Saturday, 13 September 2014

for those with mental health issuse,

for those with mental health issues butter up my people,

if you've watched the film Constantine starring Rachel Wiez, she said she ignored her part of what she shared in her sister, basically that is it, possibly if at the axis there is a listing, if you forgo the gift & become quote normal you are treading on the blood of your gift,

it is like being a natural bowman but choosing never to pick up a bow, those who are quote mentally ill are those who pick up the bow & practice it till it is seamless the understanding & the control to manipulate the gift,

those who for go the gift for quote a normal mind have all thrown away the gift of the spirit, like Rachel Weiz character never picking up the bow that her sister did pick up to learn the gifts of having an open ear to comprehend the whispers of the ethereal,

basically those with a mental illness have been learning as they listen to the whispers like Xavier's character in X-Men Days of Future Past that he had to learn how to understand his gift of mind to conquer the difficulties of it to master the gift,

basically those who deal with mental illness are in the wilderness trying to master the gift they have entertained unlike those who have forgone the gift to be in society as quote normal or without mental health issues,

the properties of the gift include divining the future, reading the demonic spirits that talk, reading the seasons, knowing the spirit that speaks through people, in time as one matures, seeing spirits, putting 2 & 2 together & understanding, seeing through facades & seeing through the mists of reality, seeing more realities than just the physical but the spirit, learning to control the gift that it doesn't problem you any more, reading & multitasking the multiple gifts in our reality & managing without problems as one matures into the properties of the gift, 

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