Tuesday, 9 September 2014

what I call swagger talking or AKA blessing others,

before Jesus or Samson were even born
people were blessing them or speaking
over them,

in archaic days fathers would bless their
childeren for a life of promise, so much
archaic doings have been lost over the aeons,

even Jesus would put kids on his knee to
bless them for a life of promise, giving
a start or a bump to a life they can have,

imagine speaking promise over your
own childeren's lives or those in your
social circles,

because everyone has become so
programmed with fear for acts against
kids the positives have been lost,

if you could give your kids an initial
bump like a tug boat 7 give them a
life after the blessing to create an entire
life for them fostered out of speaking
over them or blessing them,

only a few words & you may make
your son a heavy weight boxing
champion or daughter an gold olympic
gymnast medalist,

if it is an act of God, i call it bent or
plastic reality,

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