Friday, 16 October 2015

family tree in the spirit, angelic vs demonic,

on earth & in bodies of flesh animals 
are the closest relatives to the demonic, 
humans are the furthest but the closest 
beings in relation terms of a family, 
animals are way closer to be related to
the demonic, humans have near
 no relation to animals or the demonic,
 in terms of a family tree animals are 
sisters to the demonic,

on animal trees they show relation between
bugs or spiders or monkeys or lizards,

in terms of a family tree animals are
very close to the demonic& humans 
being the furthest, this is due to the
cognition of humans, in terms of
characteristics animals are right beside
the demonic,

humans having full faculty of consciousness,
while animals & demonic ruled by their instincts,

humans are beside God & the righteous
angelic due to our consciousness & ability
to chose,

the demonic & animals are ruled by instincts
& really have no cognition or ability to chose
beyond the nature of who they are, as opposed
humans have higher faculties,

it's difficult to elaborate on this, you either
understand what I'm trying to say, it's just
tough to put into words,

hope I get through,


animals being base as the demonic being base,

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