Tuesday, 2 September 2014

nuerality mapping, neural tickling,

have sensors on the scalp while saying certain mythological
names, see the activity of those areas of the brain when saying
those mythological names,

the idea of faith engaging unknown activity in un-used parts
of the brain,

read the bible or myths while the brain is being scanned,

map the brain for un-used parts, use nods to activate those
latent brain locations & ask what the subject is thinking about,

get them to re-think of those things without prodding, see if
awakening of those brain locales is possible,

see if tickling parts of the brain un-used can create a suggestion
to re-awaken those tickled locales through trying to repeat
thinking of those things while those un-used locales were

map those locales un-used in the tickling & formulated
drugs to repeat the tickling of those un-used locales awakened,

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