Wednesday, 19 February 2014

a theory of mine involving film parts,

1st Terminator Arnold rips the heart
out of a guy,

years later he ends up having cardiac
surgery himself,

Rob Roy Liam Neason's wife gets raped,

years later his wife dies
in a ski accident,

2nd Terminator one of the stunt
men breaks his leg,

years later Arnold breaks his leg
in a ski accident,

wonder what will come of Gary Oldman
& Michael Keaton for the ONE
character in Robocop,

lotta songs about ONE,

lotta films like American Psycho,

wonder what will come of these endings,

on top of that, dunno if you guys
knew, old man Rockerfeller is in a wheelchair,

anyone got a comment,

Metallica & the song ONE,

films like American Psycho,


 99 problems but a bitch
an't one,

any got a guess here,

any guesses guys

 many years ago I read a story of the Rock stretchered
out & he raised his hand, like douche they said,

years later Teddy Kennedy stretchered out
yep, raised his hand like a douche,

any guesses on transformers 3
& chicago,

or Battle for Los Angeles,

 how about the scene in Terhan Iran
in the new Robocop film,

any guess on the transfer for Iran
& another broken leg or dead
wife from skiing,

anyone seen Final Destination,

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