Monday, 29 September 2014

iron man suit theory, reprise,

ironman suit theory,

a suit of copper & films of gold,

electro faze the suit to create a
magnetizing for drawing ACDC or
power from the atmosphere,
have the suit specially created from
nuclear fission plants to create
the proper magnetizing to draw
 the power from the atmosphere,

first make drones while investigation
literal suits, drones have more
properties to add with,

pistons of magnets with positive
& negative while positive to
 positive creates slide space,

neg to neg, pos to pos for flight
to the magnetizing a field of the
planet, reactors in chest & hands
feet for focal of the energy in the
suit's vacuum of energy,

a field for the energy round the suit
 from the energy vacuum from the
atmosphere to create both it's
power source & the reflective
field that in real time cycles for
the bombardment or any projectile
to regular cycle to analyze the
projectiles in combat,

a drone to start has more space
 for parts till a viable suit is ready,

make the entire suit as an opposite
reciprocate to the magnetic field of
the earth, make it a vacuum for
the field created by the earth, much
as I believe Tesla tried to popularize,
a free energy off the emp of the
planet it's self,

make the suit magnetized by being
immersed in a radiation from a specially
trained frequency to vacuum the
rads from the earth it's self for there
to be no energy pack but the planetary
emp being the energy source,

the mass of the planets electrical body
gives the possibility of an extremely
powerful energy source that could
give possibly nuclear weapon strength
force in it's wake,,

the foci of hand chest & feet would
basically be a form of magnefying
lens to thrust the power belt of
the energy streams, like having a
train of events to give the earth's
field a like lens magnefy to create
the force belts it thrusts from chest
hands or feet,

the copper body & gold film to
enhance it's magetic & vacuum
field to draw it's power from the
 earth & the van allen belt, the
copper & gold transversed through
the spcifically trained nuclear plant
to train the suit in a frequency &
pos to neg vacuum of the radiation
of the earth to vacuum into the
suit as a form of blackhole
force to give the suit it's power,

a tempered suit to pos to neg
vacuum the power & the metals
of copper & gold tempered to be
that blackhole force to vacuum it's
energy from the North South emp
& the van allen belt, a possible
perpetual motion till the suit decays
due to the continious friction of the
energy it takes in at full thrust for the
fullness of it's tempered peak to give
it's energy,

make pistons based on the anti-reciprate
of the neg pos of magnets, make them
 neg vs neg or pos vs pos for a air
 pocket to reduce friction & have
 an extra cell for power, sleeves of
neg vs neg or pos vs pos pistons for
speed reduced friction & enhanced
mobility due to no surface to surface
friction like there are in modern day
ICE vehicles,

contemporay ICE vehicles would be
better made with the pisot & head
magentized as pos vs pos or neg vs
 neg, there is a preference, the piston
high & thrust back from the vs temper
 of the head to create more thrust in
piston & shaft motion, pos & neg
has a preference to thrust & behavior
 for thrust back,

if the north is positive use neg vs
neg preferences on the north &
pos vs pos on the southern
hemisphere for suits suited to the

creating a vorticed suit is the same to
be suited for top or bottom hemispheres,
possibly a third suit for near the

a suit created in the south would be
used in the north & opposite for
the north,

I imagine suits would be about the size of
the goliath Jeff Bridges suit or that of the
whiplash character, small suits like
Ironman regular seems too weak for
tours of duty,

possibly if a suit to suit a man would
be very easy to make given the feet
& ability to stand regulated by the
man in a small suit & not lifted up
off foot holdings,

possibly the only difficult things are
tempering the suit & finding a way
to foci the energies,

if a good blueprint were created
only a few months to concepting
the finish,

using man made diamonds for all
wiring to keep the system cool &
regulated to radiate less heat for
the pulse of power, for wiring use
copper gold silver sheaths, copper
in gold in silver, the silver for a cooling

if a good blue print were done,
easy job & a lot of fun to make,no
robotics but pure motion by the pilot
& no clumsy foot holds by the
robotics well known,

if you wanted truly profitable ballistics
they would be made for locations of
lateral & longitudinal coordinates as well,

ballistics created to be used in certain
 longitudinal & lateral coordinates to
escape tracking & pimping the
 frequencies used in those ballistics in
those zone coordinates,

using propulsion that has stages &
 the last stage making it zone
coordinate completion in the last
stage of the propulsion,create a
zone friendly frequency to escape
detection from the surrounding areas,

a truly profitable suit would vacuum
the ACDC from any electronic
projectile in the vicinity,

possibly create the suit as a conduit
for EMP like power from satellites
projecting a power source to the
suit as it were the suit having conduit
proportions to take power from
satellites above,

if you launched satellites specifically
for suits have 2-3 satellites per suit,
the increase of satellites for a certain
power suit ratio, put foci on the
satellites to increase or slow power,
the suit & duties in real time manage
 the force of power from the satellite
to the suit, the suit manage all flux of
 power it needs from the satellites,

