Tuesday, 2 September 2014

growth concepts,

study the frequency of growth in human to
know the ACDC activity of growth,

shim the points of origin in the shoulder girdle
so to say, try to use the frequency to activate
growth of new limbs,

activate in the coccyx to make a tail,

possibly if growth initiative starts then muscle
will naturally encase,

for real un-inhibited growth hormones are
limited, find the electro-frequency of
children in growth, most hormones only act
on non muscular tissue,

possibly if a frequency in electro in the
body of groing childeren is mimiced tha
this electro frequency can be used to
grow bone tissue,

study the characteristics of the replication
of cancers to isolate the growth gene,
take the growth gene & introduce it
to the Leukocytes & other regulatory
charqacteristics of maturation,

try to jump the maturation genes 
with the growth factors of the growth
characteristics of cancer,

basically using the replication gene 
in cancer to amplify the properties
of regular maturation characterists
of regular genes,

possibly used to amplify those parts 
of the body that regulate growth,
bone tissue that regulates certain growth
properties, go for the heart of the body's
main growth point, bone for white blood cells,

go for the center of orign to growth or
the conceptual place the body recieves
impetus for growth,

& as always a repeat,

possibly salts to increase speed, to
amplify the electro properties that go with 
motion, possibly salts to increase the
speed of the electro chemical activities that create 

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