Monday, 24 February 2014

To Mike Bosma, RIP, too many head games from nurses & doctors I am lead to believe,

I too am still in the psychiatric system like Mike was,

dunno your head space, but if you can tell the difference between a bull or steer or an oxen or bird or women you'll catch my drift,

the entire psychiatric system is a pseudo science,

all it is, if you catch my drift, is about guys in the wilderness I call it trying to wrangle strong birds, I've oft thought of Mike the last several months but just now thought the inclination to send a note,

the entire psychiatric system is about guys trying to wrangle strong birds & nurses & doctors trying to keep the heads down of patients & stop them from blossoming, the nurses & doctors know it's a psuedo science & know it is about women birds steers & bulls,

all the nurses & doctors do is play headgames with the patients to stop them from blossoming,

seriously my idea is that a nurse or doctor played too many head games with Mike & that is what got him killed,

yewp, the nurses & doctors play non stop head games with the patients to stop them from blossoming to whether bull or Oxen, me, I am an Oxen & I am not blind to the endless head games of nurses & doctors to stunt patients growth,

nurses & doctors all know it's nothing but about birds women or bulls as i can recall head games of the sort,

seriously, consider head games from nurses or doctors is what got Mike to lose his life,

here is my blog, & here is my number,


the last year I kept wishing I could run into Dan as I think he is such a great guy, miss running into Dan once in a while, great guy, funny, a very honest guy that I remember,

I knoe Mike had a big struggle, as I had since feb 90 started cutting myself, & quit off & on after 2004 till I blazed my face with hot knives in December 2010 & ended up in the hospital due to crap medications 6 times between summer 2010 & spring 2013,

seriously, I am not kidding & this has been rolling in my mind every time I think of Mike is that head games are what got him to lose his life,

Dan may not even remember me, we were on different shifts at the Lakeside,



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