the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet which is
also termed Omega,

an Oxen is the label for those who are close to having
 the power of God the way Jesus had it, he was an Oxen,

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