having the suit as a conduit would
take care of north soth poles for a
possible needed neg pos tempering
of the suit, all you need are a few
satellites above to create a conduit
 power source for the suit & not
 need a tempering for the magnetization
of the poles & tempering the suit
for preferred hemispheres,

use glass tempered by certain radiation
 frequencies to strengthen it for intense
heat, place those lenses in the hands &
the chest to foci the radiation beams,
the feet use reactives to the earths
polarity or dry fuel by transmitting the
energy from the satellites through the
 feet without fuel but using the energy of
 the satellites for a dry fuel power,

create a magnets off the bottom of the
boots to vaccum global warming
particulate as a form of thrust, like taking
the precipitate out of the atmosphere,

no different than being in a saline
solution & vacuuming the salt in the
water & using like the salt in the water
the global wrming particulate as if
you were in a saline solution&
using the salt as the energy force,

like breathing oxygen n the air available,
no difference than how fish breath in water,

anything in the suit must be macro,
if there are any micro parts it will
be easier to damage, make it as
simple as possible, the suit from the
film is too intricate

if the suit has small details it will be
easier to damage, the suit should
be designed more like a tank than
jet air craft, that's about it for
plain design to be followed,

if it designed like a jet it will
be way too easy to damage,

macro has less things to worry about,
while a micro detailed suit has a lot
of room for failure,

a profitable first design would be
guile not style till the intelligence &
reality of convention meets the
needed technology,

jets with fins & whistles that are at
the frequency of enemy vehicles or
electronic projectiles, have the
frequency  of vehicles on a cyclic
range of frequencies, timed for
fleet & force sides while the
whistles & fins reverb to disrupt
enemy vehicles or projectiles,

home team on the same cyclic
frequencies in terms of energy
while the whistles & fins disrupt
othe frequencies of enemy vehicles
or electronic projectiles,

have the whistles & fins in a span of
frequencies to disrupt while home teams
have a continous cyclic of frequencies to
stifle the muting of home team frequencies,

have electronic projectiles to range blast
or EMP focused or range frequencies to
mute electronic vehicles or electronic

for kinisthesis have a chemical
compound that augments & speeds
up the electrolytic reactions that
function the motion of muscles &
the central nervous system,

there is an electrolytic reaction in
muscles that creates motion, create
solutions to speed up the electrolytic
reaction to enhance the speed of the
CNS in that of moving the parts of
the body, like an accelerate in body

there has to be some sort of salt for this,
the kinesthesis speed,

check the polarity of each equilaterus,

check for anomalies in each seperate
laterus of the lateral poliarities, as well
as the polarities of the longtitudinal
polarities, check for anomalies,

if the laterallus & longitudes have
anomalies in their stations for that
of different polarities there may be
found more than just negative &
positive, as an atom has three parts,

it could be rendered that the earth has
eight quadrants due to 4 quarters on the
top & bottom, as well as anomalies
for the circumnavigating of the earth
around the sun & the moon around
the earth,

it is said, the four corners of the earth,
but if you quarter those, there are four
on the top & four on the bottom,

if an atom has a positive proton &
negative neutron what would the electron
be,is the electron negative, how can
there be only plus & negative polarities
if there are three parts to an atom,

I imagine if investigated there is way
more than just positive & negative
charges if an atom has those 3 parts,

there are man made elements,I imagine
there could already be numerous charges
or at least like new elements for the periodic
table new to be discovered or created
polarity charges,

if paper or plastic or glass or metal can
have a holographic image traced on it I
wonder about like polarized or holographic
lacing being put on certain parts of the suit
could if having slides to created a layer
that like a key in a lock that there could
be slides to create the key to precipitate
in an energy flux for the jet & power blasts,

a synch make for layers of the suit that
when in sync creates the propulsion or
energy blasts known for the suit in popular
media, the layers that slide together like a key
to create the propulsion & energy blasts
known for the suit in popular media,

 a flight jacket like the rig off of Captain America
Winter Soldier,

basically it is like a flight bike,

the rig body has technology created for most
new generation Nintendo Wii,

a flight jacket could easily be designed with
technology used in most new generation
Wii games, the halo drift technology that
knows where it is at all times even during
motion & actions, easily create a bar sleeve
with key functions,

I`m not totally familiar with Wii as I have
no games here, but basically the manual
technology for a flight jacket like the wings
on the Captian America 2 Winter Soldier
is right there,

