Saturday, 22 February 2014

revenge, best served cold, or steaming,

if a store hurts me I take
my dog by & get him to
launch a scud at the entrance,


thunder like the waves to which one
does know the throw so close to
the fire you know, but if the blaze
so right illuminating the night cast
the fierce of the heat to settle the
ash as sleet, do know that the
cruise to a new day doth know
that with the braze to the blast do
know the Carthaginians to the
day of ole Spartacus dear know
that the seven hills close to the
thrills know to do the double
double toil & trouble be yet the
glass of the clear to the cup of
the seas know to that this yawn
be to the next that the bereft of
the love that a woman on the
heat of the do close now to be
yet the furry of the tale that in
the days to come will know that
the kettle the pot & the black
of the cinders will fall for years
after the holiest of holiest is met
with the torching of the booty &
the fervent of the fire doth come
close to the now you see the
coliseum of Vespasian & the rock
turn to vapor as the ballistic come
close & meet the pope at the door,

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