Wii technology is really exactly what you
want for the manual controls of a real flight

the other parts being the propulsion, no
problem if it works for regular jet craft, I
imagine if you look at the basics it wouldn`t
be a difficult suit to build, yep, plain old
Nintendo Wii & contemporary jet utility,
it`s all right there, the bike you can fly with,

at this point even Nintendo could get into
military hardware & industrial technology,

 possibly graphite construction would

mitigate the weight of a metal rig, some
parts very sparingly metal,

for an as usual far reach for technology,

using tension & other agravating energies
to conjoin metals for a new alloy,

using extreme tension to create a magnetic
philac to join two or three metals, choosing
metals based on the same idea for latent DNA
jumping for those DNA`s latent properties,

the electron counts, neutrons, etc, choosing
based on the family of origin of metals or gases
as the families or crossing lines of families,
& using the close proximity of strains of elements
to figure out a desired end,

I wonder if a graphite or plastic could be
introduced as a part of a group,

i love the idea of Helium being explored
for properties un found yet, people say
it is inert, I wonder about that, cuz in
regular psychology they say dogs are
color blind, but I was in a situation with
a yellow lab, the guy in the chair with a red
or blue flag & I was wearing red or blue
& the dog slipped into sequence to a couple
painting I gave the guy, the clors in
 alignment with the red yellow & blue,
whenI approached the dog slipped
into sequence,

dunno who said dogs are color blind,
but I don`t think so,

if you could possibility vulcanize a plastic
hard enough to handle the aggravation
of an effort to join a plastic to a metal,

I wonder if a hydrogen bond to a metal
for a new metal would be possible, the
strength of it`s attraction to Oxygen, I
wonder if it could be introduced with
iron, for the weight of hydrogen &
the strength of iron, there may be a
mitigation between the Hydrogen &
the iron, possibly introducing a highly
vulcanized for of graphite for extra weight
distribution & strength,

Dial my number, meow,

below my skynet program theory

if the hour on my clock is up I
may be in Detroit next week
making one of these things,

a real one,

if a man can realize the end of
his time, mine may be up, but
when I return, then the fun will start,

if I pass like I believe I will by the
end of the week I may be in Detroit
before the end of the week making
a giant of a god of myself,

if my days are now, be prepared for the
return of the Nephilim to rise,

if I pass due to the severity of my medication
side effects & the grip choke cops gave
me in December 2010, yep, I will be back to
raise the gods of old,

a return to the Atlantian days of Noah,

I believe my trachea was broken when the
cops grip choked me, I haven't looked at statistics
but I believe most who get a grip choke die
after a year or so, my time may be now,

every night my medications cause me to vomit &
suffocate for hours before I get much sleep,
my time may be now due to my medications
& the grip choke done by cops, meh,

had a dream in summer 2011 that I was on
Santa's sleigh & we were nearly there till
Christmas finally arrived,

 use copper & a film of gold, the copper as the body
alloyed with sparse iron ores, the film of gold as the

have a body for an ACDC current, in the chest or high
on the back , have the conductive engine that which
is in continuous cycle to clibrate to the polarity of
that longitude or latitude, have the engine to create a
reflective polarity for positioned place on that
longitude & latitude,

a real time cycle on the engine in the suit to
pos to pos or neg to neg for a reflect or repulse
to keep the suit in play, have real time flux to
reflect or repulse from the positioned latitude
or longitude,

the reflect of the suit from the earth's polarity
or energy due to the polarity & magnetized
frequency will be the fuel to energize the suit,

an example of the suit fueling or becoming
active for play, look to the 1st avengers
marvel film when Thor throws lightening
at Ironman & his suit power is at 400% ,

the throw of current from the hammer to the
Ironman suit is in congruity to the polarity or
magnetizing frequency to power the Ironman

the power or engine of the suit takes power
from the planet's electromagnetic field & in
real time adjusts the vaccum or repulse to
create the energy for the suit,

a real time cycle of frequency scanning to
both create f;light off the repulse or reflect
& the take of energy for the bouts the suit
is useful for,

like the 400% scene from the first avengers,
as easy as I can say it, the take of frequency
from the earth & a reflect for air travel, a few
different plays off all in one the magnetic &
polarizing frequencies of the longtitudes
& latitudes,

basically I believe I am using Tesla`s theory
for free energy, basically the energy is free cuz
the planet is like a infinity cord with the sun &
our revolutions around the sun, basically the
planet & sun create the energy & all you need
to do is harness it,

using Tesla`s free energy model would make
creating a literal viable suit even for a suited
pilot very realistic, reflect of EMP pulses in
the suit & everything, total control of projectiles
with current, it could be near indestructible to
have EMP pulses as a deterrent, like a remote
for projectiles with a current,  on top of an
energy field created by the earth`s frequency
of polarizing & electro-magnetic power,

non of this is at all viable though cuz of one
thing, the Petrol Lobyists, if you cut petrol
out of  the creation of war machines, very few
would enjoy the eclipse of the petrol lobbyists,

a viable ironman suit will never happen cuz of
one thing, petrol lobbyists, if petrol isn`t included,
it will never happen,

I doubt there are even one nuclear submarines
or sea craft, they probably say that for show,
while they are all still on petrol, the nuclear subs
or sea craft just as a mask for the foolish
believing masses,

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